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Sometimes my wife and I get the energy to do something, such as wanting to go out and grace the public with our presence when we feel like dealing with people.  Yes, we are introverts, and our people energy is usually in the deficit by the time Friday evening comes around.  So that plays a big role on when I go out with people and why my ‘out time’ is so spread out.  Plus, not to mention I like being home and don’t like a lot of drama and issues that sometimes going out brings, but once in a while I don’t mind sharing my time with friends.  On this particular Saturday evening/late afternoon, we decided to go out for a drive and see where we end up.  We did this activity a lot in Maryland, and we ended up in Hershey and other parts of the area until our curiosity was fulfilled.  On this Saturday night we ended up doing just that, driving around until we felt it was time to head home back to our four legged kids.

Once we got in my truck we had no particular direction to go, except wherever I decided to go and turn.  Doing this sometimes actually helps us learn new routes and new ways of getting around places.  I ended up learning two roads that can help me get around traffic or road closures, but hopefully I will remember them when I need them.  At one point I lost which direction we were going, but since we didn’t have any particular direction to go it didn’t really matter where we ended up; however, certain streets and neighborhoods we avoided.  We found ourselves in Rotterdam, Schenectady, Watervliet (parts that are not just outside our neighborhood) and Niskayuna.  Not only was the drive fun and exciting, but very informative.  I saw parts of Niskayuna that I don’t remember seeing and saw beautiful houses that could be our goal one day to either purchase or build.  Living in this town would be too far of a commute for me, but nothing wrong with wishing and setting a goal for us.

During our travels through a sketchy part of Schenectady, we ended up passing by Union College and the car dealership where I bought my truck from last year.  As we drove down one of the sketchiest parts of the city, we came to a stop light and while waiting for the light to turn green my wife looked up to her right and noticed a crosswalk sign.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t be anything interesting to look at, but at closer examination you could see that the sign used to be a Dead End sign.  How we know? It was repainted or the letters were removed, but the imprints of the letters ‘Dead End’ were still present, it was placed upside down for whatever reason and they painted the shadow figure that represents crosswalk ahead.  Seeing this just made our night more interesting as we laughed our asses off at what we just observed.  I made the joke in a black ghetto voice overlay, “We need to save money! We’ll just use this sign and reuse it.  We need a crosswalk sign!”

This was just very amusing to us and only added to the interesting this we saw while driving through Rotterdam.  First thing, to me Rotterdam doesn’t seem to be a very appealing town to live in, but I suppose for some it is a new level above being in the trashy parts of Schenectady.  We learned of where one of the most interesting malls to visit in the Capital Region is in Rotterdam, but from what we could see it didn’t look all that interesting.  I suppose this is the mall where the aquarium is located, but that wasn’t what got our attention.  The thing we saw was a small gym, located in a small strip mall, called ‘Average Joe Fitness’.  It is a 24-hour gym, but as we drove passed it, it looked poorly lit and not very inviting.  This also became a butt of our jokes for the rest of our drive back into Schenectady.  As we drove back through Schenectady, we passed a house and looking at the house made us remember why some people end up getting burglarized.  This lady had all the blinds in the front of her house wide open where you could see her big HD television, lamps, furniture and other items placed around the family room.

We strangely didn’t see a lot of sketchy people outside during out drive, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t there.  Our whole drive lasted for maybe just over two and half hours, but we learned a lot, laughed a lot and add this to our many drive arounds.  If it wasn’t raining earlier in the day, we would’ve been out much earlier and probably saw a lot more to make fun of and talk about.  I’m not sure when we will have another drive around, but I’m pretty sure more things will be discovered, add to our list of adventures.  More to come I’m sure!

Henry Scott




Each and every Sunday, or at least once a week, we try to visit my wife’s mother and her step-father either for dinner or for other things to help them with.  Our Sundays over their house is usually uneventful, but on one particular Sunday, March 19, 2017, we had an event that would probably be engraved in our memories for a long time.  If you pay attention to the news, even if you don’t watch the news regularly, you at least know that most electronics are hackable and can be manipulated in one way shape of form.  This is my concern of us going all WiFi in our home and having to tend with our house becoming someone’s playground.  I’m very sacred about my home and people playing around with my sanctuary is not cool with me.  That is one thing that I am very protective of and if I am not aware of you coming to my home, you might get greeted with an attitude.

Anyways, going back to our normal Sunday dinners at my wife’s mothers’ house.  At this particular time of the incident, it’s just my wife, me and her mother watching NCAA Women’s Basketball (NC State vs Texas) when suddenly we here this high tone beeping beginning to bounce around inside the house.  All three of us start looking around very confused and at each other hoping someone would know what it was, but we had no idea what it was.  At the beginning we thought it was coming from near the dining room table, behind or near the china cabinet, but as we kept moving things around we never found the source.  We then started increasing our search to the family room, under the tables, in every corner of the first two rooms and then moved to the kitchen.  My wife thought it was maybe the oven or another electronic device in the kitchen before she told her mother it might be her alarm system going off.

We called to the downstairs apartment, where my wife’s uncle lives, and asked him was the alarm sounding downstairs, and he told us no.  So my mother-in-law got on the phone and started to speak to the alarm company about resetting the house alarm and having someone coming over to check the system.  As my mother-in-law was on the phone, my wife and I started check the bathroom, the other bedroom, checked the basement door, and her office.  In almost every room we checked, we could hear this awful high beeping continuing and getting louder and then suddenly quite down.  Even a few times the beeping stopped for a few seconds and began once again getting louder, continuing to bounce around the house.  At one point, we thought we had secured the sound in her parents bedroom and was very confident that we have located where the sound was coming from, but the challenge was to find what is the source.  We were so confident that we knew where it was coming from we told her mother it was coming from her bed, which is controlled by remote control.

Now, we began to search around the bed and when my wife moved one of the pillows it stopped, and when she moved the pillow again it started up again.  She even lifted up one side of the bed and I climbed underneath to unplug the entire bed and two lamps thinking this is it.  Well, we looked foolish when I unplugged the power strip from the wall and the beeping still didn’t stop.  Now, my wife and I are just about going nuts to figure out where is this beeping coming from, and if we don’t find this noise soon we may end up shutting off power to the whole house.  Each time I left the bedroom, and went out to the living room, I wouldn’t hear it except in her parents bedroom.  I did this at least a few times and thought it was settled, but when my wife came back out to the living room, the beeping noise started to bounce off the walls again.  OMG! THIS WAS DRIVING US NUTS!! Her mother thought it had stopped, but she doesn’t hear tones very well so we kept reminding her that no it hasn’t stopped!

We check the smoke detectors, nothing!  We checked the carbon monoxide detector and still nothing!  We tripled and quadrupled our efforts around the house and the beeping couldn’t be found, and with me partially deaf in my right ear, the tone wasn’t driving me crazy that way, but it was more so annoying.  Then finally, my wife went back into the first bedroom we checked and yelled to me that the noise is in there.  I went in there and closed the bedroom and the beeping got louder and seemed more condensed.  My wife, finally grabbed her phone from her hoodie pouch and stuck it up to her ear and finally located the source of the beeping.  She started to turn off the phone and restart it and the beeping noise started to stutter before coming to complete silence.  WHEW! We finally found the source of the issue, but now our concern was her phone hacked?  Her phone made this loud beeping noise that we have never heard before, and what made it so difficult to find was the screen was off and the noise kept bouncing around.

After at least thirty minutes of searching and driving ourselves completely crazy, the source of the beeping was eliminated and concerns of her phone being hacked was now our new concern.  Nothing has been found yet, but that was very weird and we are still tripping off that incident.  We just don’t know!

Henry Scott




September 3, 2013 (Picture taken & NY residency began)

Well…I have to say my favorite car I’ve ever owned was a 2011 Hyundai Sonata.  Since then I’ve driven only foreign brand cars, with the exception of my wife’s Jeep Grand Cherokee.  As you can see by the picture posted above that my Sonata received an unfortunate love tap from a Dodge Ram pickup truck.  Also on this same day, hours earlier, I had just changed my Maryland driver’s license over to New York State; what a way to officially say welcome to Albany, NY.  Unfortunately, my wife was in the car with me in the front passenger seat waiting for the red stop light to turn green.  Now, we have been sitting their for at least a minute or two and we had just gotten lunch from Andy’s, an awesome place to get deli meats, cheese and subs.  Minutes later, as we are at the intersection of Delaware Avenue and Morton Avenue waiting for the light to change, the left turn lane gets the green arrow.  As my wife and I were talking to each other, suddenly a loud and hard strike hits the rear of the car pushing us forward a few feet.  Once I was able to figure out what the hell happened, I yelled out an explicit vocabulary word and then checked on my wife.

Considering that my wife has been in numerous car accidents, and was cut out of one, the sound and impact of our accident scared her and shook her pretty deep.  I was able to compose myself and got out of the car to see that a Dodge Ram pickup truck just rear ended me.  I can tell the guy was visibly worried how I was going to react and what I was going to say to him, but I played it cool.  Almost immediately we started to exchange information as we waited for the Albany PD officer to show up.  Several minutes later he showed up and when I handed him my temporary license, which was piece of paper, he looked at me with confusion.  My wife and I had to inform him that I just switched my license over today and the piece of paper is my temporary license until the permanent one comes in the mail.  After our explanation to him he looked at me, “welcome to Albany” followed by a smile and a little chuckle.  When we were finally able to leave and go home, we contacted our insurance company immediately to file a claim.  A few days later, after the insurance company had the car in their possession, we received the estimated damage of nearly $8,000.

We just knew the car was going to be totaled, but where the driver struck the car was above the frame saving the car.  Needless to say, the car was out being fixed for the rest of the month of September into early October.  So for a month we had a Volvo as a rental car and it was a very nice one.  We were still living in Maryland at the time, but was in the early transition of moving to our current location; upstate New York (Albany Capital Region).  When I got the car back she didn’t feel too much different, but suddenly I started to have issues with the lights and going out.  I knew at that point that it probably wouldn’t be long before other issues surfaced and I was hoping that nothing like electrical issues would become a thing.  Approximately three months after the accident, my wife moved to Albany to start her new job and I would meet up with her about four months later.  Traveling back and forth between MD and NY every week, on my days off, for those four months was the last road adventure the Sonata and I had.  I got so good in knowing the best routes and avoiding the tolls and none of them required me to be on Interstate 95.  Life has been treating us much better here in New York, the northeast region, and the only thing I miss about home are the people.  Nothing else.

Henry Scott



The pictures posted here are from our townhouse we rented in Frederick County, Maryland around 2010-2011.  All this happened after our heaviest snowstorm of the year came into the region and just unleashed on the D.C. area.  I remember being trapped at my house for over four days because the drifts were so high and attempting to shovel snow when it is hard as a stonewall isn’t happening.

When the gutter came crashing down, my wife and I were inside the family room watching the news.  We both just heard this loud crashing sound, like something hit the upper part of the house and slid down the siding.  Both of us looked at each other trying to figure out what the hell happened, but it quickly dawned on us what it might’ve been.  As I opened up the front door I could see part of the gutter hanging down and whatever snow and ice sickles that came down with it on the ground.

Other neighbors, and obviously our next door neighbors, heard the same sound we did and came to check in on us.  I can’t remember the day it happened, but I remember talking to the rental management company and informing them of the situation.  The issue wasn’t taken care of immediately, however, it took a several days before they could send anyone out to repair it.  I’m just happy neither one of us were standing underneath the gutter or walking past when this thing decided it couldn’t hold the weight anymore.  I can only imagine how that would’ve played out if one or both of us ended up in the hospital being stabbed by our gutter with sharp sickles hanging.

Of course, any of the heavy snow and ice that didn’t come crashing down on the initial incident, later came down at random times until the gutter was replaced.  I remember at one point looking up as I walk under the awning and seeing at least six inches of the ice just protruding beyond the edge.  The only good thing, the silver lining, out of this was that we didn’t have to pay for anything to be repaired.  PMP Management was very happy with us as residents and treated the home like it was ours, which made the owners of the house much happier.  Unfortunately, we had to move because the owners were moving back up north from Florida and wanted their house back.

This was by far the best placed we lived while being residents of the crab state, and if we ever had to move back south we would try to move back to the same area or just not move back and deal with our issues up here.  My wife’s diagnosis with lupus was discovered while we were living here, and our roller-coaster ride with that immediately began.  Our neighbors on both sides of us were just as friendly and we often helped each other out if we could.  It was a very sad day when we left the house for the final time and found ourselves in an apartment complex in Laurel, Maryland.  When we first moved to Laurel, it was a nicely run operation of the apartment complex and very quite.  Once a familiar company purchased the complex, The Donaldson Group,  everything went to shit.  I will get more into that at a later post, but believe me when I tell you it was not as peaceful and respectful as it once was.

We loved this community and would take late night walks around the neighborhood and to our local WAWA store, which all together added to about five miles.  I could walk around without having to have my weapon with me off-duty, and worry about people wanting to do harm just because they thought you was a target.  Even if we never return we will never forget the memories, good and bad times we had in that house.  Wasn’t too many communities like this one left and when you find one you stay!  The management company was awesome and told us that they would rent to us again if we ever decided to come back.  Even the great snow storm or snowmaggedon couldn’t derail us from having an awesome time! Just made us get a new gutter!

Henry Scott

THE ADVENTURES OF D & T: Think About Your Product Name

Plantation Tea

Just like the Trailer Trash snack that I wrote about prior, I often wonder what is actually going through the minds of some of these product managers.  Now, we can sit here and debate about that it is named because it is made or is originated from a plantation, hence the title.  However, it doesn’t help that the words “BIGBLOW” is across the top and it says “Black Tea” underneath the “Plantation Mint” name.  Trust me, my wife and I did not buy this product, but when I saw it I just had to plays devil’s advocate and go into the minds of some of the most racially sensitive people in our society.  Thankfully, my wife and I aren’t this sensitive and get all uptight about things like this, but when you name a product sometimes you have to think about your consumers and how it is going to be perceived.  That’s all I’m saying is be careful of how you display things and the title of your products to be purchased by consumers.  According to both pictures posted here, it could be perceived that we have some hidden or underlining racism going on; or it could be just a coincidence.  However, both these items were found in two different stores in the Albany-Troy area.

Trailer Trash snacks

Henry Scott

THE ADVENTURES OF D & T – Four Leaf Clover


Four Leaf Clover
Photo Taken – May 28, 2014 (Albany, New York)

This was my very first time finding one of these four-leaf clovers! I thought and began to think that I wasn’t as lucky or it only grew in certain parts of the country.  Hell, I even thought at one point people were making it up that they found one.  Then finally one day before we ended up cutting the grass, my wife looked down and saw this one four-leaf clover standing in the midst of hundreds of other three-leaf clovers.  I was excited to actually know that I am now in the possession of one thing that eluded me all these years.  I can’t say that our lives changed in an instant after we found it, but things have looked up and gotten us on the right path.

We moved into our own apartment just minutes away from downtown Albany, got a new job working in the Green Mountain region, we both got new used vehicles and free from others having their claim on what we have.  Not saying that we didn’t have our share of ups and downs, but we continue to be blessed on our journey!  Even as of now, in our current situation, things continue to look up and by the time you read this another situation in our life might’ve changed.  As things increase in blessings for us we will share with you to have you celebrate our victories!  As of now our life hasn’t immediately changed for the better since discovering this rarity, but we are only two years removed from its find.

Anyone else ever discover a Four-Leaf Clover?  When and Where?

Henry Scott

THE ADVENTURES OF D & T – This is What We Do Now?

Trailer Trash snacks
Photo Taken – September 7, 2014

Hmm…now when I saw this sitting there on the shelf, I was wondering how many people have actually purchased this item and maybe even complained?  Some people probably saw it and just took it as it is.  This just as bad as walking through Arundel Mills Mall, which isn’t too far from Ft. Meade in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, where there was a kiosk stand with the name “DEES NUTS” actually printed on the canopy.  In big letters at that!  I laughed each time I saw it and couldn’t help but share the hilariousness!  I don’t think the foreigners understood much of why the phrase was so funny and odd to see printed as a company’s name.  Amazing! What you think about the Trailer Trash picture?  Looks like normal Chex Mix, but someone wanted to change the name it appears.

Henry Scott



How many times can you count, using your fingers and/or toes, that you were blessed by a higher power?  Can you count or figure out the ways how many times you had an angel, in human form, come directly into your path?  I don’t know how many times this has happened to me personally, but I can count possibly twice that my wife and I dealt with a blessing we didn’t see coming at all.  The two accounts I can recall aren’t long and drawn out experiences, but just something I wanted share with you and see what you think.

The first one I can remember was when my wife and I were shopping in one of the craft stores, Jo Ann’s or Michael’s.  On this particular day we were inside searching for certain items, I believe for my wife, and we headed down one aisle.  While we were looking at different items in the aisle, this lady walks up behind us, out of nowhere, and starts talking to us.  Within the first few seconds of us having this conversation, she hands my wife and I a coupon worth 50% off for anything in the store if we spend over a certain amount.  We were definitely surprised to receive something like this as she possibly passed other customers in the store to hand us this coupon.

We told her thank you and expressed our appreciation for the sudden gift.  As we continued down the aisle, I decided to turn around and see if I can find this lady for whatever reason.  I believe she couldn’t have been gone from us for no more than thirty seconds to a minute.  To my surprise she was nowhere to be found.  Now, it is quite possible that she was truly a human person being very nice and giving up her 50% coupon, but if so she moved very quickly.  My wife and I spoke about this situation for a while and never forgot that moment of how she bypassed others in the store to bless us with this generosity.  In our second time dealing with another mysterious woman, my wife and I were in Sports Authority, I think, and shopping for new shoes.

While we were in one aisle searching of what pair of boots my wife should get, this mysterious woman walks up to us from behind and quickly hands us a savings coupon.  She didn’t say much as to basically tell us that she had no need for it and wanted us to have in case we needed it.  My wife and I looked at each other and thanked her for the generosity.  Once again I walked down the aisle and see if I could find her leaving the store, but never saw her near the counter.  We continued shopping for another several minutes and still never saw the woman.  Now, I know I was much quicker this time in seeing if I could find her, but once again I was unsuccessful.  This struck us with disbelief as we tried to make sense of what just happened, but knew that it must’ve been a blessing from God.

Both incidents came close within each other and something that we never expected to ever happen to us.  It hasn’t happened to us since that I can think of, but this definitely lets us know that blessings can strike anywhere, anytime and by anyone.  I’ve had numerous angels in human form come to my rescue, and when you turn around they are nowhere to be found, but still as I get older I am amazed how this happens.  Pay attention to your surroundings out there and understand that anyone can be a blessing to your life, and how much they can impact your path through said life.  Some are known right away, others are known as time goes on when your eyes aren’t closed or blocked.  You never know!

Henry Scott



For the longest time, and you yourself might have heard the same thing, that you only meet crazy people online. Well, if that is the case, how much different is it meeting someone behind the computer screen than to meet someone you don’t know in person at a bar, grocery store or at a public event? The only difference about the two is that you meet one face to face and the other over a bright screen where you type words or possibly video chat. My wife, labellanoire, has heard the same complaint and statements numerous times, and they become very shocked when she tells them that she met me online, and he’s not some craze killer or maniac. That same argument is always said that you meet crazy people online, which is true to a point, but you can also meet crazy people in person as well. How many stories have we all heard or read about when the woman, who is usually the victim, is killed or abused repeatedly by a man she met at a party, a bar, public event or something of that nature? These stories are on television everyday, and not too many say or have the common goal of the couple meeting through an online dating site.

Meeting on a dating site,, was the site responsible for bringing me and my wife together. The funny thing about this meeting was that I had stop paying for the site about a month prior to us finding each other. I remember being in shock of how I was still receiving email notifications, still able to log in and respond to other that were showing interest. Since I was able to do this, I was able to search around and finally came across a black and white picture of a woman standing with a partial side profile. I won’t into too much detail of what I was actually thinking when I saw the picture, but reading her profile as well made me reach out to her first. She quickly responded, and later told me that she was quick to respond because I was able to give her a complete sentence and use proper English. I didn’t leave her a message such as, ‘(my name)! Call me!……! However, we didn’t have our first date until nearly two months later. We began talking to each other in late December 2006 and had our first date on Super Bowl weekend when the Colts played the Bears. That night of the game, I had a Chevy Impala, which had some electrical issues, but worked properly to make sure we had heat on the way up to my friends house in Baltimore.

We ended up having a great time at the party, and since then we’ve been with each other for the past nine years. Believe me, we have had our ups and downs in our relationship and marriage, but communication has always been the biggest key. Throughout the nine years we have been together, we have had numerous opportunities to learn about each other and found several different ways to communicate. The do’s and don’ts of communicating and what works best for us has pretty much been perfected, but our adventures together almost started from the immediate beginning; way before our legal union was completed. I gotta tell you that we have gone through numerous adventures together, and some of those adventures would have definitely broken up a lot of couples, but our strong bond kept us together and flowing. Those adventures will be told in later publications of this post, and I dare you to compare your adventures to ours and to see if you went through the same things with someone, would you stack up and push against the odds or just crumble and give up. Some people can’t handle serious adversity, and not everyone is strong enough to handle life’s stresses, but how you come out on the other end determines how you are perceived and how you continue in life. Some of our stories will be funny, something you can compare your life experiences too and some will be sorrow and sad, but none of them strayed us away from the railroad tracks. I look back at our life together and I have to tell you we are definitely blessed.

Henry Scott




Today’s events, which definitely could’ve turned out really bad, gave me thoughts to when my wife and I owned a Ford Explorer during our time living in Maryland. If you are not up to date of which event I am referring to, I am speaking of my truck’s driver side tire coming completely off, and rolling across three lanes. It was bad enough that this happened while I was driving, but it occurred while I was on the highway driving between 55-60mph!! I tell you, something like your wheel coming completely off on the interstate will scare you shitless; regardless of who you are! I am just thankful that my tire, as it sped rolled across the traveling lanes, didn’t strike the other vehicles coming from behind me and causing the situation to turn much worse. However, being thankful that I didn’t lose control of the truck as I was coasting towards the right shoulder. Out of the entire situation, as scary and nerve wrecking as it was, I know exactly who is responsible! Update on that will come in time.

Back to what I was referring to earlier of what this situation reminded me of is when my wife and I owned a 2002 Ford Explorer while we lived in a decent area called Frederick, Maryland. Living in Frederick was the best area we lived in, but the huge drawback was when we had to travel to work, which would at times take my wife nearly two hours to D.C. For me, it would take about 45-60 minutes to get to work, depending how fast you drive, and on how the traffic flowed. With ‘Rush Hour’ traffic, it was a freakin’ nightmare as it could be bumper to bumper the whole time and take me nearly two hours at times. Our money went much further living there, but a good chunk of our earnings went to keeping our vehicles gassed up. We lived there for about three years, and besides the Ford Explorer, we also owned a Grand Prix GTP!! I loved this thing and it was by far one of the most fun cars I’ve ever owned. It was a great car until I started having a lot of electrical issues, which then made the car a hazard when the headlights would just go off by themselves; at night!

Our Explorer didn’t stay with us without her having quirks as well. For example, my wife drove the Explorer more than I did and it was unofficially her vehicle, but drove her nerves crazy at times. At any given time, without warning, the Explorer wouldn’t start. Yep! It would get my wife to work in the morning just fine, but in the evenings it seemed like the Explorer didn’t want to cooperate. It is not a good feeling when your wife calls you to let you know that she is in the parking lot of her job by herself and the truck won’t start at all! At this particular time and incident, she worked in Howard County, which is east of Frederick and only took her thirty to forty minutes to and from work. Unfortunately, at times I wasn’t in the position to help her right away, but with persistence and prayers she would get the truck started. After going through this start, not start issue, we were finally able to get an answer that the ‘Neutral Safety Switch’ was the main issue. Great! But now we need to find time to have this repaired or replaced, but until then we had to use prayer each and every time we needed to use it. The good news to this unreliable transportation monster was that if it didn’t start while in ‘Park’, then we had to shift into Neutral and then start.

Oh, but that is not all with the ‘Black Monster’! The incident that I really want to share with you is when we went to the car wash. Just like any other vehicle we own, we took them to the car wash regularly, especially in the winter. On this particular day, not sure the time, my wife was driving her truck to the car wash and I sat in the passenger seat, which is very strange for me. As we are entering the car wash machine, we just relaxed and started up a conversation to pass the time. Well, our conversation was completely interrupted as we heard a sudden “ding” and saw the dome light on. Now, all of this happened within a matter of a few seconds, but I’m slowing it down for you. As we are trying to make sense of why the dome light is on, suddenly water begins to spray inside the truck! My wife’s door came flying open just enough for water to begin soaking inside the truck with us in it!! Although I didn’t get much of it because my wife was in the way, my wife screamed as she struggled to close the door.

Within an instant I knew I couldn’t help her and that she had to battle the spraying water and open door by herself. The whole situation felt like it lasted for several minutes before she was able to close the door and save herself from being completely soaked. Almost immediately, we started to laugh about it as it became a running joke for us. Still this day we speak about the incident and laugh it off! Just prior to us moving back closer to D.C., we discovered one morning that our truck was gone! Of course, we thought it was stolen, but I decided to call the dealership just in case. It was confirmed that the dealership had taken the vehicle’s back, but it became a huge fight, verbally, to retrieve them back, but dealing with fucked up accounting numbers, and disagreements we basically gave up!! After that we started looking around for other modes of transportation, but ended up having to use rental vehicles to get around. That got expensive really quick!!

I’m pretty sure my wife will have her own response to this story as she can definitely relate, and can tell you more about the ‘Black Monster’ than I can. She was with us as long as she was meant to be, but quickly our time ended. Currently, we both have trucks and love them dearly! I can only hope that my truck, NINA, is okay and can be worked on to fix the problem caused by Mieneke. I suppose we will find out and know soon enough of what damages have been done, if any. Only time will tell!!

Henry Scott