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“TIME GAP” (Opening Story)

May contain adult language, adult sexuality and violent content.  Reader discretion is advised.

Part I – The Opening Story

{NYPD 19TH PRECINCT @ 09:37hrs – Electronic Crimes Unit}

Detective Richard Suggs, a 19 year veteran of NYPD and a 10 year veteran of the Electronic Crimes Unit, and Detective Marco Robinson, a 15 year veteran of NYPD and a 12 year veteran of the Electronic Crimes Unit, meet up with four other detectives, four uniformed patrolman and the S.W.A.T. team in a small conference big enough to hold 20 people; but with dirty dingy walls and old fashioned flood lights hanging above, it was only used when necessary. As the last of the officers file in, patrolman #3 walks into the conference room and looks around with a slight disgust look on his face.  After a once look around the room, and glances at the white and green faded checkered floor, he makes a remark to one of the detectives.

PATROLMAN #3: Hey, Marco! Why do we have to use this shitty room?  I just got this uniformed dry cleaned yesterday and don’t want it ruined being in this mold infested cell.

DETECTIVE MARCO ROBINSON: Looks at the patrolman who made the comment with a blank stare for a few seconds before responding. Obviously, you didn’t read your email that was sent two days ago about the main patrol room being occupied by the big wigs. If you read your email you wouldn’t be standing there looking like an idiot.  Now, as soon as you take a seat we can get started with this briefing.

As the remaining officers take their seats, others look at the patrolman chuckling and cracking jokes amongst themselves making comments to him such as ‘pretty boy blue’. Patrolman #3 is the youngest officer in the room and is associated with the new entitlement generation, although he has shown he is not afraid to work for his rewards, just not very wise at times when he opens his mouth to speak the English language.  Once the patrolman took his seat and nothing else was said, Detective Robinson immediately began the briefing.  A few seconds after Detective Robinson started speaking; Detective Suggs was handing out a black and white flyer with a picture of the suspect being sought by the Electronic Crimes Unit.  It was explained that Daniel Howard, the suspect posted on the black and white flyer, has been involved in many major electronic crimes, which also include attempts in hacking into the federal government server of the F.B.I. New York Field Office.  Although Howard is facing several criminal charges on the federal level, NYPD maintained jurisdiction over the Howard case since he began his criminal career committing misdemeanors; and that the agency is familiar with his path to criminal activity.

Unknown to the detectives, NYPD and Homeland Security, Daniel Howard has gained an upper hand on what is about to take place within the city. It just so happen that Daniel is preparing himself to flee the city at the same time NYPD is preparing to conduct a raid at the location where Howard is currently hiding out.  A tip came in approximately two days ago of Howard returning to New York City, in the Manhattan area, from his trip somewhere in the south, possibly Georgia, Florida or South Carolina since he has associates and family members in all three states.  No one knows or can confirm if Howard is in possession of stolen goods or other illegal contraband, or can confirm what his trip down south was for.  Simultaneously, as NYPD leaves the precinct to an abandon warehouse in the southeast corner of Manhattan where Howard is suspected to be, Daniel is quickly packing up his most precious electronic equipment, money that he stashed away and a few small semi-automatic handguns.  At this moment Daniel has busted out in a huge sweat box with his face drenched in his salty fluid and glasses can barely stay on his face.  He keeps checking his watch counting down the time before he knows all hell is going to break loose.  As his heart pounds in his chest, sweat continues to pour down his face and his arm pits creating relentless arm pit stains, soaking his shirt, he walks up to the large window of the room he is in and begins to stare out into the population of New York.

{Lower East Manhattan @ 10:47hrs}

In the midst of his own thoughts and emotional state as he looks upon the population moving along outside, Howard happens to glance down from the fifth floor window and see two black unmarked vans pull up. As he continues to look down below him, he watches two dark blue unmarked cars, possibly police cars, pull up next to the vans a few seconds later.  Thinking that this could be police officers outside the building, he continues to watch with anticipation and extreme nervousness.  Soon, his fears would be realized when he sees the S.W.A.T. team exiting the vans and rushing into the warehouse below him.  To his knowledge Howard knows he is the only one in the building, and has the assumption that they are coming for him.  Immediately after witnessing them rush into the building with weapons drawn, Howard turns around and begins to move even quicker to gather up all the things that he needs to take with him.  However, Howard knows that he will not be able leave the building without the officer’s knowledge.  It was at this time he gently picks up a small remote control and walks over to one side of the room he is in, points it towards two metal poles that are standing approximately five feet apart.

A few seconds passed when a humming sound could be heard coming from the two metal poles. Howard stands there and smiles brightly at the astonishment that his invention works, but his euphoria was quickly dashed when the commotion of the S.W.A.T. team coming up the stairs broke the silence.  Just as Howard rushes over to turn out the lights, Detective Robinson and Suggs spots the light being turned off.  Howard rushes over into one corner of the room with two handguns and extra magazines of ammo waiting for the S.W.A.T. team to make entry.  While Howard waits anxiously for his invention to warm up and wondering when the police was going to barge in, S.W.A.T. and the other officers stage on either side of the hallway before making their way into two single file lines.

Before getting to the end of the hallway and checking that one office of where their potential suspect could be, they must check all the other doors they have to past. This only adds a few seconds to their track down the hall as every single door was locked.  Now as the S.W.A.T. team leader slowly approaches the office door, he glanced down and saw a shadow quickly go by the reflection of the outside light shining in.  He turns around and motions to other officers and S.W.A.T. members that someone is in the room.  One of the team members quickly rushes up to the door and checks the door knob, which is locked from the inside, and no one has a key to enter.  Once it was immediately noticed that they would have to ram the door to gain entry, it seemed that Howard had intuition of knowing exactly when to open fire.  Just as the point man reared back the battering ram, gunfire came through the door striking the point man in the hand and forearm.

The officer screams out from the pain and burning sensation of the rounds striking his extremities, which creates a firestorm of gunfire being exchanged from both sides of the door. Rate of gunfire lasted for about thirty seconds before a break in the action presented itself for one of the S.W.A.T. team members to rush the door.  The door flings open and with his momentum the officer falls on the floor not knowing the location of Howard, which causes him to frantically search for him and cover at the same time.  “HOWARD! DANIEL HOWARD!  THIS IS THE NYPD!  We have a warrant for you arrest!  Drop the gun, come out with your hands up and no one else needs to get hurt!” was shouted by Detective Robinson.  Howard slowly moves behind cover towards the two poles that he just activated a few minutes earlier.  As he thinks to himself of how he will escape capture and not get shot in the process, he glances at his watch realizing he only has one minute left before all hell was to break loose in the city.

With no response from Howard, Detective Robinson and the rest of the officers slowly move into the room with all taking cover behind different objects. Silence sits in the air for about another five seconds before more shots are thrown down towards them.  Only knowing the direction of where the shots are coming from, each officer engaged in that direction striking numerous electronic equipment and other metallic objects; causing rounds to ricochet all around Howard.  Even through all the enormous noise from yelling and gunfire, Howard heard his watch alarm beep at him displaying on the screen “TIME TO GO!”  Howard takes one deep breath, rises up from behind cover and makes a dash around the corner as rounds strike the wall behind and in front of him.  He fires back blindly behind him, with luck, strikes two more officers with one of them being Detective Suggs.

Howard rounds the corner, dives between the two poles and creates a very bright electric blue light that flickered and reflected on the walls. Once everything went quiet, everyone looked at each other as if they were waiting for someone to have an answer to what they just saw.  Without wasting time Detective Robinson and two other S.W.A.T. officers slowly appeared from behind cover, and very quietly approached the corner where Howard disappeared.  Thinking that Howard is hiding behind the corner of the wall, Detective Robinson yells out to him, “COME’ON HOWARD! GIVE IT UP! This is your last chance to peacefully surrender or we’re coming in after you very harshly!”  With no answer heard or any response, Detective Robinson and the two S.W.A.T. officers round the corner and only see an alcove with two metal poles erecting from the floor.  The complexity of the situation completely baffles them and makes them wonder what in the hell happened to Howard.  Before other officers can ask them what is happening, everyone’s radios expelled this very loud screech and static noise, which caused everyone to grasp their ears from the pain.

A few seconds later, one of the injured officers call others to the window to look down outside to what is happening with the some of the people. Uninterested to what is going on outside, Robinson stands there trying to figure out what happened and how to explain this to his boss and the district attorney.  Just as he turns around to join the other officers at the window, a very loud rumble, which literally shook the building and caused Robinson to lose his balance, followed by an explosion which sent a fireball through the window where the officers were standing.  With only a few seconds to spare his own life, Robinson heard the officers scream and disappear inside the fireball as it rushed towards him.  Robinson very quickly dove into the alcove between the two poles before the fireball engulfed the entire floor and building.  Nothing was left off the building and much of the city was destroyed, but none of this is known to Detective Robinson who lies on the floor unconscious.  When he wakes up and opens his eyes, he finds himself wearing an oxygen mask, two male EMT looking personnel kneeled over him and the bright lights of the ceiling glaring down on him.

{Manhattan Memorial Hospital @ 18:00hrs}

When Robinson wakes up again to full consciousness, he notices that he is not in the building or doesn’t think he’s in the building, but in another room. A nurse comes walking in and greets him with a happy voice and smile preparing to check his vitals.  It took Robinson a few minutes to realize that he might be in a hospital, but to verify this thought he asked the nurse.  She verifies his suspicion and leaves the room once his vitals are recorded for his medical chart.  Robinson continues to look around and wondered when did he get to the hospital and what happened to his other fellow officers.  The idea of turning on the television to ease his mind was a good idea to him, which would become only the beginning of his troubles.

For noise in the room as he tries to come to terms of what is happening, the local evening news came on, which told you the time was around 6 p.m. News being on was, to him, was a great choice of information and maybe he will find out what happened at the warehouse in Lower East Manhattan.  For the thirty minutes he watches the news and nothing is said about anything that happened at the warehouse.  Robinson, frustrated, began flipping through channels and was confused when he saw news anchors that he remembered retired.  He thought to himself, “You came back? Why?  You have no life!” he stated himself.  Flipping through more channels, still can’t find any information on what happened earlier, he flips to the weather channel and leaves it there for soft noise.  A very surprise hits his conscious when the date was mentioned on the television.  This caused Robinson to sit up in the bed and look at the television with a screwed up face, not comprehending what was just said.  Until messages began to scroll across the bottom of the screen with world related incidents and sports knowledge that occurred eight years ago.  However, Robinson struggles with the thought that he is eight years in the past, and continues to tell himself he is in a dream.  One little piece of this becomes true when the next nurse on shift walks in and greets him, tells him her name.

Her name, Katy Peer, struck Robinson hard and stopped him in his tracks because she was a victim of a homicide-suicide involving her ex-husband inside her apartment. When she turns around after writing her name on the dry erase board, their eyes met and she just froze.  Both stared at each other for over a minute before the moment was broken up by two NYPD detectives coming in to question Robinson.  One of the two detectives that entered his room, he remembered died during 9/11 and this became almost too much for him to bare and maintain his sanity.  He’s thinking is he dead? Detective Robinson’s mental and emotional ride is only at the beginning stages, and can’t help but think that he is stuck in a nightmare where there is no way out.


Henry Scott