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This very month of December 2015, will mark two years since my wife was moved back up in the northeast corridor of the country.  I remember when my wife received a call from her current employer stating that she was to start in January 2014.  What a way to begin the new year with a new job and new dreams being established on the horizon.  However, it was quickly apparent that they wanted her to start immediately when they changed the start date of her new position.  They called her back and requested that she begin her new job in the early part of December instead, which became a logistical nightmare for us.

Now with time going against us, it was my job to make sure my wife had what she needed for the sudden move back to Albany, New York; where she is originally from.  Although it was bitter sweet for her to return back to her hometown, it required us to move in with her mother and stay there until we found a place of our own.  That is a whole other story that will be under a new diary location in the near future.  It was bitter sweet for my wife because when she moved down to Maryland nearly ten years ago, she vowed to herself to never return back home.  When I first came to Albany, New York after we first met, the city was in horrible shape and it just looked depressing.  My first thoughts were I understand completely why she left and would never want to return.  Over the years, however, the city began to return back to life and its soul began to revitalize its attractiveness.  I can honestly say I’ve seen the city improve itself and grow up, but just like all other cities in the country it has its problems.

I remember moving my wife back up here on December 9th, immediately after I was done with my traffic court cases.  That very same day I received a call from one of my lieutenants inquiring about me being in possession of a New York State driver’s license.  Apparently, someone in a higher paid grade was wondering why I was in possession of a NY license and still currently employed with the agency.  Well, it was at this time no secret that the end of my employment with UMPD was approaching, but the specifics still eluded me.  For several weeks I drove back and forth, between upstate NY and Maryland every week.  I would pack up more things from our apartment, which I was still residing in, and drive back north to unload and spend time with my NY family before returning two days later.  I could not begin to tell you how many miles I was racking up on my vehicle each week, but just keep in mind that a one way trip was approximately 350-400 miles.  Driving the road so much I begin to find different routes and ways just to break up the travel; even if it added more time to the route or not.

Many nights I worked my ten hour overnight shift on patrol immediately after I just finished driving six to eight hours.  I was so well versed in my traveling that I knew whether I was going to make it on time to work or not based on when I got into PA and MD.  I could almost time it down to the minute every time I drove back to Maryland, which was a burden in itself.  Several times I did not want to drive back down because I knew it was not my home anymore, and knowing that the end was near.  It was beginning to get harder and harder leaving NY to come back down, but knowing that the book on my life in Maryland was about to end gave me motivation.  Traveling up and down the road, every single week, got old very quick and couldn’t wait for it to end.  Well, that end came in March 2014 when I resigned my position at UMPD!  I have to say that the situation was surreal and almost fantasy like.

My eleven years working with the same agency was ending, and a new chapter was beginning in a new state 400 miles north.  At first when I knew when my last day was going to be, I was very excited and happy.  However, it seemed like within a month’s time of my resignation date, I began to feel some sadness and bitter sweetness knowing that I would not see some of my friends and co-workers for a very long time and some I may never see again.  Not knowing what the next chapter would bring my way, I had the total faith that God would take care of me and direct me where I needed to go; where He wanted me to go.  Six months later I ended up in a place where He feels that I am needed and can make a difference.  For me, it will be my second year living in New York this coming April, which I must say has been a good time!  I miss the people back home, and maybe some of the experiences, but my new foot-hole has been established and new relationships formed.

I often times wondered how come I didn’t move away sooner.  The answer is because God wasn’t done with me until he put it in my heart for me to move on.  I attempted several times to leave the agency and go elsewhere, but each time the doors kept slamming shut.  I felt like I was stuck in a rut for a very long time, until the moment came true where God informed me it was time to go.  Things began to happen in such a way that I felt like I out-grew the area, the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan scene was no longer in my soul.  Constantly running around and always being busy was getting on my last nerve and not being able to settle down anymore.  I felt closed in at my job and felt like my career was stagnant and would not go anywhere.  I still love my home-state, but I will be loving it from afar.  I am in a place where I feel like my arms can expand and not touch the sides of life.  Although I cried leaving on my last day of work, and my last day being in a place where I was born and grew up, it was a beautiful day!  An exciting day for what challenges were coming ahead.

Being up here is like heaven almost, and I want to just share my joy and happiness with others.  To let people know that life can be fulfilled and enjoyed outside of your normal circle, outside of your personal bubble, world.  Growing up I never thought I would be so far away from my family because it was fun being around them, being near their spirit was comforting.  As I got older and spent time in other places and met new people, my world expanded and life became more than just the D.C. scene.  Soon enough the itch to move away further from home was apparent and a must!  Now I am in a place where I can once again be myself and do what I need to do without worrying about being watched every step of the way.  We do have our problems to just like other places in this country, but in comparison I found my happy place and peace for the time being.

Henry Scott