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A fictional story that allows the characters and events to decide the plot and which way the story goes. All characters involved in the story are ideas of real life participants who have shared their own fantasies to come to life.



As the morning sun peeps over the city landscape behind them, Aya and Daniel continue walking as they look for somewhere rest for a brief time. While they search for a place to hide, Daniel spots and a building off to their left as the clear a set of trees to get a better view.  Aya also spots the brick building and tells Daniel that it is a hospital, and that it might be a good idea to have her injury checked out.  Both stop and stare at the building that could be their shelter out of the main public while being treated for any injuries, but also kept in mind that it could be risky.

DANIEL STORM: Aya? It could be very risky for us to enter, as it only takes one person to spot us.

AYA SILVERMAN: I understand the risk, Daniel, but I am afraid that if my leg is not treated properly it could become problematic.

DANIEL STORM: (Sighs heavily) You go in there speaking about taking a bullet in the leg, which might prompt a police investigation, could spell disaster. You know that right?

AYA SILVERMAN: (Sighs lightly) Yes! However, we can’t keep going either without making sure I’m putting us at considerable risk for still getting caught because I can’t run or walk properly.

DANIEL STORM: (Turns his back to Aya as he ponders the decision. Morning rush hour of vehicles starting to pick up) Okay. We’ll go in and say that you got shot by accident when I was cleaning my gun.

AYA SILVERMAN: Okay. What do we do with our weapons in the mean time?

DANIEL STORM: (Looks around quickly and finds a dumpster behind a warehouse) We’ll put them inside this dumpster here and come back for them.

Aya and Daniel quickly look around to make sure no one is watching them approach the metal dumpster behind the warehouse. Aya limps over and opens up the lid and peeps in to see if it is empty or filled with garbage, which is satisfying as they toss their weapons in.  Once they clean themselves of any weapons that could possibly be discovered or bog them down in the hospital of any quick getaway, both trot across the busy street towards the front entrance of the building.  Daniel takes in a deep breath as they approach the double doors of the hospital.  Aya steps in front of Daniel and pulls open the door and once they enter the staff of nurses behind the admittance desk all look at them as they approach closer.

Daniel splits away from Aya and sits in the sea of empty chairs, which is a waiting area for all patients, and Aya limps up to the desk and begins speaking in Russian to the nurses. She doesn’t mention to the intake nurse that she was shot in the thigh, but that she is bleeding from a leg injury.  After giving them a false name and date of birth, she goes to sit next to Daniel facing the television.  Aya whispers in Daniel’s ear about the information she gave them and that they will be seen in a matter of minutes.  For several minutes as they wait to be called to the back, Daniel’s body begins to relax and form itself to the hard plastic chair he is sitting in.  Within seconds of his body going into a deep relaxation he dozes off to sleep.  Not too long after Aya leans on his shoulder and falls asleep as well.

Suddenly, Aya wakes up from a firm tap on her left shoulder, which was followed up with a shake of her upper body. This sudden jolt of alertness made her reach for a weapon on her side which, of course, wasn’t there because it was left in the dumpster across the street.  Knowing very quickly nothing was there she quickly grabbed the nurse’s wrist before she realized it was the same nurse she spoke to at the admittance desk.  The nurse was obviously startled and tried to break away when she thought her life was in danger, but quickly breathed a sigh of relief when Aya recognized her.  Daniel woke up breathing very heavy as if he didn’t know where he was for that moment, but got his senses together when he remembered that they were in the hospital waiting area.  A glance up at the frightened nurse sort of confused him, but understood when he saw Aya slowly releasing her wrist.  A few seconds past and the nurse told them that the doctor will be waiting for them in the back, and all they have to do is follow the nurse at the door.

By this time it appeared that the whole block came into the hospital with people sitting everywhere, staring at them. They both get up and quickly apologize to the first nurse and walk through the second door to follow the nurse to one of the smaller rooms in the back.  As Aya is obviously limping down the hallway bypassing other smaller individual rooms with Daniel a few steps behind, Daniel glances to his right and recognizes a gentlemen sitting on the side of his bed.  Within a matter of a split-second Daniel realizes the man he just recognized was one of the men at the camp he was being held captive.  Not only does his heart skip a beat when he knows this, but it certainly sparks concern when their room is right next to his.  Aya is in so much pain now and is just exhausted from pushing through it that she doesn’t know what Daniel knows and has no idea that once again their lives are in danger.  The pain was getting worse and worse for Aya that when she pulled herself on the bed she let out a heavy groan.  Struggling to get comfortable before the doctor comes in, she calls out to Daniel to get his attention since he is just staring out of the peeps of the curtain.

After her third or fourth call to Daniel, he turns around and sees that she is struggling to get comfortable and rushes over to help her. Then as he attends to her, the man he recognizes begins to speak to someone, either on the phone or in person, and triggers something in Daniel.  Still Aya has no idea what is up with Daniel, and what he knows, except only worried about when the doctor was coming in and how quickly they can leave.  Once again Daniel is staring out of the peeps of the curtain out into the hallway as he hears the man’s voice still talking, but seems closer.  Daniel peeps out of the space between the curtain and the wall and suddenly the guy appears in his view, on the cell phone sounding very irritated.  The man was seen with a bandage around his neck and the hand holding the phone bandaged up as well; blood could be seen soaking through the gauze.  It must’ve felt like an eternity for the man to be in view and then suddenly out of view, but couldn’t hear him talking.  Aya opens her eyes for a moment to see where Daniel was and calls out his name to get his attention.

At the same time the doctor comes up to the curtain and opens it up wide. The man immediately came back into view still on his phone when he looked up and saw Daniel staring right at him.  Within in an instant all hell broke loose in the emergency room when the man, which seemed like slow motion, reached in his waistband pulling out a pistol.  The doctor was the first victim in the chaos that erupted in the hospital when he was shot through the back twice before dropping to the floor.  Daniel froze with fear and the decision of what to do at the same time when he saw an opening.  Gun jams!  Aya suddenly forgot about the pain and immediately jumped into action with Daniel.  He sprints towards the man and grabs the gun pulling his arm towards the sky.  Screams and people shouting could be heard as the two men wrestle with each other over control of the gun.  While both men are throwing each other up against walls and other hard objects, and giving each other body blows, Aya grabs a pair of scissors and stabs the guy in the upper back.  A loud yell comes out of his mouth, but doesn’t seem to get weaker, he gets stronger, filled with extreme rage.  Although the gun was still jammed, he tosses Daniel away from him into a nurse’s cart knocking it over.

When he turns around to deal with Aya, she drop kicks him in the face and delivers a hard kick to his chest. Even though the pain of her leg was now radiating through her body, she ignored it and continued to fight.  The man charged at Aya again and was finished off very quickly in his second attempt to hurt her.  Aya dropped to the ground, in a split, and gave him a punch to the groin, which stopped him in his tracks.  Bent over holding his groin area, Aya swings her feet in front of her, double kicks him in the face and jumps back to her feet.  Glancing very quickly behind the adversary, she sees that Daniel is still down and unable to help.  This is her moment to finish the fight and get them out of there ASAP!  A series of combination strikes involved a double chop to the sides of the neck, a punch to the throat, a palm strike to the solar plexus, side kick to the stomach, front kick to the groin and after he dropped to his knees, she broke his neck with her bare hands.

Just like that the adrenaline wore off and Aya dropped to the ground in agonizing pain. Nurses and doctors are all staying behind cover, afraid to come out until the police arrive.  As she crawls over to Daniel yelling out his name, he finally comes too and is very slow to get up.  Seeing her crawling over to him in serious pain, he gathers himself and crawls over to her on his hands and knees to comfort her.  No time to breathe a sigh of relief when police could be heard arriving outside of the hospital and people yelling in the distance.  They were able to duck and dodge being seen by the police as they sprint through the hospital, through the back door and outside.  Almost immediately they encountered three policemen outside and had to react quickly to the threat that they possibly represented.  Once again Aya let her adrenaline kick in when she was engaging the two officers.  It was at this time they began to run towards the dumpster to retrieve their hardware, but saw that police was already searching the area.  Suddenly, as they stand there deciding what to do, a plainclothes detective or inspector opened fire at Aya and Daniel.

Missing them with several shots being fired their way, Daniel was able to grab a pistol from one of the fallen officers and fires back. Several rounds were fired back and forth as he provided cover for Aya since she was somewhat immobile due to her injury.  At this point it looked very dim for them both to getaway without either being killed or injured, but once again luck was on their side.  Just as they are receiving gun fire from all sides, and they duck behind some brushes and small mounds of dirt, a small group of people draws fire from the police and presents themselves as back up for Aya and Daniel.  Despite being confused about what is happening, they see an opportunity to dart for it and head towards the dumpster.  However, when they got to the dumpster to retrieve their weapons, but they weren’t there!  Not even the trash that was in their earlier.  Frantically searching for the weapons in the empty dumpster and outside on the ground, when Daniel sees and hears a trash truck coming from around the corner.  He yells to Aya to alert her of the trash truck, helps her by becoming her crutch and dove in the back of the trash compartment.  The truck was going just slow enough for them to hitch a ride in the back.

Aya and Daniel lay in the back of the soggy, foul stench garbage watching the police engage a handful of individuals, who helped them escape.

DANIEL STORM: I need to thank your guys! I owe them big time!

AYA SILVERMAN: (Turns to look at him with a painful, but concerned look) Not my guys! I don’t know who they are!  I thought they belong to you!

They stare at each other for a few seconds and tried to figure out the gang of men that saved them; and to actually know if they are on the right trash truck. Only time will tell if they are right and who is who.

Henry Scott


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter VIII


It surely didn’t take long for Mercedes and Sapphire to receive news that one of her businesses in Brooklyn, New York was raided by the collaboration of NYPD and the F.B.I. While receiving this shocking news from one of her foot soldiers, she quickly asked for which business was involved.  Needless to say, Mercedes was not happy to hear that one of her most hardworking business partners slipped and fell off his game, and allowed the raid to take place.  Furiously, she sends the word to everyone, and anyone, to bring her the business manager that is responsible for this to take place.  It would be several minutes later that she would receive a call from one of the family members telling her that the business manager was released from police custody, and is now located at a warehouse secured.  Pleased with the news, she orders her driver to head to the specific warehouse and fills in Sapphire on what will take place once they are there.  Another fifteen minutes passes before they pull up to the side entrance of the warehouse, where Mercedes and Sapphire are led to a retail space.

Once they entered the retail space, which had a for sale sign posted on the entrance door, Mercedes first sight was the business owner sitting in a chair bound by his hands and feet. She could see at least three other foot soldiers, who are providing security over the captured business owner, wondering around the huge open space.  The business manager looked up and saw Mercedes slowly walking towards him with the echoing of her high heel boots striking the concrete floor.  Shadowing her on her strong side was Sapphire, who was also wearing knee high-high heel boots, red leggings and a black trench coat that swayed about knee length.  Mercedes kept her slow stride, starring at the eyes of the business owner, until she was about a few feet from his presence.  In front of her, was a chair that was facing backwards, which she used to take a seat with her legs slightly spread apart because of the chair’s backrest.  Crossing her arms on the peak curve of the backrest and leans forward to make sure she can see his eyes staring back at her.

Before words were spoken, Sapphire positioned herself at the five o’clock angle of the owner’s backside. Mercedes releases a huge sighs before opening up dialogue with the frighten man.

MERCEDES: Explain to me…….what happened? Carlos.  How did you allow the NYPD and the F.B.I. gather enough information to conduct a raid on my business, which you was in charge of?

BUSINESS OWNER: I…I….I….am not exactly sure what happened. I was in the back of the store and heard a huge commotion.  The next thing I know I’m being thrown to the ground and detained behind bars.

MERCEDES: BULLSHIT CARLOS!!  How dare you sit here and lie to my face?!  I trusted you with this business and you didn’t do what I asked you, what I told you to do!  Now I have lost a business and possibly one of my best partners in this expansion effort.  I was going to promote you to becoming my right hand man along with Sapphire, but I see you have disturbed that dream, that goal I hand in mind.  You got sloppy and carried away with your operations, and now you have to face the punishment you deserve.  However, you can redeem yourself and be on the road to regaining my trust.

BUSINESS OWNER: How can I regain your trust, my lady?

MERCEDES: Well, I should say you will need to fight for your freedom and then you can become my right hand man.

BUSINESS OWNER: Who am I to fight?

MERCEDES: My right hand woman, Sapphire. If you can beat her in hand to hand combat, then you will at least secure your freedom for a brief moment.  To gain promotion and regain my trust, you have to dispatch her.

BUSINESS OWNER: I have to kill her? He sees Sapphire slowly making her way back into his view still wearing her sunglasses.

MERCEDES: She is very skilled and trained. A trained assassin who has been around the globe in learning from different people and dispatching men, women and sometimes children.  So, what do you say to this challenge?

BUSINESS OWNER: What if I refuse to fight her? I’ve never fought or even hit a woman before.  Now you’re telling me to not only beat her up, but to kill her as well just for my freedom? 

MERCEDES: Yes or no? Which will it be?

BUSINESS OWNER: After a long pause and contemplates about the idea of fighting Sapphire, who he knows is highly skilled and trained, he reluctantly gives his answer. Yes. I’ll do it.

MERCEDES: Great. She motions to one of her security personnel to untie Carlos so the entertainment may begin.

Carlos’s hands and feet are quickly freed with a sharp knife, which is then placed in his hand to use against Sapphire. Sapphire takes off her sunglasses and gently hands them to one of the security personnel to hold on too.  Almost immediately, Carlos lunges at Sapphire with the knife blade pointed straight at her, which becomes a very bad tactic as he thought catching her off guard was the best way.  He was punished quickly when Sapphire stepped quickly to the side delivering a kick to the stomach, side kick to Carlos’s knee, which causes him to drop down on that knee and receives a drop kick to the face.  Carlos falls hard on his back knocking out the air in his lungs.  Sapphire slowly walks around him like a lion measuring its prey for weakness.  After gathering himself from that quick assault he received, Carlos jumps up and begins to swing the knife harshly towards her, but she dodges every attempt to slice her.

He once again lunges at her and misses when she turns her body sideways facing him. As he attempts to strike her with his elbow, Sapphire blocks his strike and delivers a karate chop to his mid-section, hard knee to the side of his thigh, a kick to his face, a knee to his stomach and a knee strike to his face.  The last strike stuns him in confusion and causes him to stagger backwards a few steps.  With the knife still in his hand, Carlos raises the knife in the air and swings downward and striking nothing but air.  Enough toying with him, Sapphire drop kicks him in the face, which makes his head snap backwards, forward kick to the groin and a roundhouse kick to the side of the head.  Once he falls to the ground, on his side, Sapphire kicks him in the stomach and delivers another kick to his face causing him to rollover to his back.  She stomps on his chest with the heel of her boot, and immediately following, drops her ass on his chest facing his legs.  Sapphire glances behind her at the defeated face of Carlos and finishes him off with several strikes to his stomach and abdomen causing internal bleeding to immediately erupt.  The internal bleeding was clearly known when he began to cough up blood.

She turns herself around to face him and reaches behind her grabbing a handful of his family jewels, while using the other hand to choke him out. Increasing the pressure on both ends, Carlos finds himself in a compromise position that he can’t get out of.  With the hand grip so tight and fierce between his legs, Sapphire lifts his lower body up off the ground a few inches as she could feel the bones in his neck slowly breaking under her grip.  She could also, which felt like, blood pooling inside his pants under her grip.  Neither one of her fierce grips were loosened until she knew for sure that every ounce of breath in his body was gone.  About a couple of minutes after the death of Carlos, Sapphire slowly releases her grips and stands over him staring down at his lifeless body.  Sapphire steps over him and walks up to Mercedes staring her in the eyes.

SAPPHIRE: Am I still worthy of your service?

MERCEDES: Hmm..I suppose I can keep you a little longer. In a sarcasting manner.

Both women of stature walk out of the retail space leaving the men to clean up the mess, and to deliver a message to all business managers around the city that serve under her reign. Soon all business managers are served with a warning to not allow any information to be leaked to the police for any reason or suffer the consequences of doing so.  Needless to say a picture of his naked body was sent to ALL, and every single bruise on his body was clearly visible through the photograph, which sickened nearly everyone who saw it.


As the minister is awaiting his extradition hearing, he stands in line behind his cellmate in the cafeteria while checking out his surroundings. In the midst of checking out his surroundings, he glances behind him and sees a muscular black guy staring directly at him.  In the few seconds he had looking back at the muscle guy, he noticed the angry look on his face and just made a mental note to himself about the situation.  Not too long after that brief encounter, he is being served the lunch slop that he even hates eating on the outside of the jail walls.  Going down through the lunch line grabbing other items, he is bothered that his first meal inside the grey concrete walls is ham slice, white rice and chicken gravy.  He remembers getting meals like this when he used to stay with his grandfather for the summer, who was a WWII veteran and probably scarred for life from the packaged meals he was receiving at that point.  Khalid often thought at times that his grandfather was just different from a lot of people, but at times that idea was challenged when his grandfather would dress up in old military gear; and just walk around the house in military precision.

After leaving the lunch line, James tells the minister to follow him over to a particular table where he would like to introduce some people. The minister waited for James to take his seat first and then sat down at an empty spot across from him.  Without too much delay, James introduced the minister to his friends and vice versa with some apprehension in the air since they don’t know each other.  To break the awkward silence between them, James started speaking about how much the minister is willing to help them out with some resources of his own, which got the attention of one of the guys.  This is when the minister filled in the blanks and began to speak about how much he can help them and what he can bring to the table.  Of course, the other guy that wasn’t all that impressed with the minister to begin with, challenged that thought and wanted to know how his ideas would be accomplished with him being extradited to Massachusetts.  From the get go James can see that his friend and the minister are going to have some bumps in the road, but hopefully working together can still be achieved.  While all three of them are engaged in conversation, the muscular black man that appeared to have a problem with the minister, walks by.

The minister feels this hard bump on his back, which causes him to spill some of his food in his lap off his fork. All three of the men sitting there with him just stare in confusion of why that was necessary and what his next move was.  Other prisoners in the lunch hall, who knew or saw what happened, also focused their attention on the minister to watch his reaction.  As the muscle man continues to walk to his table, the minister looks up from his dropped food and stares at the back of the muscular foe.  He waits a few seconds after the man sits down and slowly stands up with his eyes burning a hole in the back of his head.  All the correctional officers in the area saw what happened and didn’t make a move to intercept the minister as they were eager to see what his reaction would be.  As the minister gets closer and closer with each step, other prisoners begin to take notice and move to spots around the lunch room for any unobstructed view.  While the muscle man continues to ignore the situation around him, Khalid stops directly behind him and pauses before saying something to him.  After a few seconds of no response from the muscle man, Khalid looks up and around him and can see a crowd gathering and every correctional officer staring.  Once Khalid made eye contact with one of the correctional officers on the upper deck, he looked back down at the back of the muscle man.

Without warning Khalid shoved the muscle man’s face into his food and forcibly rubbed it all over the tray. Knowing that he would get a response from the muscle man, he backs up and watches him clean off his face and stands up facing him.  Khalid looks into the muscle man’s eyes and can see the fire of anger just burning out of control.  It was at this point the minister took a fighting stance as the muscle man advances towards him slowly, fist balled up and his veins trying to bulge out of his ebony skin.  Knowing that he can’t avoid him forever, Khalid goes for the first strike, but quickly found out that the muscle man was too quick.  Khalid’s punch was caught in the muscle man’s hand and immediately felt the bones in his hand beginning to get crushed.  Yelling out in pain, Khalid attempts to strike with his other hand, but suffered the same situation, which now puts him in a very vulnerable position.  The pain that was being delivered to his hands was too much to concentrate through as he felt the size 13 foot make contact with his chest, sending him back first on top of a lunch table.  Trying to compute in his mind of his hands being temporarily disabled, he was able to look in front of him and see the muscle man advancing.  When the muscle man got close enough, Khalid kicks him in the face, which stuns him for a few seconds and strikes him across the head with one of the steels trays.

The muscle man grabs his head bending over in obvious pain, but then gets kneed in the face by Khalid; breaking his nose. Taking advantage of the upper hand, Khalid continues his assault, but gets repelled very quickly when the muscle man blocks one of his punches, delivers a punch to Khalid’s mid-section and body slams him on top of a table.  With the muscle man’s huge hands wrapped around his neck, Khalid finds himself trying to breath; and striking his forearms with all his might was not loosening up his grip.  In his mind, Khalid knew he only had a few more seconds before it was lights out for good and kept fighting and wouldn’t give up until every ounce of breath was completely gone.  Feeling his body beginning to shutdown, Khalid starts reaching for anything he can find to repel this muscle man from killing him and leaving his body for the pickings.  Just before he was about to go out, Khalid reach for a plastic utensil and jammed it in the eye of the muscle man.  Screams came out of the muscle man that was not expected, but his hands were released from around the minister’s neck.  Getting up coughing and quickly gathering air back into his lungs, and rubbing his throat, Khalid decides it was time to end this fight now.

With all his might and energy he had left, Khalid just unloaded on the muscle man and took advantage of his weakness. Delivering blow after blow to the muscle man’s face, blood is just spewing and flying from his mouth, nose and bloody eye.  Blood flying everywhere and even gets on some of the prisoners in the immediate area.  As the muscle man stands in front of him unable to defend himself and his face covered in blood, Khalid kicks him in both knees dropping him onto his knees on the solid concrete floor.  One last kick to the face of the muscle man sends him immediately to the ground, lying flat on his back not moving and barely breathing.  His victory was short-lived when he felt a hard strike in the back of his knees, which was followed up with repeated baton strikes to the upper back and arms.  All the other prisoners were forced to the ground and to assume the position as the quick response team stood over them.  James and the other two guys watch Khalid get hauled off with his hands and feet bound through a door, which was slammed quickly behind them.  Now, the question that surfaced in James mind was the uncertainty that he would see the minister again, at least anytime soon.


APRIL 13, 2016 – CHAPTER 9


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.


[Northern Virginia]

It didn’t take long for the correctional system to process the minister into the same system he tried to dodge. In fact, the same system that he had always tried to fight and state that it doesn’t treat the black man with respect, is now part of his reality going forward.  The only thing that is working in Khalid’s favor, is that the extradition order to send him back to Boston will take some time.  For right now, Minister Cure is being locked up and detained inside the county jail awaiting the first part of his extradition process, a hearing of whether the extradition will be granted or denied.  With little time on his side, Khalid request to make a phone call to his stand-by attorney to fight the extradition, which is a 50/50 chance success rate.  After speaking with his attorney on the phone, Khalid is returned back to his cell to only find out that he now has a cellmate to share the cell with.  When Khalid stepped through the cell doors, and heard it slam behind him, the new cellmate looked up at him and didn’t say a word to him for the first few minutes.  Khalid took a few more steps further into the cell to step pass the new inmate, which apparently irritated the man.

JAMES WINSTON: Excuse you, minister!


JAMES WINSTON: You heard me.

KHALID X. CURE: I wanted you to repeat it.

JAMES WINSTON: Whose you? My father now?  I don’t listen and take orders from nobody.

KHALID X. CURE: Listen slim, umm, I don’t know you, but since we have to cell together, I think swinging attitudes around won’t help the situation.

JAMES WINSTON: Oh okay. So you think preaching to me is going to help us get along?  Nigga please!

KHALID X. CURE: What?! You just got here and you already trying to claim shit and step?  You don’t know who you messing with, slim.  I suggest you calm down and just take it easy.

JAMES WINSTON: Take it easy?! Listen, minister!  You are supposed to be the leader of the black community, but yet you are stuck in the same system that you once tried to fight.  I’ve been in and out of the system for years, to the point where if a bitch in blue even looks at me, I’m thrown behind the slammer.  You don’t know what that is like, do you?

KHALID X. CURE: You think I just got where I am without any trials and tribulations of my own? You honestly think that I got to where I am now without having to step on some toes and bust some heads?  I’ve gone through more shit in this life it feels like then Jesus Himself went through dying for our sins in this white man’s world!  Don’t talk to me about struggles and pain like I don’t know what you are talking about.  I’ve seen things that even men older than me haven’t seen and dealt with.  I tell some of my adventures to old war veterans, and even some of them say they still had it better than I did growing up.  The system we are in right now don’t want us to strive after we leave, they want us to continue the same cycle so they can show all those that agree with them that we are out of control.  There’s no need for hostility towards me son, just understand that I am still on the right side fighting for our existence okay?

COUNTY INMATE #1: Hey! Minister! Nobody wants to hear that shit in here!

JAMES WINSTON: Shut the fuck up!!

COUNTY INMATE #1: Why don’t you come over here and make me? I got something for that ass!!

KHALID X. CURE: You gotta problem me? What’s your name, son?

COUNTY INAMTE #1: They call me ‘BC’! Black Curtain!  I make niggas go to sleep anyway I can!

KHALID X. CURE: Okay, Black Curtain! If you think that scares me or anyone with great substance to stand on, you aren’t helping the situation!  We need to stand together as a black community to get the respect that we so deserve! 

COUNTY INMATE #1: I got respect! You don’t understand that kind of respect!  I….

CORRECTIONAL OFFICER: Hey! Shut the damn noise!  We don’t need to hear any of this shit!!  Especially you, minister.  Don’t start shit!  Walks away.

KHALID X. CURE: Talking to his new cellmate. What’s your name, son?

JAMES WINSTON: James Winston. They call me GG.

KHALID X. CURE: Let me guess. The Green Gangsta?

JAMES WINSTON: Nah. Green God. 

KHALID X. CURE: Explain Green God to me.

JAMES WINSTON: I’ve made a lot of money over my time in the game. I’ve made money in situations that no one dared to pursue.  I’ve made money in the most fucked up places you can imagine, man.  I’ve had fake businesses scraping in the dough at one time, you know?  Shut’em down and build elsewhere.  Repeat the same process over and over again until the blues caught up with me just a few months ago.  I try to find the weakness in the financial game and…

KHALID X. CURE: …exploit it. Maybe you need some fine tuning on your skills.

JAMES WINSTON: I need people that I can trust to get shit done.

KHALID X. CURE: Well, James, I think I have an opportunity for you awaiting once you are released.



JAMES WINSTON: However, I’m not the only GG around here. There’s a GG Jr.

KHALID X. CURE: I see that the color Green is in the name here. Anyone dealing money that deals with you has green behind or in front of their nickname?

JAMES WINSTON: Something like that, but we try to exploit the financial system and gain from it. Some men have died doing shit like this.  There is a reason for the color and it’s not all about the color of money.

KHALID X. CURE: I’ll protect you and your partners if you share me in on the 411. Don’t need an answer right now, but think about it, talk it over with your friends and get back to me.  Gets on the top bunk to take a nap.

[Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]

For several minutes after the service is over, and standing inside a candlelit sanctuary, Shelly awaits to be summoned to the back by one of the leaders. While she walks around the sanctuary glancing at the artwork posted on the walls and staring at some of the beautiful structured statues, she notices one of the members leaving the building in a hurry, with a quick pace walk.  Although this sparks her interest, she doesn’t put it together that what was about to come next will be life changing.  Immediately after the last member walks out the front doors, Shelly hears her name called waving her to the back door of the sanctuary.  Shelly takes one more glance at the statue she was standing in front of and quickly goes to meet the parishioner at the door, who holds it open for her to enter through.  Once she walks through the door, the parishioner escorts her down the hallway to a set of stairs leading to the basement, where she mentions that Ruby and the others are waiting.  Shelly stares down the steps and looks back at the lady before proceeding down the wooden, creaky steps to her secret meeting.

When Shelly gets to the bottom of the steps, she looks around and sees three women in dark red robes standing at the end of a tunnel. She begins to walk towards them down the dark, partially lit hallway and comes within a few steps of their presence.  All three women look at her and directs Shelly to follow them through a door, which unknown to her was a room set up for sacrificing needs.  Immediately, after Shelly entered through the door she saw Ruby and another lady standing by a table with arm and leg straps prepared for her.  This sends fear through Shelly’s heart as she tried to escape through the door she just came through, but ran into the three women that led her there.  At this point, Shelly tries to fight all three women with very little success, who quickly overpower her and drag her to the table against her will.  Her struggle to avoid being sacrificed was an annoyance to Ruby, who gave her a powerful backhand across the face nearly knocking her unconscious.  Once the women were able to place Shelly on the table, and strap her arms and legs down tightly, all the women took their places around the table to be a valuable witness to what was about to happen.

As the women around the table, including Ruby, began to chant and repeat the sacrificial covenant, Shelly looks above her head and could see a large, long knife being held over her. Ruby slowly raises the knife above her head to the max point of where she couldn’t raise it anymore, preparing to strike Shelly directly in the chest.  Shelly started crying and began to beg for her life as she thought she was facing the reality of her life ending in the dark dungeon of where she served with loyalty and respect.  The women began to get louder with their sacrificial chant as it was near the point of no return for Shelly to be spared, but just before Ruby was to strike down with all her force, the door to the sacrificial ceremony was busted open.  The loud noise of the door being busted open got the attention of all the women, who all quickly shifted their focus on the open door with no one standing in front of it.  Ruby snaps her fingers for two women to go check out the hallway and to see who is hiding out.  Two of the women peeped out the door down both sides of the hallway, and as they stepped out to see if anyone is around, Ruby hears the two women screaming before they were silenced.  The other two went to quickly close the door the best they could, but it was blown open once more sending both women to hit the wall banging their heads, knocking them out cold.

To the amazing sight of Ruby she was now face to face with the shadow figure, who only made his eyes visible in bright white hue. Ruby slowly began to back away from Shelly with the knife still in her hand at about neck level, while the shadow figure just stood there staring at her.  Once Ruby backed up as far as she could with her back up against a wall, she grabbed her throat and made the choking sounds and gestures dropping the knife on the cement floor.  Shelly raised her head to watch Ruby struggle for air as she slowly slid down the wall to the floor, which she thought was the end of her ordeal.  After Ruby passed out, and was silenced, the shadow figure focused his attention to Shelly being sprawled out on the table still strapped down.  The figure slowly entered the room and stood by her, which just made Shelly extremely nervous to even say anything or look at it.  As she laid there with her eyes tightly closed, she felt her arms and hands were free, and before she dared to move them, she opened her eyes to see no one standing there.  Shelly quickly sat up on the table and glanced around the room and could see three women on the floor motionless.  Once she jumped down off the table and ran out the door, and down the hallway, she saw a stone figure in the middle of the hallway.

Shelly quickly realized that the stone figure she was seeing was one of the women that fled the room earlier. Squeezing her way around the statue, she made it to the sanctuary and made a mad dash to the front door.  As she is running towards the door, things behind her begin to catch fire and anything on the way starting falling to the floor shattering into pieces.  Once Shelly made it through the front doors of the building, she fell and looked back at the building, which very quickly engulfed into flames.  Unknown to Shelly outside, Ruby was the only one still alive in the building, who started to come too when the building began to collapse on itself.  Ruby does her best to gather herself and struggles through falling debris to escape through a back tunnel that was not known to many people.  Just as Ruby made it through the tunnel entrance, the building exploded sending a fireball partially down the tunnel, which had enough force to send Ruby off her feet landing face first on the ground, but avoided being burned to death.  At the same time when the building exploded, Shelly was just close enough for the force to send her flying backwards through the air landing on a hood of a car.  Lying there on the hood of the car, Shelly was barely conscious and before losing consciousness, the last thing she heard were people in the distance and the sound of the fire crackling.  In the tunnel, Ruby was able to escape with her life, but her colleagues had perished in the fire, which left her standing alone.  Ruby took one more glance at the first before disappearing into the dark of night, not to be heard from or seen again until the time to fight back has presented itself.

[Safe House in Russia]

After Aya and Daniel arrive at the safe house location provided to them prior to undertaking the assassination mission, Daniel runs around to clear the house making sure no one else was inside. Once the coast was clear, he helped Aya in through the front door, who was nursing a thigh injury from a bullet wound and blood streaming down her leg.  Aya was laid on the couch supporting her wounded leg on the arm rest to slow down the bleeding while Daniel rushed into the kitchen to grab the first aid kit.  Daniel brought the first aid kit over to Aya and grabbed the Quick Clot application and tore it open, which made Aya just imagine the pain that would soon come after.  The Quick Clot was poured on her would, which made Aya scream out for a brief second and several grunts followed before Daniel was able to seal off the wound from further infection.  Knowing that Aya was taken care of, he sat down on the floor next to the floor trying to catch his breath and calm his heart rate while watching the reaction of Aya.

A few minutes passed before Daniel went into a room to alert his handler that they are safe and sound for the time being. As Daniel is communicating with his bosses back in the United States, Aya sits up on the couch to gather herself and started to limp around the house to see what was around.  The curiosity of Aya got the best of her and she just started going into room after room, and after going into the last room was something she didn’t expect to see.  She found herself staring and looking through evidence that showed the United States attempting to undermine the influence of the Russian government in the Balkan region, which spelled out the possible assassination of the Russian president.  What Aya was seeing was completely different from what she was told and led to believe why she was defying her own people.  By the time Daniel found her snooping around in the last room in the house, Aya was standing there holding papers in her hand feeling mixed emotions of what she discovered.

Daniel slowly walked up to her in the midst of explaining it all to her, but at that point Aya mustard up enough strength to punch him right in the face for lying to her. He stumbled backwards a little bit holding his mouth, checking for blood as he felt it and the taste of iron in his mouth.  She looked at him saying, “If I didn’t have a hurt leg right now, I’d kick your ass for this shit!  You lied to me about why we did what we did!  I thought I was saving my family from further tyranny, but yet I might’ve just put them in danger believing your lies.”  As he stood there he could see the anger in her eyes, which teared up for a few seconds before she wiped them away.  Just before he could respond to her, the phone line rings and he goes to answer it as it could be from his handler.  When he answers the phone to speak, Aya comes out of the room in a bothered-depressed state of mind and goes to sit down on the couch, holding her fresh sealed wound.  Many things are running through her mind at this point, but with her fear of her family being killed or kidnapped for her betrayal of the motherland.  While she sits there soaking in her own sorrow, Daniel slowly comes out to deliver some news to her that she should know.

He walks around the couch and finds a seat next to her as she just stares straight ahead into space. While watching the tears coming down her face, he delivers to her that her family is now safe and has been pulled out of the area by American Special Forces, who were undercover working the area.  This breaks her stare and switches her eyes to his and he could see the relief being lifted off of her knowing that she didn’t put them in harm’s way.  However, she made it clear to him that he wasn’t completely out of the dog house with her, and that she demands a complete explanation of what is going on.  Before he went into explanation of what the true reasons for what they did, he hands her a piece of paper with his writing on it stating that tensions between the two countries have been risen.

AYA SILVERMAN: What does this mean? What are you trying to tell me?

DANIEL STORM: The Russians are blaming the United States for the assassination attempt of their president, and stating that they will put their forces on high alert in the Balkan region. This is why your family was pulled out of the area undetected.  An assassination attempt of a president, of any country, is considered an act of war and this could lead out two nations on the brink.

AYA SILVERMAN: So our two countries will go to war because of what I did? You getting caught and I getting wounded in the process to save your American ass!

DANIEL STORM: To break it down to you in a quick summary of what is going on, is that some members of the Russian military were operating within the Balkan region to annex the area. Knowing how much this would put into fear of the people in Eastern Europe, and our allies, not to mention your government would ultimately stash self-defense weapons in the region to fight off anyone trying to come in to remove them.

AYA SILVERMAN: Why not just create chaos in the Balkans instead of going after President Gustavof?

DANIEL STORM: We didn’t want to get into another campaign overseas that we potentially couldn’t get out of without it escalating. So the idea was to assassinate the president of Russia, who is calling the shots directly, to at least delay the annexation so we could have time to figure out what to do next.

AYA SILVERMAN: Now since we failed to do that, this situation may have escalated anyway to a point of no return. We will have the entire breath of the Russian military searching us like dogs, with dogs, to capture us and kill us immediately!  What’s the plan now?  Run?

DANIEL STORM: We need to get to Poland, but we need to go through Belarus to meet one of our contacts. Then once in Poland, we seek asylum and wait for a representative of the United States to get us into the United States where we will be debriefed and released from our mission.

AYA SILVERMAN: What about my family? Where are they being held right now?

DANIEL STORM: Your family are on their way to the United States, where you will meet them and where you will have the choice of staying to receive citizenship or seeking asylum elsewhere of your families choosing.

AYA SILVERMAN: If we are successful, I may find it in my heart to forgive you! Until then we need to work together to make sure this plan works and not get caught up our nations affairs any more than what we have already. 

DANIEL STORM: I understand. We’ll succeed.

[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

As Dawn pulls up into the parking lot at the doctor’s office to see her son, she pauses in the car for a few moments when her thoughts really start to swirl about her future with or without her husband. She catches herself staring into space through the windshield and realizes that she is there for her son, not her soon to be ex-husband.  Almost immediately after she entered through the doors of the doctor’s office, she meets with her mother in the lobby area, giving each other hugs.  Then once they exchanged personal gestures, her mother escorted her to the back where her son was waiting for the doctor to return.  Dawn saw her son, gave him a hug and rubbed his head in trying to give him some comfort, and letting him that mom is there.  When the doctor returned into the room, he greeted Dawn and gave her the rundown of what her son was suffering from.  Apparently, in the doctor’s notes and results he believed that Dawn’s son was suffering from IBS and a severe case of the stomach flu.  Although hearing this was still somewhat bothersome, she was also relieved to hear that her son is going live.

After the doctor visit, and the medication for Troy was filled, all three of them began to make their way out to the parking lot. This is where Dawn’s mother felt it was the time to speak to her daughter.

DAWN’S MOTHER: So, have you decided what to do?

DAWN PERRY: I’m assuming you are speaking about Vincent and I?

DAWN’S MOTHER: Yes, of course.

DAWN PERRY: I’m still trying to decide what to do with this. Mom, I caught him in the bed with another woman, in mid-stroke mind you.  I don’t know who this woman was, nor do I care who she is.  The fact remains that he brought this behavior into our home where things were already teetering on the ledge.  Thank God none of our kids were there to witness it.

DAWN’S MOTHER: Well, some would say it is an easy decision to make based on what you just explained and saw that night. I can’t say what you should do or what the right thing for you to do.  I just know you need to follow your heart on this one.  Pray to God and see what He says about it.

DAWN PERRY: I’m still waiting for an answer from God. My heart hurts for what happened and has happened in our marriage, but at the same time I feel bad for him because maybe I could’ve prevented this or could’ve contribute to it.  I don’t know.  I just know the love that was once there is not there and now our kids are going to be caught in the middle of it.  On top of everything else, I have a job interview in Birmingham, Vermont for the court paralegal position.

DAWN’S MOTHER: Do you think you will take the new job if everything lines up correct?

DAWN PERRY: Maybe. It’s too early to tell what I will do at this point.  I’m basically allowing things to take its course and I’ll decide then.  Things aren’t black and white anymore to me like they used to.

DAWN’S MOTHER: Try not to stress over it too much. Just let things take its course, just like you said.  Sometimes we won’t always have the answer before we need it.  Do you deed as a mother and as a responsible citizen and things will work out as they should.

DAWN PERRY: Thanks mom. Hugging each other. Thank you for bringing Troy to the doctor’s office and taking care of the kids for me.

DAWN’S MOTHER: No problem dear. I’ll have your father bring over your other rebels to you later today.  I love you dear.  Take care Troy and feel better.

Dawn and her mother parted ways into their respective cars and left the parking lot in two different directions. Now, it is time for Dawn to really think about the future and see what will happen next.  Just like her mother told her a few moments ago, sometimes you have to just let things happen and you will then know what your next course of action will be.  Well, we will all see what is going to happen next!


APRIL 1, 2016 – CHAPTER 8


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter VI

Naveah Lee, listed as the richest judge in the country, exits out of her ten bedroom mansion, with her own personal security detail standing by and her armored black SUV, limo tinted windows, parked just feet from the main steps. It has been somewhat of a mystery of how Judge Lee became deep into the financial world, but it is definitely not a secret that her parents, and their parents, owned at least two oil companies, which obviously has paid off to their offspring’s.  Naveah, one of six kids in the immediate family, and the oldest, benefited the most and definitely took the reins of knowing how to run a very successful company.  One of her sisters took hold of the other family company, and although she hasn’t been as successful as her older sibling Naveah, she is still rolling in dough that can surround her house more than ten times.  When Naveah gained the financial success she has been striving for, and has been hoping and praying for, people took notice very quick, and with the saying ‘more money, more problems’ actually brought more stress and hatred her way.

In the current mansion that Naveah Lee lives in now, is her second home just outside the Boston suburbs where she thought she would feel safe from the inner city scrutiny and bastard neighbors. She still owns her first house in the city limits of Boston, but only goes there when she needs to, but right now at this point she rents it out to other people who desire to live in her old neighborhood.  People that were against her quick success really rallied against her, and outnumbered the great supporters that stood in her corner.  Any other time with someone gaining wealth like she did wouldn’t have mattered as much, but with her position in the Judicial system gave some people, in high positions, uneasiness and thought of the potential of her influencing the courts was extremely high.  She became one of the most successful judges in the city of Boston, and the state, and held the reputation of not dealing with any bullshit and nonsense from any attorney, victims and suspects.  At one point she nearly tossed a case out, along with the state’s attorney, when one of the victims’ witnesses didn’t come to court on time, without a valid reason, and wasn’t dressed appropriately.

Just before her new found fame in the light of the public, she was offered a federal judge position within the state of Massachusetts to oversee some high profile cases and conduct some arraignments. This, however, only brought more fame and pressure, along with new money mixed in with the old money from her parents’ hard work.  Naveah’s life has been threatened numerous times, but only a few occasions have their actually been people attempting to snuff her out from existence, and not care who is around her.  That type of behavior is the sole reason she is now constantly surrounded by armed guards, and transported in armored vehicles everywhere she goes, especially to and from work or anything judicial related.  With her new status in life now, finding potential men to fit that bill of her lifestyle and at the same time having a great personality, has been leading to many heartbreaks and poison love.  Somewhere during her climb to the top of the financial-food chain, she met several men that she believed were worthy of her time and love, but only one she repeated to keep giving herself to over and over.  Their relationship began very strong, sexually and physically, but once again money kept getting in the way of things and she finally found out his true motives of why he was with her.  Needless to say their relationship, which lasted about six months, ended horribly when his body was found dumped in the Hudson River.  The body was mutilated with a head, both hands, both feet and sexual organs missing to never being recovered.  Although she was questioned and interviewed about the case and their relationship, she was never charged and allowed to continue serving in the judicial bureau since no evidence pointed to her, and she never violated any judicial policies.

[Boston, Massachusetts]

On this particular morning, as Naveah Lee arrives at the federal courthouse, she normally saw a crowd just outside the garage entrance while they pulled in. Well, this time it was a crowd, but not as huge as it has been in previous months.  It wasn’t that greatly noticeable, but she expected to see certain people there every day, but this morning they weren’t there.  Naveah took notice as she looked outside her dark tinted window before they entered the garage and the walls blocking her view from the truck.  Once they parked and the scene around her was clear, she was allowed to leave the truck and start walking towards the underground elevator, where two armed security personnel waited for her.  Just as she entered through the elevator doors, she heard commotion behind her, which sounded just a inches from her back, but when she turned around to see what was going on, she only saw her security detail rush on the elevator to keep her safe.  As the doors closed, and the elevator started to go up, the noise going on in the underground level was quickly deafened by their distance from the scene.

The mood inside the courthouse was much different, and peaceful where she could think properly. Almost immediately, after entering her chambers, one of the court bailiffs approaches her with the day’s arraignments and cases.  Naveah looks it over and agrees to the scheduling and sees that she only has a few minutes before getting ready for the first arraignment call.  Several minutes later, one of the court officers see Naveah coming down the hall from her chambers towards the courtroom, opens the door and yells to everyone to rise.  Judge Lee was introduced and ordered everyone to sit down once she reached her chair.  Judge Lee jumps right into it and begins to tackle the first arraignment case on the docket.  After hearing both sides of the case, Judge Lee gave her disposition, which required the defendant to spend another three months in jail before being released on parole.  She calls in for the next arraignment case, which caused the court officers to open up the double doors and bring the next defendant.  The defendant was not spotted immediately by Judge Lee, but just as he got to the table, she raised her head and removed her glasses to get a better look.

Obviously, the defendant is not wanting to be there all chained up, so he has barely noticed the judge staring at him with luscious eyes. All Judge Lee could see was a tall black male, bald, not very muscular, but well-built and carried himself with great confidence, almost an arrogance.  Her eyes and mind could only imagine what his body appeared to look like underneath his jumpsuit, but just from what she could see nearly had her tranced.  Naveah was so fixated on the defendant, that she didn’t hear the court officer trying to get her attention until he touched her hand.  This feeling got her out of the fixation she was in and back down to business to dispose of the case.  Like before, once she heard both sides of the case, she did something that she didn’t do very often to suspects charged with money laundering, attempted murder of his accomplice in a bank robbery and several bank robbery charges.  Jamal Butter, was released on house arrest and was to remain there until the start of the trial, where he would then be transported to the county jail until the conclusion of the case.  Her disposition of the case definitely surprised both councils, who knew not to question her judgement on this case, except bring up their concerns through a legal form she proposed for all attorney’s to follow several weeks prior.

When both parties accepted the terms of the disposition, they started to walk out the courtroom, but Naveah’s eyes were staring directly at Butter’s ass. Watching his cheeks change proportions with each step just got under her skin a little bit, and for that quick minute her mind wandered to having her hands wrapped around that ass; to just squeeze them when their situation would hit climax.  She broke her gaze or her gaze was disturbed when a third defendant was brought in to be arraigned, and it was a middle aged mother, who abused her children and violated her parole.  Needless to say Judge Lee’s concentration and business mind came back with a quickness.  Unless you was in the courtroom, once those double doors were closed behind the parolee, you never knew what occurred and what made the mother walk out several minutes later in complete tears.  It was very apparent that Naveah was being somewhat of a bitch this day, but her mood lightened up a bit when she heard that Khalid X. Cure was being extradited back to Massachusetts for the warrant she authorized on him several years prior.  Hearing this made her day, along with thinking about the house inmate, Jamal Butter, which in her mind made her want to be his jelly, or better yet become his bread for the spread.

[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Vincent lies in his hospital bed, still attached to machines and tubes, but his condition is starting come around for the better. Although he may show no love or show any in love emotions towards his wife, Dawn, his fight shows her that he is still somewhat of the same man she married years prior.  Dawn stands at the foot of the bed, playing with her wedding ring and glancing down at it, and begins to think whether she still wants to leave or give him another chance.  Most women in her friendship circle would probably kill her for thinking something like that, but most of them have never been in her shoes.  With her thoughts swaying back and forth, she needs to make sure that her feelings are not of her feeling bad for him, even though Vincent brought this upon himself, indirectly.  Till this moment Dawn is still unaware that Shelly is the reason for the critical condition of her husband, but what she does know, and is aware of, is that the deputy that she spoke to a couple of days ago has just gotten under her nerves.

DAWN PERRY: Her concentration deep into her thoughts is broken with her cell phone ringing. Hello?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Hi, Dawn? You have a minute?

DAWN PERRY: Yes, Shelly. What’s going on?

SHELLY SUMMERS: I thought you should know that I just got a call from a Deputy Roxie Blue? Who the hell is that?

DAWN PERRY: Some deputy sheriff with the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office. Here outside of Pittsburgh.  Why?

SHELLY SUMMERS: She was asking me questions about Vincent, you and the relationship between you two.

DAWN PERRY: Wait! Why was she asking you that?  What do you have to do with this?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Well…apparently they got a search warrant for your phone records, and saw that I was the last person you spoke to before he was found in the house, and got a call from her that night.

DAWN PERRY: What the hell?! You were nowhere near the area!  You telling me she’s fishing for information from my friends!  I got the suspicion she thinks that I did this or know who did!  What did you tell her?

SHELLY SUMMERS: I told her what I knew about the marriage and that I knew it was coming to an end very soon. She tried to get me to go deeper into your character and personality traits.  I know she was looking for something to hang over your head, to question you about.  I don’t believe I gave her anything to use against you.

DAWN PERRY: Starts walking towards the ER exit doors, rubbing her hair and making noises that represents her annoyance. I can’t believe this shit! I’m gonna call her back and speak to her myself about this nonsense.  This is utter bullshit!  I’ll talk to you later Shelly.  I’m gonna handle this with her myself.  Without warning to Shelly, she hangs up the phone.  Leaving Shelly hanging on the other line wondering what the hell just happened.  However, just before Dawn could get her phone call with Deputy Blue, she receives another call almost immediately after speaking to Shelly.

DAWN PERRY: Answers the phone to speak to her mother. Hi mom!

DAWN’S MOTHER: Hi, honey. I’m calling to let you know that Troy (her youngest son) has fallen ill.  I’m going to go to the school to pick him up now, and take him to the doctor’s office.

DAWN PERRY: What’s wrong with him, mom?

DAWN’S MOTHER: Apparently he’s been vomiting very violently, scarring other children and some of the staff. With all the diseases going around lately, I told them I would come and pick him up, after they called and told me what happened. 

DAWN PERRY: Oh my God. Okay, you go to the school and pick him up.  I’ll meet you at the doctor’s office when I get there.  I just have to take care of something real quick.  Don’t leave until I get there, okay? 

DAWN’S MOTHER: Okay. How are things there?

DAWN PERRY: Vincent is doing okay. He’s getting better, it seems, and should be able to release within the next few days.  Of course, it all depends on what he shows and how he does.

DAWN’S MOTHER: What are you thinking, dear? You know exactly what I mean, too.

DAWN PERRY: Takes a long pause and sighs out loud. I don’t know exactly, mom. It’s hard enough to think about what to do here, and think about what the kids will see and feel about this whole thing.

DAWN’S MOTHER: You need to remember dear that he brought this upon himself. I’m not at all wishing illness or anything like that for him, even though I can’t stand the guy, but he needs to live with his actions.  Don’t start feeling sorry for him and what happened.  Make a decision on what is right, not what you feel and afraid of.

DAWN PERRY: Mom has spoken, I see. Chuckles. Well, you take care of that and I will see you two later. Okay?  Love you mom!

DAWN’S MOTHER: Love you dear! See you in a little bit.

As Dawn steps outside of the hospital, towards the parking lot, she begins to dial Deputy Blue’s phone number. Looking to leave her a voice message, it kind of surprises Dawn that Roxie picks up the phone to answer.

ROXIE BLUE: Good morning/afternoon. This is Deputy Roxie Blue of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office.  How can I help you?

DAWN PERRY: Begins speaking on the phone with an angry tone of voice. Why are you calling my friends about something they have nothing to do with?

ROXIE BLUE: Shocked at how the conversation started, she responds in kind. Listen, I don’t know who the hell this is on the phone, but you called me. Not the other way around.  If you could give me your name and state your business, maybe I can help you.

DAWN PERRY: It’s Dawn Perry! My husband is Vincent.  He’s laid up in the hospital right now recovering from these mysterious injuries.  You should know because you found him.

ROXIE BLUE: Ohh, yeah I know who this now. Mighty rude of you to just call me at the station and start the conversation off with anger tones.

DAWN PERRY: Listen, just leave my friends out of this. They don’t know who did this, what happened or anything about my marriage, okay?

ROXIE BLUE: Well, Mrs. Perry, I’m just investigating of what happened to your husband. We subpoenaed your phone records, as part of our investigation, and saw the Shelly Summers was the last person you spoke to before your husband was found, near dead in the master bedroom. 

DAWN PERRY: You need to call anyone else?

ROXIE BLUE: Right now we have reasons to believe that you and your husband were having serious enough issues to think that you may know who did this to him.

DAWN PERRY: Am I a suspect in this case?! With a very shocking respond.

ROXIE BLUE: You are definitely a person of interest, however, we have no evidence or reasons of that nature to say you are a suspect in this case. I would ask you to stay in the area until this investigation is solved or stopped cold.

DAWN PERRY: Such bullshit! You can think of me whatever you want, but I tell you now that none of my friends are capable of this!  I’ve been cooperative so far with your investigation!  Don’t start smearing my name through the mud just for your pleasure.

ROXIE BLUE: Mrs. Perry….hears a dial tone in her ear. Roxie sits there trying to figure out what the hell just happened.  The other detective working on the case with her, notices her demeanor and checks on her.  When Roxie repeats the conversation to him, in summary form, he shows a weird, confused expression as to think of Dawn’s malfunction and defense of Shelly.  It was then that looking deeper in Shelly’s and Dawn’s background was authorized for more clues and possible information to be used later.

[Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]

This day has been a very long day for Shelly, but being a trooper that she is, she was able to push through it. She couldn’t wait until the end of the day though, and the sight of the shadow figure was still fresh in her mind.  Although she is thankful no one saw the mysterious figure, she was still disturbed that the DUI suspect was readmitted into the ER and is now clinging to life.  When walked out of the hospital doors to proceed to her car, she grabbed her keys out of her purse, unlocked the car and sat in the driver seat.  Shelly immediately took in a deep breath and slowly let it flow out of her lungs through her nose.  This point she put the key into the ignition and attempted to turn it on, but nothing happened.  Attempted a second time to turn the car on and still nothing happened, but she also noticed no lights on her instrument panel shined too.  Of course, this started to frustrate her and she began to feel her blood boil inside as she attempted a third and fourth time with no success.  She closed her eyes and took in another deep breath to calm her nerves so she could think of what to do next.  As she sat there and went to reach for the door handle to step out of the car, the door seemed jammed.  A shocking sensation started to fill her veins and then immediately after it turned to her starting feel scared since she couldn’t get out of the car.

Several attempts to unlock her car door and get out was wearing her down, as she started to scream out to anyone to help her, but no one was around. Shelly really started to freak out and began banging on her car window in almost an attempt to break it.  Tears began to run down her face as she thought she was trapped in her own car, and the inside temperature began to rise to uncomfortable levels.  The next thing she knew as she reached for the tissue box on her passenger seat and wiped her eyes, and blew her nose, she looked at the used tissue and saw bright red blood.  Shelly just froze in place as her eyes got big, not believing in what she is seeing, but once she looked in the rear view mirror, and her horror was true to her sight.  She could see blood stains on her face, and blood covered tears flowing from her eyes as she frantically used more and more tissues to clean her face.  Trying to stay calm became an impossible task as she began to frantically cry and scream inside the car for this day to end.  With her eyes closed, she leaned her head forward, while gripping the steering wheel, and felt herself hyperventilating, which she knew would activate her asthma if she didn’t get things under control.

Shelly raised her head back up and glanced back in her rear view mirror, and was absolutely scared to death when she saw a figure in her backseat, with glaring red eyes and blacker than black hair. Her scream just filled the car as the windows began to fog up from the interior temperature continuing to rise, which started to activate her asthma in the very worse way.  Screaming out, “LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??!” as she turned around to face the mysterious figure, which immediately disappeared not to be seen back there.  Taking in a deep breath once again from the shock of how quickly the figure disappeared, she quickly turned around and saw that her windows were no longer fogged up and the temperature inside the car quickly dissipated.  Her reaction was to jump out of the car, which was very successful when the driver’s side door opened up.  After she flung the door open and jumped out, backing away from the car, she started to wipe her face and saw no more blood; just plain watery tears as they should be.  Glancing around her to make sure that no one was seeing this situation unfold, and seeing the mysterious figure, she began to slowly relax and calm herself down completely.

One visitor that was parked next to her, came up behind her to see if she was okay, touched her on the shoulder, which made her flinch and almost jump out of her skin. Her reaction scared the visitor, who also jumped back with his hands up to protect himself, and show her that he meant no harm to her.  When she was able to see what he was trying to do, she quickly apologized and told the visitor that she is going to be okay, and quickly thanked him for his concern.  As the visitor walked away to his car, she slowly walked back towards her car as if she was expecting for something else to happen.  Shelly cautiously got back in her car, checked her rearview mirror and snapped her head towards the backseat quickly to make sure nothing was back there, and saw no one or anything.  Feeling somewhat relieved, she turned back around and reached for the key in the ignition, and started the car.  Never in a long time was hearing her car turn on such a relief, but she also knew that what she is experiencing is not normal.  During her motion to pull the car out of the parking space, Shelly knew one person she could reach out to for help.

Making her way to the Covens Church sermon, she knew she had to reach out to this person immediately, to have her explain things in clear cut detail. Once Shelly arrived at the location of their weekly Wicca meeting, she entered through the side door of the building and saw two women standing there, to welcome her.  They asked for a way to identify herself that she belongs to that section, which made Shelly produce the scroll that was tattooed on her right breast.  After they were satisfied to her identification, they allowed her to enter through another set of double doors, which led to the actual sermon room.  With the room very dark, and just lit up with candles on the wall, and walkway, enough so you can see where you are going, she could see the woman she needed to speak too.  Making her way up to the front row seats, and sitting in the aisle seat, her eyes gazed right at the speaker, who was quoting one scripture from an old passage that was written hundreds of years ago, in southern England.  This nearly mesmerized Shelly and almost miss the woman she needed to speak too, who got up out of her seat and walked through the heavy curtains hanging up behind her.

Obviously, this made Shelly break gaze at the speaker, watch the woman walk through the curtains and disappear behind them. Shelly slowly got up, trying not to disturb the low-lit sermon going on, and make her way towards a door that leads to the rear of the building.  With no one standing by the access door, she was able to walkthrough it and started down this long hallway in searching for the woman.  After only a few minutes of searching, Shelly saw the woman standing in the hallway speaking to another high ranking member of the Covens Church.  Shelly slowly made her way down the hallway to the two women speaking, which she accidently interrupted when they both stopped talking to each other, and glanced at Shelly.  The woman that Shelly was seeking, turned back around to the other lady and motioned that they will speak at a later time.  Shelly started speaking to her knowing she was violating one of the rules of church.

SHELLY SUMMERS: Hi. I’m Shelly Summers and I need your immediate help, my lady.

RUBY REDD: I know who you are Ms. Summers. You know you shouldn’t be back here unless otherwise given permission to do so.  I advise you to go back out to the sermon and proceed with the proper procedures in seeking council.

SHELLY SUMMERS: My lady, I would do that, but your assistance and advice is of most importance. Immediate attention I must add.

RUBY REDD: Nothing of your matters are of that importance that you would surely defy the sanctity of the covens. We have rules and personal morals that we must follow and abide by those in order to live within the realm of becoming eternally grateful to our gods.  Now, I will not tell you again.  Leave.

SHELLY SUMMERS: Watching Rudy walk away from her as she kept talking. My lady, this is something that I can’t wait for permission from the Coven Council. I need help now!  I’m being tormented by a shadow figure!  I nearly died today!

RUBY REDD: The shouting of Shelly’s words made her stop immediately and turn back around. Walking slowly back towards Shelly and stopping just far enough for her to speak in a normal voice.  What are you talking about? No one has experienced the torment of the shadow figure in centuries, which is known to be the devil himself in some cases.  You mustn’t have come here!  The attachment of such entity can only bring death and destruction to you, let alone to others that are close to you, around you.  Now, I know you must leave here at once and not come back until this thing is gone.

SHELLY SUMMERS: This shadow figure came about at work, and was displayed to me when I self-tranced myself in the bathroom. I….

RUBY REDD: Wait! Hypnotizing oneself is one of those thing that you should never do.  Doing such a thing creates a negative energy within yourself and can only be expressed in one of two ways.

SHELLY SUMMERS: What do you mean?

RUBY REDD: You either destroy oneself, death of one’s soul, death of your physical well-being; and the other is releasing the unforgivenss part of your inner soul and those emotions and thoughts becoming real and life-like. When you self-tranced yourself, you must’ve been having harsh feelings towards a situation in your life that you never got over.  How long has this been going on?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Maybe only 24 hours. One person is clinging to life and I nearly died in my car today, before coming here. 

RUBY REDD: Explain.

SHELLY SUMMERS: I was in my car crying from the kind of day I had, saw blood flowing from my tears and nose. Then, I saw some figure in my backseat with bright red eyes and extremely black hair.  I screamed and turned around and everything was fine.

RUBY REDD: Do you know what you’ve done, Ms. Summers?

SHELLY SUMMERS: No. That’s why I am here. 

RUBY REDD: You’ve just released one of Hades soldiers of the underworld. For you seeing what you saw today, and experienced a near death experience, means the force is evolving very quickly.  One of our greatest and most prominent women of the Wicca faith stepped out of her marriage, and reproduced with a man of the underworld some centuries ago.  Although she was punished for her actions and thrown into the pits of the deepest hell, other witches stood up and fought a war to sustain their civilization to what we know today.  Even though Hades was defeated, he always held the most hatred towards others practicing the faith that so once defeated him to the underworld for eternity.  The last thing he claimed was a vengeance against us all that oppose him, but no one ever knew how he would accomplish this feat.  I only know that you released one of his soldiers because what you describe it what our ancestors dealt with during our struggle to survive in a world that sees us as the evil arm of Satan.  You put us all in danger.  This entity could be alone, or something that could be the start of something much bigger and could destroy the world we very much live in. 

SHELLY SUMMERS: How do we stop this thing from getting any bigger and more dangerous?

RUBY REDD: There is nothing that can be done to help this situation, Ms. Summers. You’ve brought this upon yourself and must deal with it the best way you know how as such.

SHELLY SUMMERS: What?! You just said that I might have brought all of us in danger.  Everyone around me could die because of this entity being released, which wasn’t on purpose.  If you don’t want to suffer and die like our ancestors did back in the dark world then, I need your help in our bright world now. 

RUBY REDD: I need to share something with you, Ms. Summers. Wait for me in the sermon hall after the events tonight, and I will escort you to a place that is not visited very much.  There we could find something that might be of help for this situation.  Can you wait tonight?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Yeah. I’ll be here.  Turns around and heads back out towards the sermon hall.

RUBY REDD: Watches Shelly exit through the door back out to the sermon hall when she is approached by another high ranking woman from behind. We have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Immediately, after tonight’s ceremony we need to get the sacrifice chambers ready. 

WICCA WOMAN: Who or what are we sacrificing?

RUBY REDD: Turns around and looks at the woman in her eyes before walking off past her. One of our own.

[Miles into the Russian Territory]

After arriving at the prison camp, where Aya discovers later that other prisoners are being held there by the Russian government. Aya hangs underneath the transport truck for at another hour or two, until darkness, and slowly lowers herself to the ground.  When she finally releases her grip from the undercarriage of the truck, the tightness of her muscles nearly overcomes her as she crosses her arms, across her chest, grimacing in pain.  It only takes a few minutes for the tightness and pain to release from her arms before she is able to slowly maneuver herself from under the transport vehicle.  Rolling on the ground, exposing herself to the unknown dangers, she gets up on one knee and quickly looks around to see if anyone is around to spot her.  Once the coast is clear, Aya starts creeping in and around the parked military trucks looking and listening where they took Daniel for safekeeping.  It would take Aya nearly several minutes, through open fields and heavy thick brush before coming to a site where other political prisoners are being held.

Majority of the political prisoners are being held inside small wooden and metal cages with barely enough room to stand up and stretch their limbs. While moving through the set of brushes, and under the cover of darkness, she could see a camp fire going with several Russian soldiers sitting, laughing and walking around doing what they do.  Also from her vantage view, looking across the encamped soldiers, see other prisoners caged in the wooden and metal containers, but not sure whether Daniel is being kept there or not.  Aya continues to creep around the outer perimeter of the first encampment and discovers a trip wire that is to set off numerous flares into the sky of any intruders around.  At this point she realizes that this rescue mission maybe more than what she bargained for, but leaving her partner behind in this prison camp would almost spell out certain death sentence.  Slowly stepping over one trip wire, and then another, her heartbeat is in her throat and her breathing becomes labored, but her concentration is very sharp and heighten.

Obviously, the new found traps to trip up any untrained intruder slows her down, but knowing that she has to figure out a way to break Daniel out is a challenge to her, and she loves it. After going all the way around the outer perimeter of the first encampment, she sneaks and stays low among the prisoners caged, and crawls to see if Daniel is in one of the animal cages.  While crawling through dirt and weeds, she slides by one of the cages and catches the attention of one of the political prisoners, who makes a noise to be noticed by Aya.  This stops Aya in her crawling, and catches the attention of one of the Russian soldiers nearby sitting on a rock, smoking a cigarette.  Now her nervousness has turned to being scared of being discovered and almost killed on the spot.  Hiding behind some very tall weeds and grass, Aya can see the Russian soldier, approximately just a few feet away looking around and looking at the prisoner who made the noise.  The prisoner kept making a noise for Aya to see him, but she never moved to even look back at him as her attention was at the Russian solider just feet in front of her.  After a few minutes of the prisoner making the initial noise, and waking up another prisoner nearby, the Russian soldier stood up, tossed his cigarette and started speaking in Russian towards the prisoners to be quiet.

As she stepped just inches from Aya, in the tall grass, she makes the impulse decision to remove her knife from her boot. At the point the Russian soldier saw movement beneath him in the grass and glanced down to see what was causing the grass to move with very little wind, and spotted a dark object lying still underneath him.  With no moonlight shining down from the dark, cloudy sky, he had to get on his knees to get a closer look at what he was seeing, but by then Aya jammed the knife deep into throat to keep the soldier from screaming out.  Blood flowed down the blade of the knife, on to the handle, and upon her aggressive hand as she kept the knife in position until she saw the life completely leave the body of the Russian soldier.  Aya lowered his lifeless body to the ground, still on her side in the grass, and yanks the knife out of his throat, wiping the blood off using her pant leg.  Knowing that it will only be a matter of time before the others spot their comrade missing, she starts to whisper to the awoken prisoners in Russian of where they took the new prisoner.  Through speaking Russian to the prisoners she got the information she needed and promised them that she will be back for them if she can.  Aya then quickly crawls through the tall grass and weeds to the second encampment.

Knowing that time is of the essence, she sprints the mile up a dirt road to the second camp, which is more sophisticated than the first one. Once she got down the dirt road, and glanced behind her to see if anyone was coming, she dives in the brushes and crawls up the wooden and barbed wire fence.  Looking through the fence she could see where most of the firepower was in protecting the prisoners and whatever else of importance they had there.  Quickly looking around from her vantage point, she could see there was another part of the camp that she couldn’t see clearly.  Aya glances back again to see if anyone was coming, and saw headlights from a transport truck coming down the dirt road.  Not knowing whether this is another prisoner being transported, a security alert to the missing soldier or something else entirely, she quickly jumps back into the woods.  As the transport truck pulls up, she sees that it is only one driver and no one in the back, which led her to believe that they might be coming to pick up one or more prisoners.  While the truck sits at the gate, and the guard is engaged in a conversation with the driver, Aya sees her small window of opportunity to sneak on the back of the truck without being seen.

Aya lies herself down on her back behind the tailgate, with the canvass top of the truck also concealing her as well. She feels the truck proceeding through the gate and through the camp site, where she slowly pokes her head up over the tailgate to see what is there and the obstacles.  Several minutes later, the trucks pulls up to another building and suddenly stops, where the driver jumps out and walks by the rear of the truck and up the steps.  A few seconds later the door of the building opens and out comes Daniel blindfolded and bound hands behind his back, with three other soldiers, heavily armed, escorting him out and towards the rear of the truck.  Her time to spring into action has now presented itself to her, whether she was ready for it or not.  Once the tailgate dropped, the driver saw Aya lying on her side smiling at him, which was just enough to freeze his reacting in reaching for his sidearm and enough for her to deliver a hard kick to the face.  The other three soldiers saw Aya and started yelling in Russian, but by then she was on top of them, with Daniel being knocked down to the ground face first.

Her knife went into the first soldier’s throat, dropped kicked the second one in the face, knocking him to the ground and kicking the third soldier in the knee, dropping him immediately. Aya removed the knife from the first soldier’s throat, sliced the second soldier’s throat when he stood up and dropped her knee into the third soldier’s stomach and jammed the knife into his chest, penetrating his heart.  Immediately, she removed her knife, picked up Daniel and tossed him the back of the truck, along with her knife to free himself.  It took Daniel a few minutes to discover that it was Aya risking her life to save him from the clutches of the Red Army’s grip.  Aya jumped into the driver seat and began driving the truck back towards the main gate, risking the major onslaught from the encampment’s security measures.  While driving down the road, and entering the main part of the camp, one of the Russian soldiers recognize that it wasn’t one of their own driving the truck and opened fire.  Within a matter of a seconds, it seemed like the entire camp unleashed their firepower on the transport truck, which was obviously not built to withstand that kind of punishment.  As the rounds penetrate through the canvass backing of the truck, the windshield, the doors and engine block, Aya is wounded in the left thigh by one round coming through the driver side door.

Daniel is on the floor in the rear of the transport truck ducking rounds just a few inches from his head. He yells to her, “GET US THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!” and with sarcasm she yells back, “I WASN’T SURE IF YOU WANTED TO STAY!” which makes him respond, “OH YEAH!  PLEASE TAKE ME BACK SO I CAN FACE MORE TORTURE! HEARING HOW THEY WERE GOING TO PUT ME TO DEATH WAS LIKE MY MOTHER READING A NIGHTIME STORY!”  The closer she got to the main gate, the heavier the firepower it seemed, but with only the gate in the way at first, it was now being blocked by a truck with two soldiers standing on the back of it firing directly into the windshield.  Aya yells back at Daniel, “HOLD ON!  YOU MIGHT FEEL A LITTLE BUMP!”  And ducks on the floor of the cabin and pushes down on the accelerator.  By the time the soldiers saw that she wasn’t stopping it, their smaller truck was hit and destroyed by the transport truck, killing the driver and the two soldiers.  Immediately, after busting through the barricade, she sat back up and sped down the dirt road she once ran up to get to the camp.  The other soldiers at the first encampment heard what was going on and stood in the roadway, as a human roadblock.

They soon opened fire on the truck, but was also unsuccessful when she ran them all over causing human speedbumps. With things in the area way too hot, Aya had to bypass the first camp and leave the prisoners there, in hoping to come back to them later.  Leaving them made her feel so bad, as she broke her promise, but to make it right she would risk herself once again to save them from pure death and torture.  First she must take Daniel and herself to a safe house in the countryside and discover what is the next move.


MARCH 27, 2016 – CHAPTER 7


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter V

[Ukrainian-Russian Border]

Aya Silverman, who was able to escape her pursuers, is now on a mission to save her American partner, Daniel Storm, who is now on the verge of being transported to the Russian-Ukrainian border. Although there are several entry-exit points across the border, only a handful of roads heavily travelled actually are used.  This obviously is a challenge for Aya, but with her resourceful mind and capabilities in knowing how to conversate with villagers, she was able to discover that one of the only dirt roads that is mostly covered by brush and century old trees is the path that will be taken by the Ukrainians.  With this information, Aya makes her way through the countryside, but knows she has to encounter mud paths, streams and possibly sympathetic villagers of the Russian cause.  The closer she got to the eastern border, she found that it was more and more challenging to sneak by with Russian Rebels patrolling just miles from the checkpoint.  Some of the rebels are in Old Russian uniforms and others are dressed as villagers, but regardless of their outer appearance, carrying automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades was a very intimidating site.

Then minutes after she arrived at a very thick brush where she could see the border checkpoint, which is approximately 100 yards, she feels the ground underneath her feet rumbling. She holds her breath for a few seconds to make sense of the feeling and hears the heavy engines and huge tires coming down the dirt road, which is only a few feet from her right.  Aya gets herself lower to the ground, in the prone position, and waits for the trucks to pass her by.  It was about the third truck, out of about five troop carriers, that she was able to see Daniel bounded in the back, surrounded by heavily armed soldiers.  Her staring at him didn’t make him notice her hiding in the brush, but she knew trying to rescue with in this situation would either get her and Daniel killed, or she would become another prize capture for the forces.  Now, her thinking switches to the potential of hitching a ride with the captures, but doing so and not get noticed would be asinine.  Several seconds past as the trucks get closer to the border, but to her satisfying sight they stop before the gate was lifted to allow them to proceed across.  This was the time she needed to create a diversion to sneak underneath one of the transport trucks.

As she lies there still in the prone trying to figure out her diversion, she just remembers that she had matches and an accelerant tucked in her boots. Aya gathers her materials from inside her boots and crawls closer going very slowly until she is about 50 yards away from the guard shack.  Just as she was about to set a brush fire, one of the rebels come walking by her and stops within a couple of feet from her location.  Not sure if she has been spotted, Aya keeps her head down and lies very still while slowly using her right hand to uncover her knife from her inside the belt.  It felt like an eternity moment as the rebel stood there smoking his cigarette.  All kinds of possibilities are running through her mind if she gets caught, and what she will need to do fight out of this situation.  Then suddenly, she glances up and notices that the rebel was done with his cigarette and was about to toss it, but her fear that he would drop it on her, which would undoubtedly cause her severe pain.  As another rebel calls him over, he drops the partially lit cigarette by her head close enough that she could feel the heat and smoke still bellowing from it.  Aya waits for a few steps away from her when she quickly goes into action and using the partially lit cigarette to her advantage.

Once she started the fire, which began as a smolder, she quickly crawled away to another set of heavy brush, which was just a few feet away from where she set the fire. Quicker than she realized the smoke got heavier and heavier and then a flame started to quickly consume the brush she was just hiding in.  Lying there anxious if this would work and not burn herself, she began to hear Ukrainian and Russian voices yelling at each other.  Knowing Russian and some Ukrainian dialect, she knows they are pointing in her direction about the fire and what to do about it.  Aya starts to realize that when they start running over to her position, she needs to move immediately.  From her prone position she could see the troops in the back of the carrier jumping out to squelch the brush fire, which is now starting to grow tremendously.  When she figured the coast was clear she got to her feet, keeping her head down, and started sprinting towards the last troop carrier and slid underneath.  After she got underneath the truck, Aya secured herself to the bottom of the truck and just waits for everything to calm down.  She dips her head down, and while viewing everything upside down, she could see that they are blaming the rebel who was smoking causing the fire.  After several minutes of fighting the brush fire, and everything calms down, all the troops board back on the carriers and are finally cleared to cross the border.  Unknown how long she will be hiding underneath the truck being hit with rocks and dirt from the gravel road at high speeds, she gets it in her mind to hold on for dear life.

[Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]

This Black Shadow Figure that Shelly has now seen roaming the hospital, at least in the emergency room area, is really unsettling to her soul. Shelly could not have seen this coming at any point in her moral compass, and now her nerves are even more on edge not knowing what will take place in the coming minutes, days or even hours.  As she realizes what just happened, and quickly sees that no one else experienced what she just witnessed.  It must’ve been at least several minutes before she left the part of the floor she was standing in for a while before heading back to her patient, Christine Jones.  When she rounded the corner, she saw a city policeman leaving her room and heading towards the suspect’s room, where another officer was waiting for his partner to return.  Shelly is somewhat shocked about this development and walks into Christine’s room to see her sitting up on the edge of the bed, trying to gather her strength to use the bathroom.  Christine is relieved to see her nurse come walking in and gives a nice smile as to show that relief.  Soon, Shelly was helping Christine down the hall towards the patient bathroom when both noticed that the DUI suspect was being released into police custody; still bandaged up, but able to walk on his own power.  This sight was somewhat enraging to Shelly as she never got her inner emotions settled on this scumbag of a human.

Just as she guided Christine into the bathroom, she felt the cold breeze of air go through her body, which made her let go of Christine’s arm. Christine, who was trying to pull up her gown before she sat on the toilet, lost her balance and caught herself by grabbing hold of the sink.  For a brief second Shelly forgot about where she was and who she was helping, and got jolted back to reality when she heard the cries of Christine trying to keep from falling completely to the floor.  Shelly nearly yelled out, “OH MY GOD!!” when she saw Christine struggling to hold herself up and rushed into the bathroom apologizing repeatedly.  It was a warm sensation that came over her heart when Christine quickly forgave her for letting her go, as she understood why her concentration was broken.  Shelly made it up to her later by giving her more medication for her injuries to her ribs, lower right leg and a partial head injury, which were results of the accident.  Once Christine was put back into her room, Shelly heard the commotion of people running outside the emergency room ambulance doors.  She told Christine to hold on and she will be right back after she figures out what is happening.  Well, it was clear to her what happened when she finally made it outside and saw the DUI suspect on his back bleeding heavily from his eyes and ears, seizing violently.  Although her emotions wanted to see him suffer for what he did to her best friend, and now to another innocent person, her duty over-took those inner settings and allowed her to help the suspect.

Several minutes later the suspect was wheeled back into the emergency room for lifesaving measures. Shelly followed them as far as the operation room doors before they closed in front of her and watched them through the small crack trying to save his life.  The way she was feeling prior towards this guy would make you believe that she would feel vindicated about what is occurring, but her sensitive side, the loving personality of her soul is now starting to come to the surface.  Her eyes nearly teared up for this guy as he was struggling for his life, but she knew she would feel much better to see him face justice in the courts.  Now, she must wait to see how this unfortunate circumstance will play out for her and for the suspect.  As she slowly makes her way back to Christine’s room, rubbing her face with both hands, she undoubtedly sees the shadow figure once again standing at the entrance of her patient’s room.  Shelly immediately stops in her tracks and her heart begins to flutter with overwhelming nervousness and fear of what will happen next being near Christine’s curtain.  Christine is unaware of what lurks outside her room, but will be scared shitless of what happens next.  As Shelly continues to stare at this shadow figure lurking outside Christine’s room, her rage and anger begins to show as she knows it is responsible for what just occurred in the OR.

Shelly suddenly yells at the shadow figure to get away from her room, but she quickly forgot that she is the only person that can see the anomaly. Everyone in the ER suddenly stops doing their work to see who she was yelling at and in front of what room.  Suddenly, the shadow figure darted quickly into Christine’s room, with the curtains flapping like it was a solid figure that entered.  All of Shelly’s inner being was displayed when she darted towards Christine’s room as if she heard the gunshots for the 100M race, which she did run in college.  However, the moment was very embarrassing to her when she rushed into Christine’s room to only see that it was Christine sitting up in her bed in complete shock.  Everyone was very alarmed of how Shelly was acting and how she darted into her patient’s room, which made two other nurses follow in behind her.  Even though it took several minutes before security arrived, all the people inside the room just stared at Shelly in silence as she gave the thousand yard stare, with wide eyes.  One of the ER doctor’s entered the room and broke the silence by calling out to Shelly to find out what the hell is going on.  Christine kept starting at Shelly and made a comment towards the doctor that she looks like she saw a ghost or something that frightened her.  This really scared Shelly, feeling all the eyes in the room on her, and making eye contact with the doctor, who is motioning to her to go outside in the hallway.  As everyone leaves her room, Christine still sitting up in her bed staring at the curtain that lightly sways back and forth, has seen that look in someone’s eyes before, and is very curious of what Shelly actually saw.

One of the nurses escort Shelly to the break-room so she could rest and take a break from everything. Soon after the nurse left, Shelly heard and felt her personal cell phone ring in her scrub pants pocket.  Trying to figure out who is calling her, she looks at the number on the screen and doesn’t recognize it at all, but answers anyway.

SHELLY: Hello?

DEPUTY BLUE: Hello. Is this Shelly Summers?

SHELLY: Yes. May I ask who this is?

DEPUTY BLUE: Deputy Blue of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office.

SHELLY: Oh, hi deputy. How can I help you?

DEPUTY BLUE: Do you know Dawn Perry?

SHELLY: Yes, I do her. What is this about?

DEPUTY BLUE: Her husband was violently attacked at his house couple of nights ago. We see that Dawn spoke to you last on the night of the attack.  I would like to speak to you about that.

Shelly knows exactly what happened to Vincent, although she may not know his exact injuries. Silence falls on the phone as she struggles to find the next words to not give any suspicion.

[Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]

Even with the love lost between Dawn and Vincent ever present in their marriage, her care for his well-being is still current and shows as she stays by his side at the hospital while he recovers from his injuries. Dawn is still unaware that his condition was caused by the spells of Shelly, which being a Wicca is also unknown to Dawn’s knowledge.  While Vincent is sleeping from the very strong medication they gave him for the pain and discomfort, Dawn steps outside in the hospital parking lot to make her phone call to the attorney in Birmingham, Vermont.  Dawn waited on the phone, as it rang over and over again for only a few seconds, before someone answered.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Good afternoon! Birmingham County Clerk’s Office. This is Suzie Williams.  How can I help you?

DAWN PERRY: Hi, this is Dawn Perry. I’m looking for William Georgia.  He called me a couple of days ago and left me a message to call him back.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Oh, hi Ms. Perry. We’ve been expecting your call.  Mr. Georgia is not in right now, but if you would like to leave a message for him, I will surely give it to him.

DAWN PERRY: Well, I was hoping when I can schedule an interview with you, so I can see if this move is right for me at this point.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Sure. Our calendar is very full right now, and I may have Mr. Georgia call you back with a better time frame.  From my guess it looks like you could have an interview later this month.  Will that be okay with you?

DAWN PERRY: That will be just fine. Whom am I speaking with again?

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Suzie Williams. I’m an attorney here at the courthouse in Birmingham County.  Anyone getting hired for this position will be working closely with me. 

DAWN PERRY: Oh okay. Yeah, if you could give my message to Mr. Georgia that I called, I would be greatly appreciative.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Sure, no problem. I’ll give it to him and have him call you when he gets the chance.  Alright?

DAWN PERRY: Thank you so much. You have a bless day.

SUZIE WILLIAMS: Thank you! You have a great day too!

Almost immediately after Dawn’s conversation with Suzie was completed, she receives a phone call from her best friend Shelly.



DAWN PERRY: Yes, Shelly.

SHELLY SUMMERS: I got a call from a Deputy Blue of the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office, about Vincent.

DAWN PERRY: What? When?

SHELLY SUMMERS: Just a few minutes ago. They were asking me questions about your relationship with him, what kind of person you are and did I know any animosity that was placed against him.  The phone interview went on for about ten minutes or so.

DAWN PERRY: What purpose would she have calling you? How did they get your number? In an agitated voice of the situation.

SHELLY SUMMERS: According to her I was the last person you spoke to before Vincent was found near death in your house. I can only guess they subpoena your phone records and found out the time line that way.

DAWN PERRY: This is utter bullshit! Going after my closes friends for information about this case?!  Oh, I thank you for telling me that Shelly.  I’m gonna talk to her once we’re done here.

SHELLY SUMMERS: Paused for a brief moment before continuing to speak, changing the subject. How is Vincent doing anyway?

DAWN PERRY: He’s recovering from his injuries pretty well. He will probably be released sometime in a few days.  Probably by this coming weekend.

SHELLY SUMMERS: Good. How are you holding up?

DAWN PERRY: I’m kind of having an emotional rollercoaster ride right now. I called for that position in Birmingham County, Vermont just several minutes ago. 

SHELLY SUMMERS: You going to go forward with this new job? What about the kids, Dawn?

DAWN PERRY: That’s my real focus at this point, Shelly. The kids are my main focus out of all this.  I know things between him and I are not the greatest, but I can’t believe he would actually bring another woman into my home, my house, where the kids live. 

SHELLY SUMMERS: Who was she?

DAWN PERRY: I don’t have a damn clue. Some blonde bitch!  What does it matter anyway?  He’s obviously shown me what he wants to do and how he wants things to go.

SHELLY SUMMERS: I’m curious then of why you are there with him at the hospital?

DAWN PERRY: I honestly don’t know. Maybe some small part of me still loves him, but he is the father of our kids so I owe it to them to make sure their father is doing okay.  Regardless of our situation.  I still care for him though and don’t want to see him suffering like this.  I don’t know who did this to him, but whether they knew about him and I or not, he still didn’t deserve this kind of horrible treatment.

SHELLY SUMMERS: She sits quite on the phone and closes her eyes know she is responsible for Vincent’s condition, but still keeps it to herself. I’m sorry, again, Dawn about everything you are going through right now. I’m here for you if you need someone to talk too. 

DAWN PERRY: Thanks Shelly. I’m gonna go now, but I will keep you updated on how things are here.  Speak to you later.  Love you!

SHELLY SUMMERS: Love you dear!

[Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C.]

Local authorities are now on scene of the shooting of Minister Cure, investigating and interviewing witnesses. As they are processing the enormous crime scene, police are also at the hospital interviewing the minister of what happened, and to share some updated information not pertaining to the case.  After the police are cleared by the medical staff to speak to Khalid, they enter his room and see him sitting on the bed, obviously in pain from the shooting just a couple of hours earlier.

DETECTIVE #1: Afternoon, Khalid. I’m Detective Franklin and this is Detective Whitney.  We’re from the state police and would like to speak to you about what occurred just a couple of hours ago on the interstate.

MINISTER CURE: Yes detectives, people tried to assassinate me in plain view of the public. They tried to humiliate me and show the world of my death, like this was some kind of sick fantasy. 

DETECTIVE #1: What do you remember?

MINISTER CURE: Loud noise of glass shattering and rounds ricocheting off the interior of the car. Men trying to protect me, gave their own lives to make sure I didn’t face the same fate as they did.  I just remember talking to one of the young men when a vehicle next to us opened fire.

DETECTIVE #2: Do you have any idea who could have plotted the assassination?

MINISTER CURE: Go around the country, around the world, and you will probably find all kinds of people from every culture and walk of life that would like to see me six feet under, but directly threatening my life is something I know nothing about.

DETECTIVE #2: You have received threats from numerous people, and even some extremists groups. You have no information of who might want to be bold enough to want you dead?

MINISTER CURE: No detective. I have no information for you on that note.  Sorry to disappoint you.

DETECTIVE #1: You have a rally coming up in D.C. correct?

MINISTER CURE: Yes. To celebrate the lives of all the young black men and women trying to do good in this evil world, who are overshadowed by the horrible deeds of men and women of the same race, which is leaving an unfair judgment upon black people.  You should attend and see that we personally do not resort and accept violence in our culture.

DETECTIVE #2: Well, we would like to see that happen, except you will have to come with us to the barracks.

MINISTER CURE: Can I meet you there later? As you can see I’m trying to gather myself here and heal these wounds.  I want to show the people that I will not be broken and distracted from my main goal.

DETECTIVE #1: Unfortunately, you will have to tell the people that from court. Let’s go!

MINISTER CURE: Obviously, shocked at what he just heard what the detective said to him. What do you mean from court?

DETECTIVE #2: Khalid X. Cure, you are under arrest!

MINISTER CURE: What is this nonsense you speak to me? I’ve done nothing wrong here!  This is an injustice!  Stands up, painfully, to face the detectives.

DETECTIVE #2: We have a warrant for your arrest. For an assault case that occurred seven years ago in Boston, Massachusetts.  Attempts to place the minister in handcuffs.

MINISTER CURE: A warrant? For an assault in Boston, Massachusetts?  Wait a damn minute!  As he struggles with the detectives, who are placing him in steel bracelets. What the hell is really going on!?

The two detectives, along with two uniform police officers, escort the minister out of his room, through the ER to the rear of an awaiting police cruiser. All the while being escorted through the emergency room, he begins to shout out at the staff and other patients, which causes everyone to stop working for a minute.  Once outside, the news media begins to take pictures, with flashes blinding the detectives escorting the minister.  Reporters begin to ask questions, talking over one another, in hoping that the minister would be able to answer their questions appropriately.  With everyone outside yelling and speaking over one another, and the detectives pushing their way through the ocean of reporters and cameras, Minister Cure could be heard saying something that was not clearly caught by the microphones.  Khalid was shoved into the rear of the police cruiser, with detectives getting inside with him on both side, and speeding off to the police station for further processing and questioning.  Watching the news of the minister’s arrest on television, Naveah Lee, a federal judge, who is known throughout her colleagues as the richest judge in America, is the one that signed off on the warrant when she used to oversee cases for the state of Massachusetts.  She leans back in her rich leather couch, pleased to see the minister finally in custody.






Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter IV

[Baltimore, Maryland]

The on duty corrections officer, at the front gate of the regional facility, sees a pristine white Cadillac pulling up the long driveway being driven by a middle age black man. As the Cadillac got closer to his booth, he tried to see if anyone else was inside, but couldn’t see into the backseat.  First, the driver pulls up next to him and rolls his window down, handing him his driver’s license.  Once he answered the correctional officer’s questions, the middle age gentleman pulled a few feet so the correctional officer could see who is in the back.  The driver side rear window rolled down and a strong aroma of beautiful mixed smells came pouring out of the car at the officer.  Immediately he was given two driver’s license, both from New York, and started to examine them to make sure they were real.  The officer started to ask them questions about who they were seeing and the nature of the visit.  Mercedes answered every questioned confidently and without hesitation, which made the correctional officer feel at ease.  A radio transmission was relayed to another officer, who controlled the main access entry into the facility, and the first gate opened up.  While the car enters the property, and is motioned over to a designated spot for a vehicle search, Sapphire turns to speak to Mercedes about the visit with her brother.

SAPPHIRE CRUZ: How do you feel about seeing your brother for the first time since coming to prison?

MERCEDES JOHNSON: Strange. Weird.  Awkward. 

SAPPHIRE CRUZ: Do you think he will be pleased to see you?

MERCEDES JOHNSON: I don’t know what he might think about seeing me. I just know I need to see and speak to him about some business.

SAPPHIRE CRUZ: He may need some serious convincing to agree with your plan to expand into his territory.

MERCEDES JOHNSON: If he does I’m pretty sure you will help me with that notion.

Sapphire smiles at her boss, which was read by Mercedes as Sapphire is ready to do what is necessary to make this meeting successful. Their car pulls up at the vehicle search checkpoint and all occupants of the car are told to exit and stand to the side.  As Mercedes is standing out in the morning sun, watching the vehicle search happen, her eyes catches one of the guards starring at her.  Both of their eyes meet, and the guard standing near the front of the vehicle, begins to smile at her, looking at her up and down seductively.  Sapphire sees that her boss is looking in a particular direction and notices that one of the guards are starring at them with a clear motive of his intentions.  She looks at her boss, who glances at her without saying a word and just with that notion, Sapphire takes a few steps towards the glaring guard.  As she stands a few feet away from the guard, Sapphire removes her sunglasses so he could get a good look at her light brown eyes, which have known to make men crazy.  The guard and Sapphire lock eyes for several seconds before her gaze is interrupted by Mercedes telling her that they are cleared to proceed to the visitor parking.  Sapphire puts her sunglasses back on and slowly walks back to the rear passenger of the car.  Before getting back into the car, Sapphire looks at the guard one more time, takes her index finger and puts it in her mouth.  She slowly moves it back and forth giving the motion of what he thinks she wants to do to him.  Once back in the car, another gate opens up and allows them to proceed forward.  As the car slowly passes by the guard still standing in the same spot, Mercedes peers out the window and glances at his package.  “You better put that thing down before it gets you in trouble” she says to him while going through the gate.

The driver stays in the car as Sapphire and Mercedes enter through the front door of the facility to only see they have to get checked personally. They follow the instructions and cooperate and are allowed to finally enter the rest of the facility to visit her brother.  Mercedes and Sapphire are escorted and pointed in the direction of where the visiting room is and are forced to wait.  Several minutes later Mercedes’s brother, Rodney Cooper, comes walking through the door in his navy blue jumpsuit and shackled feet and hands.  The guard that brought him in removed his hand chains, but kept his feet shackled together for the fear of him trying to flee.  After the hand chains were removed, he rubbed his wrist as if they were on to tight and trying to get the blood flowing through them once again.  He looks at Mercedes and Sapphire before slowly walking over to the table they were at and taking a seat across from them.

RODNEY COOPER: What is this? Jewelry and rings and shit.  Looking all fancy.  Got bodyguards and whatnot.

MERCEDES JOHNSON: Hi Rodney. How are you?

RODNEY COOPER: I can handle myself in here no problem. Don’t worry about me in here.  I should be asking you the questions, you know.

MERCEDES JOHNSON: What do you want to know? How I’m doing?

RODNEY COOPER: What’s going on with you in the Big Apple? I’ve been hearing all kinds of shit happening.  Dudes that did runs for you up and down the highway are locked up with me.  Know what I’m saying?  People getting knocked off and crippled just by saying your name fucked up.  How do you explain that?

MERCEDES JOHNSON: The less you know about what I am doing, the less you have to worry about.

RODNEY COOPER: I worry about you because you are family. You’re my sister.  We are supposed to look out for each other.  Never leave each other behind and always support the other.  Remember that?  I haven’t seen or heard from you in months since being locked up in here.  How about you explain that one? 

MERCEDES JOHNSON: You mad at me Rodney? I think this communication thing is a two way street.  You haven’t heard anything from me, may be because I haven’t heard shit from you.  The day you got locked up you mentioned to me that you would reach out to me to let me know when it is okay to contact you.  The last time I checked I’m a grown woman, and a mean bitch at that.  I handle my business the way I see fit and deal with those that need to be dealt with.  However, I didn’t come here to argue with you about how I’m running my business.

RODNEY COOPER: Then what did you come here for? Reminisce about the old times?

MERCEDES JOHNSON: I actually need you for a business proposal that I have. I will make sure you reap the benefits of such opportunity.

RODNEY COOPER: What’s the word?

MERCEDES JOHNSON: I’m looking to expand my business, and I want to do it in our hometown. I also want to include you in the operations of how the business is ran.  Get you back out there sorta speak.

RODNEY COOPER: You talking about Baltimore? People here know of me and how I do things.  I don’t bring heat on myself unnecessarily by acting like the mafia out here.  Trying to run shit!

MERCEDES JOHNSON: How did you end up in here then?

RODNEY COOPER: I don’t know about this expansion you trying to do. Do you think it’s time for that to happen?  Can you support that and have the people to handle shit for you?  I’m afraid you gonna change things from how they are now.  I need to think about this.  I need time.

MERCEDES JOHNSON: How much time?

RODNEY COOPER: I don’t know. Another organization moving into my city trying to take pieces of what I’ve build and got going on.  Plus, the competition that’s around here is fierce.  That shouldn’t be a problem for you though, you’ll just start killing motherfuckers and release all kinds of heat from the law.

While Mercedes stares at her brother without saying a word, she sees that Rodney flinches and immediately sits up in his chair. He turns his attention towards Sapphire and reaches down between his legs and feels her foot lightly playing with his manhood under the table.

MERCEDES JOHNSON: See Rodney. You work with me on this opportunity, Sapphire here can be your reward.  Although she knows what is going on underneath the table, she doesn’t want to think about her brother getting aroused from a simple foot play.

SAPPHIRE CRUZ: Removes her sunglasses to reveal her light brown eyes while her foot presses a little harder. I can never disappoint. I will always keep you aroused and I will satisfy your fantasies and dreams.  Or, I can let you have fun by yourself and have a wet dream in your cell.  We would really like for you to give us your blessing to move forward.

RODNEY COOPER: Feeling himself near climax and fought the urge to be reeled in. Okay, you got it. What do you need from me?

MERCEDES JOHNSON: I’ll let you know what I need. Just be ready for me when I ask for it.


Feeling himself ready to explode in his jumpsuit, and Mercedes breaks her attention away from them two and pretends to play with her fingernails, Sapphire suddenly stops and quickly removes her foot. Oh, that sends all kinds of confusion with Rodney as he looks at Sapphire and wonders why she didn’t complete the job.  She leans forward and winks at him before putting back on her sunglasses and leaving with Mercedes out the facility.  Rodney was then placed back in hand chains and escorted back to his cell with an erection that he hoped was not seen by any guards or other prisoners.

[Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]

The same morning that Mercedes and Sapphire just ended their visit with Rodney, Shelly arrives at work looking tired and almost in a zombie like state. As she walks through the emergency room, another nurse sees her and makes a comment of her facial appearance.  Shelly breaks out a smile and a small chuckle after the comment was made.  While she walks around with a small smile on her face, she is handed a patient’s chart in one of the emergency rooms.  Taking the chart and reading it, she sees that the patient is to care for is named Christine Jones.  Reading further into the patient’s chart, and flipping the page, Shelly realizes that the reason for her hospital visit is due to a DUI accident.  After reading her injuries and what has been done to her the night before, she immediately goes to Christine’s room first and slowly swings open the privacy curtain.  Shelly introduces herself to Christine once she realizes that her patient was awake for the moment.  Unable to move her neck due to a brace, Christine responds to her new nurse in a pleasurable tone of voice.  This response brings a big smile to Shelly’s face and makes her feel that this could be a good day after all.  Once Shelly completed what she had to do in Christine’s room, she left through the privacy curtain and began to get an uneasy feeling about this DUI accident.  It took Shelly only a few seconds to discover what room the DUI suspect was in when she saw a policeman stationed outside his room.

In acting like she was covering for another nurse for a few minutes, she approached the room and spoke to the officer. After speaking to the officer, she entered through the privacy curtain and finally saw who the DUI suspect was.  Immediately, her heart began to pound and having fierce flashbacks through her mind of what happened to her best friend, who died in an accident involved with a DUI driver and that same suspect was now lying in bed in the same hospital.  The emotional rollercoaster she felt for those few minutes was so overwhelming that she left the room without saying a word to the officer or anyone else.  Her first stop was a private bathroom that was closed off to the public and patients in the hospital.  Once she entered the bathroom and closed the door, tears began to run down her face as if she was reliving the incident that her best friend was killed.  Pacing back and forth in the bathroom while her hands wildly run through her hair and flying through the air, she slams her closed fist against her thighs and lets out a hard cry for a few seconds.  Shelly then sees herself in the bathroom mirror above the sink and studies her face and eyes very closely.  As she stares into her own eyes through the mirror, her thoughts began to run into the dark side of seeking payback for losing her friend, but her heart was trying to counter-act that notion by informing her that her job and life could be lost.

Once again Shelly was faced with a dilemma of what she should do with this painful information she now knows. Then she started to debate with herself about how she could cast revenge on him like she did against Vincent, but fought with the strong urge that feeding this emotional response may backfire harshly.  In a complete trance into her own mirrored eyes, Shelly is distracted by a knock on the bathroom door.  This breaks her out of the trance and wipes her tears away from her face to keep others from knowing her emotional prison.  As she opens the door to allow someone else to use it, she notices that no one is there waiting to use the bathroom.  Shelly is baffled for a few minutes about this anomaly, but explains it to herself that may be she was hearing things during her self-trance.  While walking back to the main part of the ER, she receives this very cold breeze that appears to go through her body.  The cold breeze was so bone-chilling that it made her stop immediately.  Shelly starts to look around to see where this sudden blast of cold breeze came from, and is nearly scared of what she saw standing at the other end of the hallway.  Seeing a dark shadow figure standing at the end of the hallway, barely an outline of a human being, was very scary and shocked her body into a still figure.  Her view of this mysterious shadow figure was only there in front of her for a few seconds, before the natural blinking of her eyes, made the shadow figure disappear.  Shelly remained in the middle of the hallway, with others walking around her, overcome with fear and emotions, but did her best not to let anyone else notice.  She knew that seeing that shadowy figure meant that she may have opened some kind of Wicca portal that she was not aware of, or something was after her for whatever reason.  The moral line was now beginning to shrink for Shelly, and if not careful of her actions she could end up on the wrong side of the realm.

[Washington, D.C.]

After Minister Cure did his reconnaissance of his upcoming rally on the Mall, he and his entourage are on their way to another meeting with a community leader in the Northern Virginia area. As they ride down the interstate coming out of the city, a black Chevy Suburban with limo tint windows is travelling behind them unnoticed.  Once clearly out of the city, the Suburban slowly increases it speed to come up alongside Minister Cure’s vehicle.  Still unnoticed to his security detail, Minister Cure continues to talk to his men inside the car with him.  By the time one of the men finally noticed the Suburban next to them, one of the rear windows was rolled down halfway and a barrel of an automatic rifle was pointed at them outside the window.  When this was spotted, one of the men loudly alerted of what he saw and shoved Minister Cure to the floor of the car.  At this point, automatic fire erupted with high velocity rounds penetrating the windows and doors.  Two of the men on that side received most of the rounds into their bodies trying to protect their package.  The second vehicle in the convoy returned fire at the Suburban blowing out the back window and leaving rounds penetrating the tailgate.  Minister Cure’s driver was struck in the back and shoulder, lost control of the car and slamming it into a noise barrier tossing all the occupants around.

In an instant, the SUV pulled off at a high rate of speed and took the next exit off the highway. Other vehicles that were on the road at the time of the assassination attempt, were not hit, but some careened off the road in fear and uncertainty.  Minister Cure’s second vehicle didn’t give chase to the SUV and decided to check on the minister and other members of the security team.  What they found in the car was bullet holes, two dead security members, shattered glass, and three severely injured men, including the minister.  As they attempted to stop the bleeding from the minister’s wounds of his upper torso, emergency calls were coming into the local police of what just happened.  Police received information that the suspect vehicle was last seen taking the first exit after the shooting with severe damage to the rear window and tailgate.  Minister Cure was lying on the roadway, in and out of consciousness, being treated by his security detail while they wait for the emergency personnel to arrive.  Other witnesses attempted to offer help and to see what is happening, but the security team pushes everyone back and gives the notion that they are willing to do what it takes to protect their powerful leader.  Several minutes later emergency personnel arrived on scene, with police blocking off the roadway, gathering up witnesses and get statements.  Minister Cure was still losing blood when he was being transported to the hospital, as two officers escort the ambulance to prevent any other attacks on the black militant leader.  It didn’t take long for the news media to jump on this story as they were out on the scene of the drive-by shooting within the hour of it happening.  As Minister Cure is being transported to the nearest hospital for life and death injuries, he lies on the gernie staring up at the ceiling of the ambulance.  His thoughts begin to entertain the legacy of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. and how they lived their lives and died for the civil rights of the black society.  Suddenly, of these thoughts going through his mind, he begins to take a turn for the worse just before arriving at the hospital, and is wheeled into the emergency room with paramedics working frantically to save his life.

[Somewhere in Ukraine]

Daniel Storm was captured by the Ukrainian and Russian authorities and held captive, but was not left untouched. Being captive for only a few hours, he was beaten and tortured by Ukrainian soldiers who are sympathetic to the cause of the Russian government.  Suffering a bloody mouth, bruised cheeks and one black eye, he refuses to talk and give up any information to what he knows about the assassination attempt.  As they see he is not giving in easy to the physical torture being stowed upon him, he is visited by the Russian president’s chief of staff.  One of the Ukrainian soldiers grab Daniel’s hair yank up his head to force him to face the new authority figure that just walked in.  Breathing heavy from the beating, you could see the sweat streaming down his face and open chest area where his shirt was ripped open.  The temperature in the concrete room was over one hundred degrees, with a drop of water hitting Daniel on the top of the head every couple of seconds.  Getting very close to his face, the chief of staff can smell the perspiration coming from captive’s body and stale hot breath.  In a Russian accent, the chief of staff tells Daniel that he will be transferred to the custody of the Russians, who will question and break him of any information they want.  With one good eye to look out of, Daniel stares the Russian in the eyes and suddenly spits in his face, which prompted a very fierce reaction.

The Russian immediately back handed him across the face and returns with a powerful closed fist across the other side of his face. Daniel nearly fell out of the chair because of the power behind the hits, but was kept from falling when he was grabbed by the neck.  Angry at the reaction of being spat in the face, the Russian figure grabs a sharp knife from one of the soldiers behind him and slowly slices Daniel across the chest.  Daniel started to rock in the chair, trying to get away from the cutting knife, but couldn’t with his hands and feet tied down.  His pain threshold was being pushed to the limit as he could feel the deep penetration of the blade through his skin and the strong stream of blood running down his upper torso staining his underwear.  He was slowly sliced across the upper body at least three times with the open wounds deep enough for someone to peel the skin right off.  However, Daniel never released out a scream to satisfy his captures to send a message that no matter what you do, he will not talk.  Seeing this from his point of view, the Russian saw that he might just have a lot of fun with this guy, who they believe could be an American spy or assassin.  He explained to Daniel that limit information is being released to the American news media of what has happened after the attempt, and that this could strain relations even more between the United States and Russia.  In trying to play the reverse-psychology and play Devil’s Advocate, Daniel doesn’t fall for his mental game and continues to resist their demands.

After refusing to cooperate with his captures, the Russian figure stood up and walked out of the concrete room. He spoke to another soldier, which appeared to be Russian, and gave the order to bring him to another location where their operatives will handle the interrogation.  Just as the Russian continues to walk away, two soldiers quickly grab Daniel, who attempts to fight the best way he can even with his hands and feet bound together.  In his strong resistance, he was thrown to the ground on his shoulder and booted in the face, which caused blood to fly out of his mouth, stomped in the chest and stomach.  Daniel rolled over on his stomach, trying to fight from the ground, but was finally subdued when he was shocked in the back putting him asleep.  Ukrainian soldiers picked him up by his bounded legs and arms carrying him outside to a transport vehicle.  Although the Russians want him for themselves and put him through the Red punishment factor, they may find out that this transfer could be more than what they bargained for.


MARCH 25, 2016 – CHAPTER V


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter III

Deputy Blue, who arrived on scene first and discovered the barely alive body of Vincent lying on the master bedroom, was shortly relieved to go outside to gather herself. Thinking that she just needed air to clean out the pungent odor of bowels and blood, Deputy Blue was seen by arriving detectives outside on the side of the house vomiting and struggling to breathe.  One of the detectives that arrived on scene, went over to her to make sure she was doing alright and to reassure her that this doesn’t make her a weak person or an ill-equipped future detective.  A lot of her closes friends and family members knew of her goal to achieve wearing the title and badge of being a homicide detective, but it was obvious that finding a half-naked body lying in its own body fluids was overwhelming.  After the detective left her outside, and encouraged her to come back in to review the scene, one of her best partners stayed outside with her until she was mentally and physical able to stomach it again.

Several minutes later, and making sure she didn’t have any of her own body fluids covering her dark blue uniform, Deputy Blue entered back into the house and joined the detectives back upstairs. By this time, Vincent had been quickly rushed out of the house and on to the local hospital while he was still in serious condition.  Vincent’s body left an outline of blood stains on the cranberry carpet, which nearly camouflaged itself from the naked eye.  She continued to accompany the detectives around the scene for at least a couple of hours, checking his cell phone that was left on the bed dresser and whatever else they found that would be of help, which wasn’t much.  However, in digging through his cellphone, Deputy Blue found a phone number belonging to his wife, Dawn Perry, which gave them another avenue to pursue.  Immediately, Roxie began to think to herself that if his body was found in the master bedroom alone, where is she and could she be her first suspect in this brutal attempted murder case.

Roxie alerts the leading detective of the phone number she found and asked him should he call the wife to find out where she is and what happened to her husband. The leading detective stood in silence for a brief minute, thinking about the answer to give Roxie and what the wife needs to know.  Once he became comfortable with his thoughts on the issue, he told Roxie to give the wife a call and let her know that her husband was found barely alive in the house and that he is on his way to the local hospital.  It was one of Roxie’s first test to see if she could handle a simple task as to phone the wife and not give up too much information in case she is deemed the suspect in this attempted murder/first degree assault case.  When Roxie dialed Dawn’s number, it was near midnight and wasn’t sure if she would get an angry or pleasant welcome from the other end.  The phone just kept ringing and ringing for a few seconds, and just before it went to voicemail, Dawn woke up and answered the phone thinking it was her husband bothering her.

DAWN PERRY: Vincent?

DEPUTY BLUE: Dawn? Dawn Perry?

DAWN PERRY: Huh? Who the hell is this?  Is this the whore that was with my husband earlier?  Is he with you now?  What nerve do you have to call me in the middle of the night disguising your identity under his number?  You just knew I was going to pick up the phone, huh?  Bitch…

DEPUTY BLUE: Mrs. Perry!? I don’t know who you are talking about, but I can rest assure you I am not who you think I am.  I am Deputy Roxie Blue with the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office.  I’m calling you from your husband’s phone.  Is your husband’s name Vincent?

DAWN PERRY: Sheriff’s Office? Vincent is my husband.  Well, soon to be ex-husband, but….what happened? 

DEPUTY BLUE: Your husband, Vincent, is being transported to the hospital as we speak. He is still alive, but barely. 

DAWN PERRY: OH MY GOD! What happened to him?  Is he going to be okay?  I’m at my parent’s house right now, but I can meet you at the hospital as soon as possible.

DEPUTY BLUE: Okay, Mrs. Perry. The detectives and myself will meet you at the hospital to see if you could share any information on who would do this to him.

DAWN PERRY: Okay….I’m on my way right now!

Almost immediately after the phone call, Dawn flings the bedsheets off of her body, rushed on some sweats and darted to the hospital, leaving her parent’s a written note of where she is. Several minutes later, Dawn arrives at the hospital in a messy appearance that got the attention from the nurses and doctor’s working.  Dawn does a fast walk up to the front desk of the hospital and is escorted to the emergency room where Vincent is in a medical induced coma.  When she was allowed to enter through the closed curtains that separated his room from the rest of the emergency operation, Dawn was shocked at what she was seeing.  Although, Vincent and her were not particularly in love with each other anymore, the strong sense of caring was still there, and they still loved each other, but not in love with each other.

Her first sight of Vincent caused her to put her hand on her chest as she saw tubes sticking out of his throat and penis. Bandages and gauzes covered up all his exit points of where he bled out heavily, and a massive pad on his chest where she could see small amounts of blood protruding through the pad.  As she slowly makes her way around the bed, just in awe of what she is taking in with her own eyes, she hears the curtains behind her swing open.  The sound of the curtains opening up caused her to turn around in almost a scared like reaction, but made perfect eye contact with the doctor.  Not wasting much time while the doctor was in there, she began to ask him what happened to him.  The ER doctor started to explain to Dawn that her husband was found on the master bedroom floor, bleeding from his eyes, nose, mouth, anus, and penis and naval.  Obviously, this was horrible news to her as she remembered leaving Vincent at home alive and well, although he was on the ground in pain for different reasons.

Dawn was also explained that a pentagram was discovered to have been carved on his chest, but not sure with what object could’ve been used. Taking all this in from the doctor just made her eyes swell with tears and stream down her cheeks.  Her meeting with the doctor lasted about five to seven minutes, before the detectives and Deputy Blue arrived at the hospital.  When the doctor left the room and brushed against the curtain, Dawn was looking out of the room and saw two well-dressed men in suits and one female officer in her dark blue uniform, which resembled the sheriff’s office.  Once Dawn saw them approach at the nurses station and make eye contact with her after the nurse told them where she was, she exited the room with her husband and closed the curtain behind.  The three officers and Dawn met each other halfway and finally went somewhere else for a private conversation.

DETECTIVE #1: Good evening Mrs. Perry. I’m Detective Moss, this is Detective Goose and this is Deputy Blue.

ROXIE BLUE: We spoke on the phone earlier, Mrs. Perry.

DAWN PERRY: Yes, I remember. I want to apologize for my reaction and behavior.  You obviously didn’t deserve that and….well….you know…I was upset from earlier.

DETECTIVE #1: Yes, Deputy Blue filled us in a little bit on your phone conversation with her. Can you tell us the last time you spoke to your husband?

DAWN PERRY: Umm…it was last night. We had an argument over what happened.

DETECTIVE #2: What exactly happened? What did you two argue about?

DAWN PERRY: Well…I found him in the bed with another woman and that just set things off.

DETECTIVE #1: Anything happen during the argument? Anything physical?

DAWN PERRY: Nothing physical happened. It was just words flying back and forth.  I felt myself getting angrier and angrier, so I left the house and went to my parent’s house.

DEPUTY BLUE: He was just fine when you left? No bruises, scratches, cuts or anything like that?

DAWN PERRY: Vincent was fine. I have no clue what happened to him. 

DEPUTY BLUE: On the phone you referenced a woman, a whore as you said, but do you have any idea of who she is? Where she went?

DAWN PERRY: Nope. I don’t know where she went.  I just know she left the house, which was a very good idea or you’d be investigating another scene.

DETECTIVE #1: Do you know if Vincent had any enemies or anyone that wanted to hurt him for any reason?


DETECTIVE #1: Okay, Mrs. Perry. We’ll finish our interview for now, but we may have more questions for you later.  I’ll be in touch.

Once the interview ended and Dawn was given a business card from the detective, she and Roxie made eye contact with each other, but it wasn’t in a friendly sense. Dawn broke her eye contact of Roxie and continued on to her husband’s side, but Roxie stared at her backside until Dawn was out of side.  Both detectives and Roxie consulted with each other before leaving and shared mental and written notes.  In the meantime, Roxie had her suspicions of Dawn, but also had an idea that maybe she is not involved because of her possible alibi with being at her parent’s.  With no clues and with no real evidence to even make Dawn a possible suspect, they were still at square one with Dawn being a person of interest.

For the rest of the night, into the early morning hours, Dawn stayed by her husband’s side keeping herself up to date on his condition. While Dawn remains at the hospital, Shelly wakes up to prepare herself ready for work.  Shelly opened her eyes to look up at the ceiling, and felt this excruciating pain rolling through her head, shoulders and back.  To her amazement, Shelly noticed that she was sprawled across the bed on her back, diagonally, and half-dressed with no hair scarf.  As she attempted to get up, she immediately put her hands over her eyes and head, making painful moaning noises.  It was at this point that she began to think, when she could get herself to think, that a migraine has settled in.  Receiving migraine headaches always come after she uses her Wicca magic for the purpose of harming or hurting others.  As she struggles to get up to get her migraine medicine, which is in the kitchen cabinet, her entire head feels like her heartbeat is actually beating in her brain.

When she finally sits up, and slowly slides her feet over the side of the bed, she feels something wet dripping onto her wrinkled up t-shirt. Shelly looks down and notices that her nose is bleeding, and small droplets are staining her shirt.  Quickly she realizes that she had to be at work, but with her getting up early every morning on time for number of years, her body was able to wake up on its own without the use of an alarm clock.  Unable to move her eyes towards the clock independently, she has to turn her entire head in order to see what time it is.  It is about ten minutes to six in the morning, which in her painful mind gives her more than enough time to gather herself for work.  From the bed to the kitchen, Shelly uses the doors, door frames and hallway walls to keep her balance, and kept her head down since this made her feel better, regardless of her nose bleed situation.  Just before she gets to the kitchen, Shelly has to pass through her living room and she always made it a habit to turn on the television to break the morning silence.

On this particular morning it wasn’t any different, except the pounding in her head and her sensitivity to the sunrays peeping through the blinds. Immediately, she picks up the television remote control and turns it on.  Normally, it is on the news channel from the night before when she finishes her day by watching the late night news, however, this broadcast would be much different.  As the television comes on, the INN, International News Network, is in the middle of a special segment, interrupting the normal morning news flow.  It takes Shelly a few minutes to realize that the normal voices she is used to hearing is not reporting on the weather or the news of the prior evening.  Shelly turns around to face the television, with her eyes barely open, and can hear a man talking like a preacher with the sound of his voice like Dr. King.  Curiosity got the best of Shelly, as she wanted to know who is this man preaching on the television, and did she leave it on some religious channel.

Shelly mumbles to herself, “Who the hell is this talking? He sounds like Dr. King.”  It was soon announced by the news anchor, conducting the interview that he was there with Minister Khalid X Cure, self-proclaim commander-in-chief of the United Federation of Black Planets.  Shelly heard this announcement by the anchor, and I swear it made her head feel even worse as she couldn’t understand what she just heard over live broadcast.  Again she mumbled to herself, “Minister who!?  Is this another one of those leaders?”  Shaking her head from the unbelievable statements that Minister Cure was giving, she turned back around and continued her way to the kitchen.  A few minutes later, which I’m sure felt like an eternity to her soul, Shelly finally got ahold of her migraine medicine and chased it down with tap water immediately.  While she stands at the kitchen sink, trying to compose herself to get ready for the next morning task at hand, the news broadcast finally tears away from the militant minister.

The following segment announced that the Russian President, Alekzander Gustavof, was nearly assassinated at an event in Kiev last night. Shelly turns back to the television to make sure she heard the news right, and started walking to pick up the television remote.  Just before she turned the television off, live coverage was being shown of the possible assassin fleeing a building where she was thought to be surrounded and trapped.  This amused Shelly, and made her chuckle for a few seconds before she turned off the television to head back to the bedroom.  As she walks back to the bedroom she mumbles to herself, “I can’t deal with this today.  People are getting fucking crazy.”

[Kiev, Ukraine]

Suspect assassin, Aya Silverman, a Russian national who is working hand in hand with the Central Intelligence Agency, is fleeing through the streets of Kiev with the Ukrainian Police and Russian Military units pursuing her. Behind the pursuers was her handler and CIA sponsored spy, Daniel Storm, who was in charge of the operation to have the Russian president killed.  As Aya rounds one corner, she is surprised by a group of Ukrainian Policeman in front of her, but with her fighting skills and deadly training, she was able to handle the group of four policemen with ease by breaking necks, arms and spleen.  Aya stole one of the automatic weapons from the injured policeman and continued fleeing through the rough, brick-layered streets.  Daniel, who was keeping radio contact with her by talking to her through her ear, was guiding her in which way to go, but of course now his cover was completely blown.  Following the pursuing authorities, Daniel opened fire shooting at the Russian military soldiers in the back, causing the vehicle to veer off the road and overturn in a ball of flames.

It was at this point Daniel was taking gunfire from behind when rounds went through the rear window, and striking his windshield. Rounds continued to enter his vehicle, ricocheting around the interior nearly striking him.  Daniel instructs her to round another street corner and enter an abandon building.  As she attempts to do so, automatic fire is heard coming in her direction striking the ground around her feet.  She drops down to the ground, in the prone position watching the police vehicle coming at her at a high rate of speed, and began firing her own automatic weapon.  Her many rounds struck the vehicle, especially the driver and rear passenger, killing them, and sending the car into a wall and coming to an immediate halt.  After entering the abandon building and running out the other end, she continued straight down another street, uphill.  She began to think to herself that she may have gotten to the limits of her escape when she saw the Ukrainian police helicopter overhead.

Somewhere during the pursuit, Daniel and Aya lost contact with each other completely. It was clear that she was on her own and that she needs to hide herself immediately.  For several minutes the helicopter tracked her giving updates to the ground units pursuing her, but in the midst of a crowd of people, who were protesting the Russia’s influence in the region, they lost Aya.  Unknown to them, Aya was able to duck and hide amongst the crowd by changing clothes out of sight and escaping her pursuers.  However, her handler, Daniel, was not as lucky as he was captured by the Russian military units on the south side of the city, who at this point only think of him as one of the possible assassins, not a spy.  This was something that was explained to Daniel when the mission was accepted that if caught by any foreign national government or entity, for any reason, he may be disconnected from the knowledge of the CIA and left on his own accord, until he escapes custody and reaches one of the safe houses.

[New York City]

Meanwhile, Mercedes Johnson, the Godmother of the Cooper Family, is with some members of her organization planning on expanding her business to another major city. During her meeting with her constituents, it comes up that her new location for expansion is Baltimore, Maryland, where she wants to have a major influence; her hometown.  Before she is able to do that, she needs to confer with her brother, Rodney Cooper, who is the kingpin of the area, and is currently behind bars running his operation.  Confirming with him, and temporarily taking over his city with her majesty persona, in her mind can only mean one thing.  Her way to the top of the food chain and Queen of the East Coast.

End of Chapter III




Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.


A very weird silence has fallen in the master bedroom, where Vincent and his mistress, lay in the bed hiding under the covers up to their necks. Dawn slowly enters the room, staring at both of them as she walks directly into the master bathroom and slams the door behind her.  The mistress woman sees her opportunity and uncovers herself, getting half-dressed and darting out of the room, eventually out the house to never be seen for a long while.  Vincent didn’t even attempt to stop the mistress woman, as he knows the gig is up and waits for her to be completely gone.  No sound can be heard from the master bathroom while Vincent is staring at the closed door from the bed.  He starts to slowly move out of the bed, as if she doesn’t know he’s there, and begins to pull up his boxer briefs to cover himself when the bathroom door swings open.  Frozen in time, he stands there with only his boxer briefs staring at Dawn, while she stares back and her eyes squinting as if she was trying to read his mind.

DAWN: The bitch gone?! You fucking a whore in my house! In my sheets!  Where our kids live?!

VINCENT: She’s not a fucking whore, alright!

DAWN: Oh! You defending her honor?!  What the hell you defending her for?!  My goodness!  I understand our marriage might not be the strongest, and possibly on our way out the tunnel, but this is just bullshit!!  You couldn’t meet her somewhere else!  I have to catch you in mid-stroke fucking her like you haven’t….

VINCENT: Look! I’m sorry you have to find out this way, but she and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now.  My wife can’t take care of her husband, so someone else is handling that.

DAWN: What?! Furious with that statement, she slowly approaches him. You have the fucking nerve to tell me that I am not taking care of my duties as a wife, when you can’t even be a husband and a father to our kids. You know one thing, you just made it very easy for me to decide what to do with this new job opportunity.  With me gone you can fuck as many whores as you want, I won’t be around and neither will the kids.

VINCENT: The kids are staying with me.

DAWN: No, they’re not! They’re coming with me..

VINCENT: Bullshit! You’re not a fit mother or wife!

DAWN: FUCK! YOU!! She kicks him in the family jewels, probably even harder than she did to the assailant who attacked her before. Watching him fall to the floor brings her such joy and amusement, and even brings a smile to her face.

Later that night, Shelly Summers, an emergency room nurse at the local hospital, South Central Pennsylvania Hospital, gets home after working a double shift since 0800 this morning.  The only thing that she has to come home too is her German Sheppard, Drake, who she rescued from the local shelter six months prior.  She was raised with dogs growing up, and has always had one with her no matter where she goes or move too.  Shelly has had more dogs, and other house pets in and out of her life, than those of the opposite species, who have had disturbing run-ins with her personal life, beyond their understanding and comfort level.  Growing up in the life that Shelly knows and has participated in, does scare and shy people away from her, and not allowing themselves to get to close.  As time went on, and she got older and more in-depth of the Wicca faith, she kept that very close to her heart throughout high school and college.  It was shortly after graduating college, where being in college encouraged this behavior, that she started to become more open of her faith and interests into folk art and celebrate seasonal changes with other people within the same faith, and those that show interest.

Although there is no standard organization or structure to follow within the Wicca faith, such as being a catholic or Christian who follow the Holy Bible, each Wiccan, especially within the United States, are basically free to practice the way they see fit, who are called Eclectic Wicca’s. Being an eclectic Wicca, free range witch, suited the best fit for Shelly, as she didn’t always have to form her practices or justify her beliefs to a higher power, sort-a-speak.  It has been many years since Shelly has been practicing this belief, but since her adult years, post high school, is when it really took off.  Many, many times she has been trying to perfect her practices, be consistent, stay faithful, and perfect her magical spells and antidotes.  It would be in your career years, as a nurse, where she would finally begin to see the fruits of her hard work paying off, and always put to the test.  Little did she know that another test was yet coming, and that this time it would be a very dear friend of hers that she loves and cares for deeply.

On this particular night, Shelly would receive a call from her dear friend, Dawn, who seems very distraught and upset on the phone. At first Dawn was talking so fast that Shelly couldn’t keep up, but once she was able to slow her down, all her inner emotions just came rolling out at once and filled Shelly’s ear with pain, hurt and anger and frustration.  Dawn must’ve continued her sobbing story, from the beginning of when her marriage began to fail up until finding him in the bed with a whore, for at least thirty minutes or so.  Shelly was only able to squeeze in a few words of encouragement and uplifting messages, but it was just enough to stage off Dawn’s vengeful mindset, at least for the time being.  One of the things Shelly struggled with as being so engulfed into her faith, was being very sensitive to other people’s energy, especially when it was reeling with negativity and darkness.  She always felt a strange and weird connection between Vincent and Dawn, and never really cared about those two getting married, but she wanted to support her friend anyway for happiness.  Now, with years past the wedding bells upon them, the negative energy is ever stronger, and the heavy burdened heart of Dawn has been showing itself in Shelly’s dreams for the past few months.

Several minutes after the phone call with Dawn, Shelly gathers her thoughts and decide to do something about her friend’s grief that burdens her as well. Unknown to all visitors to her house, Shelly proceeds downstairs to her basement after turning on the ceiling light, which isn’t very bright.  Walking down the steps, with the sound of her feet striking the wooden steps echoing, she reaches the bottom and enters through a black laced curtain.  The hanging black laced curtain separates two parts of the basement, and the part you enter once you cross through the laced curtains, is the Wicca’s Layer.  Shelly has been part of the local chapter, Harrisburg Chapter of the Covens, but only attends when she feels the necessity too, and led to do so in her heart.  Once she entered the layer of her faith, and was standing before the Pentagram of the Five Elements Wheel, she began to light candles that surround the foundation of the circular structure and knelt once completed.  A Wiccan prayer, that was suggested by another wiccan who practices similar to her, was said and repeated at least three times with her eyes close, sitting back on her heels and hands flat on her thighs.

After a few seconds, once the prayer was repeated a third time, Shelly opens her eyes, exposing her Pentagram of the Five Elements necklace from underneath her shirt and spinning the wheel gently. As the wheel spins in front of her, and her eyes focused on the center of the wheel spinning, she rubs and plays with the necklace until the wheel stops.  Breaking her focus from the center of the wheel, Shelly looks down at where the needle stopped the wheel at, and saw that the element of fire was picked.  Immediately, she stands up to her feet, side stepping to her right and moving forward through another black laced curtain where her magic circle was drawn being nine to ten feet in diameter.  In the middle of the magic circle is a drawn depiction of the Pentagram of the Five Elements with one candle for each element bordering the circle.  As soon as Shelly sat down in the middle of the circle, the red candle lit up, which was directly in front of her.  She crossed her feet underneath herself, placed her hands on her knees, straightening up her spine and closing her eyes, which she called the Element Pose. It was at this point she began to pray and wish punishment against Vincent, and his antics, against Dawn, which she was fully aware that could backfire upon her if she was not careful.

Shelly spent at least four hours in the magic circle, and did not exit the circle until her magical deed had come to pass. The very magical deed she was hoping for would punish Vincent beyond what any other human, especially Dawn herself, could seek.  Vincent woke up in the middle of the night, in the bed all alone and not aware of where Dawn is, and went into the master bathroom to use the toilet.  As he stood there urinating into the toilet, a severe burning sensation began to form very quickly, and the feeling of fire spreading throughout his groin region, encompassing his ass.  Obviously, this woke him up from his half-sleep state, and prompted a blood curling scream out of him as he continued to urinate into the toilet, which is now steaming upward as like hot springs rolling through the wet rock-bed.  Just as his crisis thought it was ending, he felt massive pains in his stomach and abdomen that put him on the ground, in the fetal position making his skin and face blush red, eyes watering and barely open and shaking uncontrollably.  The pain was so great inside his body that he couldn’t scream out, although he fought very hard to do so.  Just before he was getting ready to pass out from the massive pain cultures in his mid-section, it all suddenly stopped and he just laid out on his back, flat looking up at the ceiling, breathing heavy from the ordeal.

An emergency service call was broadcasted over the radio to ems and available police officers in the area of Vincent’s home. Roxie Blue, a Boston native and Allegheny County deputy, hears the call comes out and decides to respond, even though it is within the city limits of Pittsburgh.  Both agencies often help each other, and have a mutual aid agreement when certain incidents are being responded too.  Being only a few blocks away from the house, Roxie responded and pulled up to the front of the house and didn’t hear or see anything that may look unusual.  As she approaches the front door, using her flashlight checking the property while she walks up, she hears the sirens of the ambulances arriving a block away.  Approaching the front door, she knocks on it and see that it just slowly swings open with no wind to blame for the sudden open.  Thinking that someone is hiding behind the door, and with her weapon now out of its holster, she jumps through the doorway swinging the door close to see who it is, but it’s no one.  Some of the lights in the house are on, and some appear in the dim position as she looks around to see what is going on.  At the same time the ambulance, and other emergency vehicles pull up in front of the house, Roxie hears someone moaning upstairs, which to her sounded like someone might be a victim.

Not waiting for back-up, and scared shitless of what she might find, she starts breathing very hard with the palms of her hands beginning to sweat. The moaning gets louder and louder as she starts to climb the steps, with her service weapon pointed in front of her at all the blind corners.  Once at the top of the steps, she noticed that one of the bedroom doors is closed, while all the others are open.  Nervous as hell, possibly shaking on the inside, Roxie clears every room from the hallway not wasting any time.  At the master bedroom door, where the moaning sounded like it was just on the other side, a smell of something burnt or burning was penetrating her nasal passages, nearly offending her sensibility.  As other officers can be heard entering through the front door on the floor below, Roxie counts to three, under her breath, and rushes through the door with her service weapon pointed once again out front.  Scanning the room she doesn’t see Vincent on the floor until she lowers her arms, which were blocking her downward vision, but the sight that she saw of Vincent would be disturbing and horrific.




Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.


It’s another late night at the office, Hardwood & Griffin Law Offices, and Dawn Perry, a paralegal, is stuck researching and typing up a deposition from an earlier case, that settled the day before.  With the strict way her boss runs the office, and seldom approving overtime, Dawn knows that she needs to finish this deposition before the upcoming weekend, but for now she spends her Friday night with the computers.  She looks down at her cell phone, located on the desk next to her, and sees an icon indicating that she has new voicemail.  This kind of discovery surprises her since her phone has been with her all day long, and never vibrated or rang as if someone was calling or leaving her a voice message.  Once she stopped typing halfway through her deposition, Dawn picked up her phone and entered her personal code to listen in on the mysterious voicemail.  As she is waiting for the message to be replayed in her ear, her mind continues to race and rack through her mental contacts to discover who called her.  Before she knew it, the voice message played in her ear and soon answered the mysterious notation.

(Voicemail Message)

“Hello. Good evening, Mrs. Perry.  This is William Georgia, the attorney at law, in Birmingham, Vermont.  We were looking on the internet on, and came across your qualifications, which met our requirements for becoming a court paralegal.  If you would give us a call back at your earliest convenience, if you are interested, and we can discuss the opportunities that awaits your hire.  I hope you enjoy your weekend, if I don’t hear back from you today.  Bye.”

After hearing this message, which apparently came earlier during the day, shocked Dawn as she doesn’t remember applying for any new position; especially in Vermont. This gave her great pause and made her wonder if her name and contact information was being used for someone’s fraudulent gain, or was this an opportunity that she so much waited for that she can’t believe it’s real.  Looking at her phone again and see that it is about ten minutes to ten at night, and regardless of how her boss may feel about it, she is calling it a night.  Dawn makes her way through the office turning off all the lights, locking the main entrance glass doors and taking the elevator down to the parking garage.  She exits the elevator on the second level, and sees that not many cars are still there as she can see her car all the way at the end of the level, in the very corner.  Releasing a sigh, thinking to herself about that long walk across a practically empty garage, before she starts moving towards her parked car.  Her heels are echoing through the garage with every step, and her eyes staring directly at her car thinking about her kids, dinner and what she will come home too.

Dawn was about ten feet from her car when she heard someone coming up behind her, as if they were running. Once she was able to stop and turn her head around to see who it was, she felt a hard strike across the left side of her face.  This strike to her face caused her to fall forward, dropping her purse, car keys and other legal documents that fluttered under her car.  Her assailant then grabbed her the hair, thinking they had the advantage, and began pulling her up to her feet.  Both of her hands reached for the massive grip of her hair, giving her the painful feel of the roots being pulled out before being slammed up against her car face first.  When the unknown assailant turned her around, by aggressively yanking on her shoulder, Dawn fiercely reached out and gave a hard palm strike to the suspect’s face, surprising him.  Wasting no time for him to recover, Dawn kicks the assailant between the legs as hard as she could with anger and frustration in the strike, causing the suspect to drop to his knees harshly.  The moaning and groaning of the assailant, with both of his hands holding himself, gave Dawn the power and adrenaline to continue her counter-attack.

Quickly she began to calm herself down, slowing down her breathing, while she notices that the suspect isn’t getting up. All she can see is the assailant still on his knees, sitting back on his heels and bent over at the waist, like seeing him in a sitting fetal position.  Dawn released her fight posture and slowly walked towards him, straightening up her hair and fixing her clothes.  She stops within inches of him, staring down at the back of his head, and then squats down in front of him using her hand to lift up his head.  Dawn looks him straight in the eyes and whispers, “The weakness of man must be exposed and reformed, while the strength of the opposite sex rises.” She then use both of her hands, pushing him down to the ground before gathering up her personal belongings and paperwork.  The thought of calling the police for what just happened ran through her mind, but her want and need to get home to her family was more important.  Besides, she figured that the whimpered male learned his lesson, not caring about his current condition and left feeling exonerated.

Several minutes later, she arrived at home by pulling into her driveway next to her husband’s car. Dawn sat in her car for a few extra minutes, after turning the car off, and just pondered on what just happened and the voicemail message she received earlier.  Once her thoughts were gathered and she stepped out of her car, she then noticed that all the lights in the house were turned off, not even the motion light in the front turned on while she approached.  This obviously alarmed her senses, especially after just taking down a man who seemed twice her petite size.  Her house key turned the lock and she then opened the door.  Although no lights in the front of the house are on, she could see that the lights upstairs are on.  The adrenaline started to wear off and made her body feel tired and nearly weak, but enough energy and strength to climb her many steps to the second floor.  Dawn reached the second floor landing, took off her heels, and started walking around in her pantyhose feet on the new plush carpet installed few days ago.

Passing two of the children’s bedroom, she could hear her husband in the hallway bathroom talking to someone. She leans closer to the bathroom door and realized that he was on the phone with someone well after ten o’clock in the evening.  The first impulse was to knock on the door, question her husband about who he was talking too and explain to him what happened.  However, she began to rethink that notion since the marriage between her and Vincent, the husband, was on the way downhill ever since the cheating scandal at his job.  Although no evidence was directly pointed at him for being the one involved in the cheating of students and faculty, his name came up numerous times being one of the coordinators and possibly having an affair.  Dawn stood in the hallway staring at the door allowing her anger to build back up, but was quickly squashed when her son, Richard Wood, came out and called out to her.  Richard’s announcement to his mother made Vincent pause in his conversation and end the phone call immediately.  Just as she goes to pick up her son into her arms, the hallway bathroom door opens.  Vincent steps out and sees the back of Dawn walking their son back to his room, at the end of the hall.

Hearing the bathroom down open, Dawn stops and turns around to face him. Her first words were to advised him that she was taking her son back to bed, and will be in their bed soon enough.  Minutes later, after putting her son to bed, she walks into the master bedroom, where her husband is sitting up reading a novel.  Dawn sits on the edge of the bed, removes her clothes and takes off her pantyhose leaving them on the floor next to her side of the bed.  It wasn’t unusual to not tell each other goodnight and give each other kisses on the lips or cheek before settling in under the sheets.  This was so normal that Vincent didn’t even break his concentration that was so deep into his novel.  In the following morning, Dawn woke up with this massive headache and awesome soreness on her left upper cheek.  She entered her master bathroom to check the mirror, and noticed a red, blue and black bruise in the same spot where she got hit.  Obviously, this alarmed her because, not only would she be faced with questions from her husband, but her kids might get scared and think mom was part of a beating.  Dawn knew that her kids knew that things between her and dad were not great, but never wanted them to feel not loved.

Nervous about the questions that would come at her, she entered the kitchen where Vincent was and first mentioned that she is fine. Vincent turned around from the sink to see what she was talking about, and took a deep breath in when he saw her left face injury.  Of course, she stopped doing what he was doing and approached her to find out what happened.  Reluctantly, she explained the situation to her husband finishing with her not calling the police.  She didn’t expect his reaction to be so concerning that he would gather an ice pack and low-level pain medication for her.  While she sits at the kitchen table holding the ice pack on her face, the house phone rings next to her.  In pure instincts, Dawn picks up the phone and answers to whoever is on the other line.  The morning conversation on the phone was quickly turned to sorrow when she heard that her grandfather, Wilbur Simms, on her mother side, had passed away the previous night.  Even though she wasn’t that close to him, Dawn knew of her grandfather well enough that it did strike sadness in her heart.  Unfortunate news didn’t get any better when she heard that her grandmother, Annette Simms, is having a hard time dealing with his death.

Vincent came back into the kitchen to check up on Dawn when he noticed tears running from her eyes. His first thought was that maybe the pain is so great that it causes her to shed tears, but she squandered that theory when she told him about the news she just received.  The only sympathy he showed to her was placing his hand on top of her free hand on the kitchen table.  Although this would be an awkward time to let him know, Dawn wanted to change the subject to something more positive.

DAWN: On the positive note of today, I am being offered a position, a court paralegal position in Birmingham, Vermont.

VINCENT: What? You want to think about that right now?  We can discuss that later.

DAWN: I don’t want to discuss it later. I want to discuss it now.  I need to give my answer and interest Monday morning.

VINCENT: When did this opportunity come about?

DAWN: The call came in yesterday. Voicemail message left that they saw my resume online.  I know the law firm and they pay pretty well and can give the kids a better life.

VINCENT: A better life? So you just want to pick everything up and move further north, without thinking about our life down here?

DAWN: Our life? What life do we have here?  Except for our kids having friends and other family members here nearby, our life, together, has been non-existent for months now. 

VINCENT: So you think moving away from Pittsburgh will give everyone a better life? We don’t know anyone up there?  Would the kids adjust to the move?  Make new friends?

DAWN: Vincent. I haven’t even spoke to the court staff yet, and I don’t even know if I will even take it, for those reasons.  At the same time we need to think better of our situation and what would be best.

VINCENT: This is something that I don’t think you should be considering right now. You need to think about the kids here.

DAWN: Right now? Think about the kids? Stands up removing the ice pack from her face. You selfish bastard! This has nothing to do with the kids.  For some reason this is about you and your wants and needs.  Isn’t it?

VINCENT: Dawn? Listen to me…

DAWN: I don’t want to hear it Vincent. I’m going back to the bedroom.  No thanks for breakfast.  I’ll manage myself.

Later that same day, Dawn had gone out to do some grocery shopping at a nearby grocery store. On her way home, she started to feel the migraine coming again and remembered that she didn’t take her anxiety medication earlier after her small confrontation with Vincent.  She arrives home and brings in all the bags herself and start wondering where everyone is, since the lights downstairs were left on.  Dawn puts the grocery bags on the kitchen counter and stays quite to see if she could hear anyone moving or walking around.  Hearing no one walking around, she gets curious and begins to walk upstairs to look for her kids in their rooms, which were empty.  However, she noticed that her bedroom door was closed and could see the bedroom light shining through the bottom of the door.  Walking up to the door, she turns the knob and walks in on her husband in mid-stroke on top of another woman in her bed.  This obviously shocks and enrages her to the very soul she has inside her.  Dawn stands there at the bedroom, staring at both her husband and the naked mysterious woman, figuring out the proper reaction to the situation she is facing.

End of Chapter I




HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  A while ago, I was working on a fictional story, with real people being cast in the story, and due to life getting in the way I haven’t been able to continue with the project for a long while.  However, since things are starting to settle down and getting into a groove, I can continue once again with this project.

In the upcoming future on this new blog site, I will at some time transfer the original stories over or re-organize the plot lines.  Stay tuned as more information and updates will be published in the near future.  I’ve been having alot of fun with this challenge and look forward to seeing it progress where it goes!

Henry Scott