Today’s events, which definitely could’ve turned out really bad, gave me thoughts to when my wife and I owned a Ford Explorer during our time living in Maryland. If you are not up to date of which event I am referring to, I am speaking of my truck’s driver side tire coming completely off, and rolling across three lanes. It was bad enough that this happened while I was driving, but it occurred while I was on the highway driving between 55-60mph!! I tell you, something like your wheel coming completely off on the interstate will scare you shitless; regardless of who you are! I am just thankful that my tire, as it sped rolled across the traveling lanes, didn’t strike the other vehicles coming from behind me and causing the situation to turn much worse. However, being thankful that I didn’t lose control of the truck as I was coasting towards the right shoulder. Out of the entire situation, as scary and nerve wrecking as it was, I know exactly who is responsible! Update on that will come in time.

Back to what I was referring to earlier of what this situation reminded me of is when my wife and I owned a 2002 Ford Explorer while we lived in a decent area called Frederick, Maryland. Living in Frederick was the best area we lived in, but the huge drawback was when we had to travel to work, which would at times take my wife nearly two hours to D.C. For me, it would take about 45-60 minutes to get to work, depending how fast you drive, and on how the traffic flowed. With ‘Rush Hour’ traffic, it was a freakin’ nightmare as it could be bumper to bumper the whole time and take me nearly two hours at times. Our money went much further living there, but a good chunk of our earnings went to keeping our vehicles gassed up. We lived there for about three years, and besides the Ford Explorer, we also owned a Grand Prix GTP!! I loved this thing and it was by far one of the most fun cars I’ve ever owned. It was a great car until I started having a lot of electrical issues, which then made the car a hazard when the headlights would just go off by themselves; at night!

Our Explorer didn’t stay with us without her having quirks as well. For example, my wife drove the Explorer more than I did and it was unofficially her vehicle, but drove her nerves crazy at times. At any given time, without warning, the Explorer wouldn’t start. Yep! It would get my wife to work in the morning just fine, but in the evenings it seemed like the Explorer didn’t want to cooperate. It is not a good feeling when your wife calls you to let you know that she is in the parking lot of her job by herself and the truck won’t start at all! At this particular time and incident, she worked in Howard County, which is east of Frederick and only took her thirty to forty minutes to and from work. Unfortunately, at times I wasn’t in the position to help her right away, but with persistence and prayers she would get the truck started. After going through this start, not start issue, we were finally able to get an answer that the ‘Neutral Safety Switch’ was the main issue. Great! But now we need to find time to have this repaired or replaced, but until then we had to use prayer each and every time we needed to use it. The good news to this unreliable transportation monster was that if it didn’t start while in ‘Park’, then we had to shift into Neutral and then start.

Oh, but that is not all with the ‘Black Monster’! The incident that I really want to share with you is when we went to the car wash. Just like any other vehicle we own, we took them to the car wash regularly, especially in the winter. On this particular day, not sure the time, my wife was driving her truck to the car wash and I sat in the passenger seat, which is very strange for me. As we are entering the car wash machine, we just relaxed and started up a conversation to pass the time. Well, our conversation was completely interrupted as we heard a sudden “ding” and saw the dome light on. Now, all of this happened within a matter of a few seconds, but I’m slowing it down for you. As we are trying to make sense of why the dome light is on, suddenly water begins to spray inside the truck! My wife’s door came flying open just enough for water to begin soaking inside the truck with us in it!! Although I didn’t get much of it because my wife was in the way, my wife screamed as she struggled to close the door.

Within an instant I knew I couldn’t help her and that she had to battle the spraying water and open door by herself. The whole situation felt like it lasted for several minutes before she was able to close the door and save herself from being completely soaked. Almost immediately, we started to laugh about it as it became a running joke for us. Still this day we speak about the incident and laugh it off! Just prior to us moving back closer to D.C., we discovered one morning that our truck was gone! Of course, we thought it was stolen, but I decided to call the dealership just in case. It was confirmed that the dealership had taken the vehicle’s back, but it became a huge fight, verbally, to retrieve them back, but dealing with fucked up accounting numbers, and disagreements we basically gave up!! After that we started looking around for other modes of transportation, but ended up having to use rental vehicles to get around. That got expensive really quick!!

I’m pretty sure my wife will have her own response to this story as she can definitely relate, and can tell you more about the ‘Black Monster’ than I can. She was with us as long as she was meant to be, but quickly our time ended. Currently, we both have trucks and love them dearly! I can only hope that my truck, NINA, is okay and can be worked on to fix the problem caused by Mieneke. I suppose we will find out and know soon enough of what damages have been done, if any. Only time will tell!!

Henry Scott



Original Date Written: December 31, 2015

At least my wife and I can say or would like to claim is that majority of the issues in 2015 don’t come across the threshold into the new year of 2016! Even though we are not big New Year’s Resolution doers, our main focus is to have the following year much better than the previous one. That way we don’t have that dreaded failure feeling of unable to complete something within the first week of the New Year. In 2016, we claim to have much more victories and triumphs and be of more useful to the community we both serve; in our work and personal lives.

However, one issue we have had with our new apartment, probably since October, is this leak that has announced itself to our downstairs neighbors by coming through their bathroom ceiling. No one knows how long this leak has been going for, but one thing we both agreed on is that it needs to be fixed ASAP! Any time you have your ceiling buckling, causing a portion of the drywall to bulge downward, water has basically taken root and is ready to reek havoc. Now, it has been some years since I’ve done anything that involves plumbing on a consistent basis. For four years through high school, first two years during the summer and last two years all year round, I had the privilege in learning a lot and was able to maintain a certain skill set. I know first had plumbing issues can be expensive and much worse than what it looks like, however, the right professional for the job makes all the difference. I don’t have a plumbers license or even bonded, but anything that is simple and doesn’t require much wall knocking and equipment totting, I’m your man!

Back to what I was originally speaking of, at this current time of me writing this post, I have a plumber team working in our bathroom. One of the things in the public service industry that can help or ruin your reputation is sticking to your service times. Much harder to follow in the certain professions, such as law enforcement and medical, but when you are to be in people’s homes to rectify a situation that has gotten unchecked for several weeks or even months, being on time is very important. I can definitely understand that things come up and you may not be able to stick to your scheduled time, but that is why we have this invention called a CELL PHONE! You dial numbers and when you do this people on the other end of your call will either answer or give you the option of leaving a voicemail! When people put their lives on hold, sacrifice sleep and allow you to invade my introvert bubble, calling or texting is something that could be of good use. Well, this problem of getting the bathroom fix took WELL over three weeks to complete, more so of about five weeks to finally have it done.

The first time we told the landlord, we had one guy come over a few days to a week later to come in a check up on our bathroom, to see where the leak could be coming from. For about maybe five to ten minutes, the guy was here and said something about the water is leaking through your tiles, and then just left. Nothing was said about I’ll be back tomorrow, next week, next month or I’ll someone come by and dig further into the issue. Two weeks later, another plumber calls me and wanted to know when I will be available for him to come by and take a look at the bathtub. I gave him a date and time to come over to have our bathroom looked at. So, the day came and he wasn’t too late after the set appointment, but nonetheless he was here. The plumber and his helper, who is here today, came in started to describe to me what could be happening in our bathtub and how they plan to rectify the situation. I was like, ‘okay’, and thought to myself this could be a two to three day job easy.

Well, the next thing I know is that they bring in trash bag materials to cover up our window in the shower and to outline the lower portion of the tiles, just above the bathtub. Of course, they told us that the trash bags will only be temporary and they will come back to replace the valve in the shower. Yes!! Another two weeks past before I receive a call from the plumber telling me that he has a guy, who is an awesome and great guy, coming by my apartment at 9:30 am on such and such date. Okay, we were a little excited knowing that our time of showering with trash bags attacking you was coming to an end. Oh, I forgot one thing that when the plumber came over the second time, all they did was apply a piece of plywood on our neighbors ceiling as a temporary fix. That was a concern because the only thing you are doing at that point is making the water spread and potentially exacerbating the black mold.

Now, this awesome nice guy that was supposed to come by at 9:30 am on a specific date, came on that day, but an hour early! Anyone that knows me well enough is that I work evening/night shifts, and my bedtime isn’t until 4 or 5 in the morning. So when our doorbell rang at 8:33 am, not only was I surprised, but my dog was not pleased with this early morning greet, let alone anyone ringing the doorbell. So I go downstairs to answer the door, and it is the same guy that came by the first time, who just told me that the water is leaking through the tiles. Nevertheless, him and his partner come in and get to work right away in our bathroom. The only thing they did was replace the shower valve and replace some small portions of the copper piping. Of course, they had to go through the tiles and wall to accomplish this mission, which was completed in about two hours.

Now, we are down to the final phase of this bathroom project, and it comes on New Year’s Eve! The plumber here today is nice enough and doesn’t seem to mind telling you what is going on, but when it comes to calling you to let you know he’ll be running behind schedule or that he won’t be able to come until a certain time, is horrible! Lucky for him I work nights and my schedule is very flexible if necessary, but still you tell me 9 am you’ll be here, but don’t show up until 10:30 am, with no call to let me know you’ll be here after 9 am. COME’ON MAN! I’ve sacrificed some good sleep for the past two days for this project to be completed. Now we are on the last day of the year to have this done, which should’ve been done several weeks ago! We are happy that this is finally getting done, but I think this was dragged on much longer than needed, and better be a good job when all is said and done! My poor dog is not liking this, having to put him up in one of the rooms, not because he will bite or attack, but because he would bark non-stop at them, and for making such noises.

Well, it is almost noon and time to take him out for the bathroom, but an update will be written at a later time on this project. Hopefully all this can be done by the end of today! HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY FIRST MONDAY OF THE NEW YEAR!

Henry Scott




First I want to welcome you to my new blog site, and I hope that you enjoy the content that will be published throughout the year for your entertainment.  My goals for this year are pretty simple, which is to engage as many readers as possible, and to engulf you into my personal stories, along with my fictional tellings, to keep you coming back for more.  You may notice some similarities in my writing style as I am also the owner of the blog site, which at this current time is not being utilized.  I vow to have better organized content and have things established easier for you to locate and revisit your favorite posts whenever.  I thank you all for your support over the past three years I’ve been doing this, and will continue on my secondary goal in life as to become an author.  I’ve already had one article mentioned in the Washington Post magazine several years back about my uprising in the novel world; but now it is time to kick it into gear and make that come true.  This year I also encourage you, the reader, to engage and express your respectable opinions on the stories that are posted.  I want more engagement with my readers as we can learn more about each other, and open dialogues to discuss.

I appreciate honesty and constructive criticism for improvement in posting stories, what to talk about and whatever else you want to relay to me.  All I ask is that you be respectful when leaving comments to any post.  That’s the only rule I have for all to follow, and if you can agree with that then we will have no problems getting along.  I hope to see you on this new journey for 2016!

Henry Scott


This very month of December 2015, will mark two years since my wife was moved back up in the northeast corridor of the country.  I remember when my wife received a call from her current employer stating that she was to start in January 2014.  What a way to begin the new year with a new job and new dreams being established on the horizon.  However, it was quickly apparent that they wanted her to start immediately when they changed the start date of her new position.  They called her back and requested that she begin her new job in the early part of December instead, which became a logistical nightmare for us.

Now with time going against us, it was my job to make sure my wife had what she needed for the sudden move back to Albany, New York; where she is originally from.  Although it was bitter sweet for her to return back to her hometown, it required us to move in with her mother and stay there until we found a place of our own.  That is a whole other story that will be under a new diary location in the near future.  It was bitter sweet for my wife because when she moved down to Maryland nearly ten years ago, she vowed to herself to never return back home.  When I first came to Albany, New York after we first met, the city was in horrible shape and it just looked depressing.  My first thoughts were I understand completely why she left and would never want to return.  Over the years, however, the city began to return back to life and its soul began to revitalize its attractiveness.  I can honestly say I’ve seen the city improve itself and grow up, but just like all other cities in the country it has its problems.

I remember moving my wife back up here on December 9th, immediately after I was done with my traffic court cases.  That very same day I received a call from one of my lieutenants inquiring about me being in possession of a New York State driver’s license.  Apparently, someone in a higher paid grade was wondering why I was in possession of a NY license and still currently employed with the agency.  Well, it was at this time no secret that the end of my employment with UMPD was approaching, but the specifics still eluded me.  For several weeks I drove back and forth, between upstate NY and Maryland every week.  I would pack up more things from our apartment, which I was still residing in, and drive back north to unload and spend time with my NY family before returning two days later.  I could not begin to tell you how many miles I was racking up on my vehicle each week, but just keep in mind that a one way trip was approximately 350-400 miles.  Driving the road so much I begin to find different routes and ways just to break up the travel; even if it added more time to the route or not.

Many nights I worked my ten hour overnight shift on patrol immediately after I just finished driving six to eight hours.  I was so well versed in my traveling that I knew whether I was going to make it on time to work or not based on when I got into PA and MD.  I could almost time it down to the minute every time I drove back to Maryland, which was a burden in itself.  Several times I did not want to drive back down because I knew it was not my home anymore, and knowing that the end was near.  It was beginning to get harder and harder leaving NY to come back down, but knowing that the book on my life in Maryland was about to end gave me motivation.  Traveling up and down the road, every single week, got old very quick and couldn’t wait for it to end.  Well, that end came in March 2014 when I resigned my position at UMPD!  I have to say that the situation was surreal and almost fantasy like.

My eleven years working with the same agency was ending, and a new chapter was beginning in a new state 400 miles north.  At first when I knew when my last day was going to be, I was very excited and happy.  However, it seemed like within a month’s time of my resignation date, I began to feel some sadness and bitter sweetness knowing that I would not see some of my friends and co-workers for a very long time and some I may never see again.  Not knowing what the next chapter would bring my way, I had the total faith that God would take care of me and direct me where I needed to go; where He wanted me to go.  Six months later I ended up in a place where He feels that I am needed and can make a difference.  For me, it will be my second year living in New York this coming April, which I must say has been a good time!  I miss the people back home, and maybe some of the experiences, but my new foot-hole has been established and new relationships formed.

I often times wondered how come I didn’t move away sooner.  The answer is because God wasn’t done with me until he put it in my heart for me to move on.  I attempted several times to leave the agency and go elsewhere, but each time the doors kept slamming shut.  I felt like I was stuck in a rut for a very long time, until the moment came true where God informed me it was time to go.  Things began to happen in such a way that I felt like I out-grew the area, the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan scene was no longer in my soul.  Constantly running around and always being busy was getting on my last nerve and not being able to settle down anymore.  I felt closed in at my job and felt like my career was stagnant and would not go anywhere.  I still love my home-state, but I will be loving it from afar.  I am in a place where I feel like my arms can expand and not touch the sides of life.  Although I cried leaving on my last day of work, and my last day being in a place where I was born and grew up, it was a beautiful day!  An exciting day for what challenges were coming ahead.

Being up here is like heaven almost, and I want to just share my joy and happiness with others.  To let people know that life can be fulfilled and enjoyed outside of your normal circle, outside of your personal bubble, world.  Growing up I never thought I would be so far away from my family because it was fun being around them, being near their spirit was comforting.  As I got older and spent time in other places and met new people, my world expanded and life became more than just the D.C. scene.  Soon enough the itch to move away further from home was apparent and a must!  Now I am in a place where I can once again be myself and do what I need to do without worrying about being watched every step of the way.  We do have our problems to just like other places in this country, but in comparison I found my happy place and peace for the time being.

Henry Scott



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  A while ago, I was working on a fictional story, with real people being cast in the story, and due to life getting in the way I haven’t been able to continue with the project for a long while.  However, since things are starting to settle down and getting into a groove, I can continue once again with this project.

In the upcoming future on this new blog site, I will at some time transfer the original stories over or re-organize the plot lines.  Stay tuned as more information and updates will be published in the near future.  I’ve been having alot of fun with this challenge and look forward to seeing it progress where it goes!

Henry Scott


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