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I thought this was pretty cool receiving the very last gold medal of the games during the closing ceremonies!

Kenya’s national anthem caught the world’s attention as long distance runner Eliud Kipchoge took the stage at the Rio Olympics to receive his first Olympic gold medal for winning the men’s marathon. The tune, which played for the sixth time at the Olympics stadium in Rio de Janeiro, was described as “epic” and “a genuinely…

via The world fell in love with Kenya’s hauntingly beautiful national anthem at the Rio Olympics — Quartz


In the almost two weeks that have passed since Ryan Lochte’s drunken visit to a Rio gas station, he’s been subjected to a public shaming usually reserved for politicians caught in affairs. NBC’s Matt Lauer dressed him down in an embarrassing interview that exposed Lochte as goofy and inarticulate. John Oliver devoted a segment of…

via Ryan Lochte picked the absolute worst time to be an oafish dumb jock — Quartz


If you have the notion that Olympic athletes are too busy to be thinking about their own personal satisfactions, then you must be in a dream world that doesn’t exist.  I’m sure not all interactions are sexual in nature and that some true friendships are bonded out of the Olympic experience.  However, I think sometimes if you are only concerned about yourself then your decisions can backfire in more ways than one.  The move that was done by the roommate is so similar to what is done all the time in the military.  We would at least let our battle-buddy know what might or is going to happen before they return to their room later on that day; or as it has happened to me with two of your battle-buddies screwing a lady they picked up from the bar in the room while you are sleeping.



I didn’t see the race live, but I just saw it on replay on NBCSHD channel and was amazed at how well Simone Manuel came back to win gold!  Not only did she work back to win and tie with a 17 year old Canadian, but becomes the first African-American woman to win an Olympic medal.  Proud of her of accomplishing this feat and making history and breaking barriers!


Congratulations to the Nigerian national soccer team for winning the bronze medal!  Also they ended up richer and with thousands in their pockets from a Japanese plastic surgeon.  Another wonderful story you will read about after the Olympics ended.

After defeating Honduras in the third place match at the Olympics soccer event on Saturday (Aug. 20), Nigeria’s players ended up with bronze medals on their necks and thousands of dollars in their pockets—thanks to Katsuya Takasu, a Japanese plastic surgeon. The grinning Takasu flew into Rio to rewarded the team with $390,000 for their…

via A Japanese plastic surgeon gave Nigeria’s Olympics soccer team $390,000 for coming third — Quartz


SYPHILIS: Was this reported during the games?

Everyone knows Brazil is currently suffering a Zika outbreak. But the real public health hazard there might be something no one’s talking about: the numbers of pregnant women infected with syphilis—and the newborn babies dying because of it—is silently growing year after year. In 2016, the government forecasts 41,762 new syphilis infections among pregnant women—49…

via The real infectious disease problem in Brazil isn’t actually Zika, it’s syphilis — Quartz



You would think all the years of watching and playing sports that athletes of high caliber would learn from other mistakes.  However, some will never grow up in their behavior and will continue to live recklessly.  Well, Mr. Lochte is learning the hard way!

US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is starting to suffer the financial consequences of his Rio mugging story. Speedo, which had a 10-year endorsement deal with Lochte expiring this year, announced today (Aug. 22) that it is ending its relationship with the 32-year-old swimmer, saying his behavior was “counter to the values” of the brand. It…

via Ryan Lochte’s Rio mugging story just cost him a major endorsement deal — Quartz


Although this is not a review of any of the sporting events that happened, this is still part of the review article of what will Brazil do with all those venues.  As the reality of life settles back in, after being in a very high euphoria for two weeks, this is one of the realities now facing them just like other host countries.

Now that the games have ended, Brazil faces a question that every host country must deal with: What to do with all those stadia and sports venues it built? Past hosts have been creative in how they transformed some of their sports venues. But in truth, many of the facilities end up being abandoned because…

via What happens to Olympic venues when the games are over? — Quartz


The next review is of another Russian diver who failed on his attempt to qualify for the final round to defend his Olympic Gold Medal from the 2012 London games.  My wife and I watched this live as it happened and was shocked at what we saw.  As I watched him spring off the springboard and saw how he launched himself in the air, I immediately began to think and hoped that he was able to save it.  As he hit the water I just gasped and my hands quickly went over my mouth as I watched in disbelief.  I just couldn’t believe what I just witnessed and my reaction was not favorable.  Yes, my wife and I laughed once we found out he was okay with no injuries as we could see.  I’m pretty sure this is something he is gonna want to be deleted from his mind as the days, months and years go by.  Four years is a long time to be waiting to redeem yourself and to permanently erase this from the memory bank.  Of course, the internet and media reports won’t allow that to happen.

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