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I’ve been doing this in my career for years, finding my own productivity methods that work for me.  This isn’t easy when you are working for an agency or organization that tries to make you productive the way they want you to be productive.  Yet, try to say that every person or officer is different in their own way.  I really don’t believe that individualism is promoted in the work place, and I think a lot of managers or bosses are afraid to let employees express this fearing unprofessionalism attire and attitude.  However, since moving from one agency to another I have found out that I can be the kind of employee that works for me, and not always having to bend to others productive schedule.  I think alot of us can do and be much more productive if we are given the time and space to create our own productivity schedule within reason of course.  As long as the job is getting done and being completed as it should be, who cares how it is completed or finished?

The internet is filled with advice and lifehacks on how to improve productivity. We all want to achieve more, it seems, to cram more into our days. There always seems to be that one overachieving colleague who has it all figured out, and uses a complex routine involving butter-filled coffee, short bursts of jumping jacks,…

via The biggest productivity myth is that rigid rules like the Pomodoro technique are for everyone — Quartz