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This story is strictly fiction and was inspired by the song ‘Your Love is My Love’, which was sung by Whitney Houston, who passed away on February 11, 2012, and written by Wyclef Jean & Jerry Duplessis.

Through her closed eyelids, Susan Harmon, can see that an extremely bright light is emanating around her presence.  As she slowly opens her eyes to peak her curiosity on what this bright white light is, the only thing she can see is a heavy mist surrounding her body as the white light is also around mixing in with the heavy mist.  Susan slowly moves her eyes around as she slowly begins to sit up to try to get a better grasp of what is happening.  While she is sitting up still confused and not knowing exactly where she is, she looks down at her clothing and notices she is wearing all white linen; a complete different take then what she last remembers of sleeping in the nude.  She stands up to her feet and after getting her balance figured out, she started walking in a direction that she felt led to walk towards.  With no sense of time or space, Susan has no idea how far or how long she walked, but she remembers seeing a golden gate slowly appearing out of the heavy mist.  She finds herself just feet from in front of the golden gate that towers over her by several feet, but a sense of calm and happiness completely filled her heart and soul.  Suddenly a heavenly angel appears in front of her, which to her calculation stood about ten feet tall, piercing gold wavy hair and armor covering the upper torso, pure white wings that expanded on either side of its presence several feet and the face of no particular race or gender.

As Susan stares at this mighty being towering over her, one of the first words that is spoken to her is “What have you done with your life?” While Susan continues to face the angel, she quickly blurts out her answer with “I spent it with praising the Lord, who blessed me with the love of my life, Brian!”  Almost immediately a bright gold light began to show up behind the angel and expand the space surrounding them both, swallowing them up before Susan wakes up in a cold, dark room surrounded by walls and a light breeze coming through her window.  She quickly sits up to figure out where she is and realizes that she was back in her bedroom, but doesn’t remember ever leaving the window open.  A very brisk cold overcomes her body giving her goosebumps all over her nude body.  Susan jumps out of the bed, rushes over to the window, peeps outside to make sure no one is looking into her window and slams it shut.  Crossing her arms rubbing her arms to warm herself up, she walks over to her bed and sits down on the edge trying to figure out what her dream meant. Her thoughts race through her brain in wondering did it symbolize that the end game for her will be living in the eternal light?  While the constant thought of this dream consumes her mind, she quickly becomes exhausted again and lays back in bed under the covers; gently falling back to sleep.

Susan wakes up to her alarm clock sounding off at a few minutes past six o’clock in the morning and quickly reaches over to shut it off.  Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she gets up and walks over to the television and turns it on and continues her walk towards the bathroom, which is down the hall.  When she enters the bathroom, she could hear screams and yelling on the television, which startled her.  Running back down the hallway to see what was being broadcasted, she could see the national news reporting on war that just broke out on the Korean Peninsula.  Views of Seoul, Korea in open flames and people dying everywhere was being shown live by a drone flying high over the war zone.  Standing there in complete amazement at what is happening, more news feed is also showing U.S. and Japanese Naval ships launching cruise missiles from their ships towards North Korea.  Completely caught with an unbelievable attitude towards the horrific and global events being reported that she immediately could see that destruction and poverty will quickly consume the area, let alone the entire world.  Susan rushes to the bathroom and quickly gets ready for the day and later on as she exits her third floor apartment, running down the stairs she receives a call from work.  It was her immediate supervisor urging her to get to work as quickly as possible, which she advised him she was already on her way in.  She couldn’t help but think about her immediate family living in the Los Angeles area, who she knew were in great harm of the war spreading to the west coast of the country.

At no time in her life did she ever feel like being home more than now, but if she was given that option right now she would want Brian to come with her.  This man, Brian Wilson, is the love of her life, but he hasn’t been home lately due to his business trips with the U.S. Department of Defense as a contractor.  While driving on her way to work she calls up Brian, but kept getting his voicemail and would leave messages for him to call her as soon as he can.  Every other message she would leave him would end in their special love language, ‘Your love is my love!’ Several minutes later she pulls up to the underground parking garage entrance at the Homeland Security office, shows her ID to the armed officer who allows her to continue under the structure.  The global situation has sparked every employee who works at the office to respond and be there ready to act and defend the liberties of the people.  Susan drives down to the bottom level of the parking garage and finally finds a parking space and quickly pulls in screeching tires; as the noise echoes through the structure.  Flings her door open, jumps out and runs to the elevator to take it up to the fourth floor where the first person she runs into is her best friend and co-worker, Brenda Mason.  The chaos that erupted in the office with people shuffling and fast walking everywhere was just slightly overwhelming to the senses, but she was able to block it all out.

On her way to her desk, she passes a flat screen television mounted on the wall and reports were coming in about intense activity along the DMZ and military buildup quickly increasing in Eastern Europe by Russian forces.  This intense buildup sparked things from the United Nations and NATO to respond to the Russian forces forming up along the Eastern European region.  Every United States military base went on high alert and began mobilizing for a preemptive strike somewhere within the borders of Russia.  Her fear was quickly realized that World War III was beginning and that her destruction and poverty notion she experienced earlier will not be able to keep up with the death toll and destruction the world will experience.  Those people that will lose their fame and fortune, be homeless in the street of a neighborhood or community ripped apart by war and shows the landscape of bombed out buildings as far as the eyes can see were just weighing heavily on her mind.  The couples that are celebrating their anniversary and planning a trip out of the country or just going to another part of these great plains, may end up spending time and sleeping in Grand Central Station before going anywhere.  This also got her thinking as the years pass by, during and after the wars’ end, the true test of love for a lot of people will be there and could they stay strong in each other’s eyes as a new normal shocks the senses.  Susan knew for sure that the love that shadowed her and Brian would stay no matter how old and crippled they get.

When she sits down at her desk going through the numerous requests that were left on her computer by posted notes, pieces of paper taped to the monitor and voicemail messages, she couldn’t help but wonder what if today is their last day on earth?  Her and Brian often spoke about what if they died today and if so don’t cry for sadness, but shed happy tears of celebrating their life and knowing that one day they will meet up again.  They always left a message for each other to read when things got hopeless and it was sometimes tucked away in their personal belongings for the other to find it, read ‘On earth we are not meant to stay.’  For the purpose of their relationship it gave them hope, no matter how small it was, and often time would help them through any problem they were experiencing.  Just as she was getting deep into her work, an alarm sounded in the building advising them to evacuate immediately.  She looks up in the ceiling and around her as employees began to panic and yell instructions to each other, creating more confusion.  Susan quickly grabs her purse and cell phone and makes her way towards the exit when a massive explosion happened close enough to make people fall off their feet.  More screams and yelling occurred as she struggled to get back up and to continue her flee to a safe location.  Then as she makes her way, amongst the employees, down the steps towards the basement she hears automatic gun fire in the distance, and gets louder as she passes the first floor.

It was like slow motion as she passed the first floor door in the staircase and the door flung open violently.  Standing in front of her, as she touched down on the landing, was a tall figure dressed in all black and the only thing that was visible was piercing blue eyes.  Susan felt something hit her right in the middle of her chest, which caused her breathe to be expelled from her lungs immediately.  The force caused her to fly back up against the wall behind her, and everything went silent around her, couldn’t hear the screams or the yelling of her name as she slid down the wall leaving bright red blood painted on the wall.  The tall figure walked up to her by her feet, looked at her and noticed that Susan was slowly slipping away, which caused his attention to switch to the those stuck in the staircase by fear.  As Susan continues to slip into the death hold of darkness, bullet shells are hitting the ground all around her and just before her last few seconds she gathered just enough strength to pull out a picture of Brian in her bloody hand.  Just like that she noticed herself standing back in front of the towering angel on her knees once again dressed in her clear white linen.  When she walked through the heavenly gates, she entered the world of the indescribable.  All while she was exploring her new place and life in Heaven, Brian was called on his phone where he received the news of his fiancée’s passing during the Homeland Security Office attack in downtown Dallas.  When he was able to be alone, and not have people around him, he was able to pull out a picture of her out of his wallet and just stared at it with tears flowing freely from his eyes.  Brian kisses the picture and remembered one of the last conversations they had together, ‘If something ever happens to me, no matter what people say, I will always be waiting for you after judgement day.’