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Hello! Just to give you some information about myself, I love to write especially fictional stories, but occasionally you will see real life stories posted on the blog site. My personality is of someone who can pretty much get along with anyone, regardless of background, opinionated and respects others opinions and is still a kid at heart. I am currently enrolled in school at Empire State College and employed as a deputy sheriff in Bennington County, Vermont. I am originally from the Washington, D.C. area, where I lived for over thirty years, and worked as a university police officer in College Park, Maryland. In October 2006 I finished my military obligation, 8 1/2 years, in the Maryland Army National Guard with the 290th Military Police Company, with tours in Panama, Germany, Operation Noble Eagle (Pentagon, Ft. Stewart, GA and Ft. Myer, VA) and Operation Enduring Freedom (K2 & OMC-Alpha in Kabul). I've been married for nearly ten years now, with no kids, and three four legged kids (one dog and two cats). I currently live in the Capital District Area (upstate NY) and been here for over three years now. I don't miss my old home, Maryland, but I do miss the people I used to work with and some of my family.


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter III

Deputy Blue, who arrived on scene first and discovered the barely alive body of Vincent lying on the master bedroom, was shortly relieved to go outside to gather herself. Thinking that she just needed air to clean out the pungent odor of bowels and blood, Deputy Blue was seen by arriving detectives outside on the side of the house vomiting and struggling to breathe.  One of the detectives that arrived on scene, went over to her to make sure she was doing alright and to reassure her that this doesn’t make her a weak person or an ill-equipped future detective.  A lot of her closes friends and family members knew of her goal to achieve wearing the title and badge of being a homicide detective, but it was obvious that finding a half-naked body lying in its own body fluids was overwhelming.  After the detective left her outside, and encouraged her to come back in to review the scene, one of her best partners stayed outside with her until she was mentally and physical able to stomach it again.

Several minutes later, and making sure she didn’t have any of her own body fluids covering her dark blue uniform, Deputy Blue entered back into the house and joined the detectives back upstairs. By this time, Vincent had been quickly rushed out of the house and on to the local hospital while he was still in serious condition.  Vincent’s body left an outline of blood stains on the cranberry carpet, which nearly camouflaged itself from the naked eye.  She continued to accompany the detectives around the scene for at least a couple of hours, checking his cell phone that was left on the bed dresser and whatever else they found that would be of help, which wasn’t much.  However, in digging through his cellphone, Deputy Blue found a phone number belonging to his wife, Dawn Perry, which gave them another avenue to pursue.  Immediately, Roxie began to think to herself that if his body was found in the master bedroom alone, where is she and could she be her first suspect in this brutal attempted murder case.

Roxie alerts the leading detective of the phone number she found and asked him should he call the wife to find out where she is and what happened to her husband. The leading detective stood in silence for a brief minute, thinking about the answer to give Roxie and what the wife needs to know.  Once he became comfortable with his thoughts on the issue, he told Roxie to give the wife a call and let her know that her husband was found barely alive in the house and that he is on his way to the local hospital.  It was one of Roxie’s first test to see if she could handle a simple task as to phone the wife and not give up too much information in case she is deemed the suspect in this attempted murder/first degree assault case.  When Roxie dialed Dawn’s number, it was near midnight and wasn’t sure if she would get an angry or pleasant welcome from the other end.  The phone just kept ringing and ringing for a few seconds, and just before it went to voicemail, Dawn woke up and answered the phone thinking it was her husband bothering her.

DAWN PERRY: Vincent?

DEPUTY BLUE: Dawn? Dawn Perry?

DAWN PERRY: Huh? Who the hell is this?  Is this the whore that was with my husband earlier?  Is he with you now?  What nerve do you have to call me in the middle of the night disguising your identity under his number?  You just knew I was going to pick up the phone, huh?  Bitch…

DEPUTY BLUE: Mrs. Perry!? I don’t know who you are talking about, but I can rest assure you I am not who you think I am.  I am Deputy Roxie Blue with the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office.  I’m calling you from your husband’s phone.  Is your husband’s name Vincent?

DAWN PERRY: Sheriff’s Office? Vincent is my husband.  Well, soon to be ex-husband, but….what happened? 

DEPUTY BLUE: Your husband, Vincent, is being transported to the hospital as we speak. He is still alive, but barely. 

DAWN PERRY: OH MY GOD! What happened to him?  Is he going to be okay?  I’m at my parent’s house right now, but I can meet you at the hospital as soon as possible.

DEPUTY BLUE: Okay, Mrs. Perry. The detectives and myself will meet you at the hospital to see if you could share any information on who would do this to him.

DAWN PERRY: Okay….I’m on my way right now!

Almost immediately after the phone call, Dawn flings the bedsheets off of her body, rushed on some sweats and darted to the hospital, leaving her parent’s a written note of where she is. Several minutes later, Dawn arrives at the hospital in a messy appearance that got the attention from the nurses and doctor’s working.  Dawn does a fast walk up to the front desk of the hospital and is escorted to the emergency room where Vincent is in a medical induced coma.  When she was allowed to enter through the closed curtains that separated his room from the rest of the emergency operation, Dawn was shocked at what she was seeing.  Although, Vincent and her were not particularly in love with each other anymore, the strong sense of caring was still there, and they still loved each other, but not in love with each other.

Her first sight of Vincent caused her to put her hand on her chest as she saw tubes sticking out of his throat and penis. Bandages and gauzes covered up all his exit points of where he bled out heavily, and a massive pad on his chest where she could see small amounts of blood protruding through the pad.  As she slowly makes her way around the bed, just in awe of what she is taking in with her own eyes, she hears the curtains behind her swing open.  The sound of the curtains opening up caused her to turn around in almost a scared like reaction, but made perfect eye contact with the doctor.  Not wasting much time while the doctor was in there, she began to ask him what happened to him.  The ER doctor started to explain to Dawn that her husband was found on the master bedroom floor, bleeding from his eyes, nose, mouth, anus, and penis and naval.  Obviously, this was horrible news to her as she remembered leaving Vincent at home alive and well, although he was on the ground in pain for different reasons.

Dawn was also explained that a pentagram was discovered to have been carved on his chest, but not sure with what object could’ve been used. Taking all this in from the doctor just made her eyes swell with tears and stream down her cheeks.  Her meeting with the doctor lasted about five to seven minutes, before the detectives and Deputy Blue arrived at the hospital.  When the doctor left the room and brushed against the curtain, Dawn was looking out of the room and saw two well-dressed men in suits and one female officer in her dark blue uniform, which resembled the sheriff’s office.  Once Dawn saw them approach at the nurses station and make eye contact with her after the nurse told them where she was, she exited the room with her husband and closed the curtain behind.  The three officers and Dawn met each other halfway and finally went somewhere else for a private conversation.

DETECTIVE #1: Good evening Mrs. Perry. I’m Detective Moss, this is Detective Goose and this is Deputy Blue.

ROXIE BLUE: We spoke on the phone earlier, Mrs. Perry.

DAWN PERRY: Yes, I remember. I want to apologize for my reaction and behavior.  You obviously didn’t deserve that and….well….you know…I was upset from earlier.

DETECTIVE #1: Yes, Deputy Blue filled us in a little bit on your phone conversation with her. Can you tell us the last time you spoke to your husband?

DAWN PERRY: Umm…it was last night. We had an argument over what happened.

DETECTIVE #2: What exactly happened? What did you two argue about?

DAWN PERRY: Well…I found him in the bed with another woman and that just set things off.

DETECTIVE #1: Anything happen during the argument? Anything physical?

DAWN PERRY: Nothing physical happened. It was just words flying back and forth.  I felt myself getting angrier and angrier, so I left the house and went to my parent’s house.

DEPUTY BLUE: He was just fine when you left? No bruises, scratches, cuts or anything like that?

DAWN PERRY: Vincent was fine. I have no clue what happened to him. 

DEPUTY BLUE: On the phone you referenced a woman, a whore as you said, but do you have any idea of who she is? Where she went?

DAWN PERRY: Nope. I don’t know where she went.  I just know she left the house, which was a very good idea or you’d be investigating another scene.

DETECTIVE #1: Do you know if Vincent had any enemies or anyone that wanted to hurt him for any reason?


DETECTIVE #1: Okay, Mrs. Perry. We’ll finish our interview for now, but we may have more questions for you later.  I’ll be in touch.

Once the interview ended and Dawn was given a business card from the detective, she and Roxie made eye contact with each other, but it wasn’t in a friendly sense. Dawn broke her eye contact of Roxie and continued on to her husband’s side, but Roxie stared at her backside until Dawn was out of side.  Both detectives and Roxie consulted with each other before leaving and shared mental and written notes.  In the meantime, Roxie had her suspicions of Dawn, but also had an idea that maybe she is not involved because of her possible alibi with being at her parent’s.  With no clues and with no real evidence to even make Dawn a possible suspect, they were still at square one with Dawn being a person of interest.

For the rest of the night, into the early morning hours, Dawn stayed by her husband’s side keeping herself up to date on his condition. While Dawn remains at the hospital, Shelly wakes up to prepare herself ready for work.  Shelly opened her eyes to look up at the ceiling, and felt this excruciating pain rolling through her head, shoulders and back.  To her amazement, Shelly noticed that she was sprawled across the bed on her back, diagonally, and half-dressed with no hair scarf.  As she attempted to get up, she immediately put her hands over her eyes and head, making painful moaning noises.  It was at this point that she began to think, when she could get herself to think, that a migraine has settled in.  Receiving migraine headaches always come after she uses her Wicca magic for the purpose of harming or hurting others.  As she struggles to get up to get her migraine medicine, which is in the kitchen cabinet, her entire head feels like her heartbeat is actually beating in her brain.

When she finally sits up, and slowly slides her feet over the side of the bed, she feels something wet dripping onto her wrinkled up t-shirt. Shelly looks down and notices that her nose is bleeding, and small droplets are staining her shirt.  Quickly she realizes that she had to be at work, but with her getting up early every morning on time for number of years, her body was able to wake up on its own without the use of an alarm clock.  Unable to move her eyes towards the clock independently, she has to turn her entire head in order to see what time it is.  It is about ten minutes to six in the morning, which in her painful mind gives her more than enough time to gather herself for work.  From the bed to the kitchen, Shelly uses the doors, door frames and hallway walls to keep her balance, and kept her head down since this made her feel better, regardless of her nose bleed situation.  Just before she gets to the kitchen, Shelly has to pass through her living room and she always made it a habit to turn on the television to break the morning silence.

On this particular morning it wasn’t any different, except the pounding in her head and her sensitivity to the sunrays peeping through the blinds. Immediately, she picks up the television remote control and turns it on.  Normally, it is on the news channel from the night before when she finishes her day by watching the late night news, however, this broadcast would be much different.  As the television comes on, the INN, International News Network, is in the middle of a special segment, interrupting the normal morning news flow.  It takes Shelly a few minutes to realize that the normal voices she is used to hearing is not reporting on the weather or the news of the prior evening.  Shelly turns around to face the television, with her eyes barely open, and can hear a man talking like a preacher with the sound of his voice like Dr. King.  Curiosity got the best of Shelly, as she wanted to know who is this man preaching on the television, and did she leave it on some religious channel.

Shelly mumbles to herself, “Who the hell is this talking? He sounds like Dr. King.”  It was soon announced by the news anchor, conducting the interview that he was there with Minister Khalid X Cure, self-proclaim commander-in-chief of the United Federation of Black Planets.  Shelly heard this announcement by the anchor, and I swear it made her head feel even worse as she couldn’t understand what she just heard over live broadcast.  Again she mumbled to herself, “Minister who!?  Is this another one of those leaders?”  Shaking her head from the unbelievable statements that Minister Cure was giving, she turned back around and continued her way to the kitchen.  A few minutes later, which I’m sure felt like an eternity to her soul, Shelly finally got ahold of her migraine medicine and chased it down with tap water immediately.  While she stands at the kitchen sink, trying to compose herself to get ready for the next morning task at hand, the news broadcast finally tears away from the militant minister.

The following segment announced that the Russian President, Alekzander Gustavof, was nearly assassinated at an event in Kiev last night. Shelly turns back to the television to make sure she heard the news right, and started walking to pick up the television remote.  Just before she turned the television off, live coverage was being shown of the possible assassin fleeing a building where she was thought to be surrounded and trapped.  This amused Shelly, and made her chuckle for a few seconds before she turned off the television to head back to the bedroom.  As she walks back to the bedroom she mumbles to herself, “I can’t deal with this today.  People are getting fucking crazy.”

[Kiev, Ukraine]

Suspect assassin, Aya Silverman, a Russian national who is working hand in hand with the Central Intelligence Agency, is fleeing through the streets of Kiev with the Ukrainian Police and Russian Military units pursuing her. Behind the pursuers was her handler and CIA sponsored spy, Daniel Storm, who was in charge of the operation to have the Russian president killed.  As Aya rounds one corner, she is surprised by a group of Ukrainian Policeman in front of her, but with her fighting skills and deadly training, she was able to handle the group of four policemen with ease by breaking necks, arms and spleen.  Aya stole one of the automatic weapons from the injured policeman and continued fleeing through the rough, brick-layered streets.  Daniel, who was keeping radio contact with her by talking to her through her ear, was guiding her in which way to go, but of course now his cover was completely blown.  Following the pursuing authorities, Daniel opened fire shooting at the Russian military soldiers in the back, causing the vehicle to veer off the road and overturn in a ball of flames.

It was at this point Daniel was taking gunfire from behind when rounds went through the rear window, and striking his windshield. Rounds continued to enter his vehicle, ricocheting around the interior nearly striking him.  Daniel instructs her to round another street corner and enter an abandon building.  As she attempts to do so, automatic fire is heard coming in her direction striking the ground around her feet.  She drops down to the ground, in the prone position watching the police vehicle coming at her at a high rate of speed, and began firing her own automatic weapon.  Her many rounds struck the vehicle, especially the driver and rear passenger, killing them, and sending the car into a wall and coming to an immediate halt.  After entering the abandon building and running out the other end, she continued straight down another street, uphill.  She began to think to herself that she may have gotten to the limits of her escape when she saw the Ukrainian police helicopter overhead.

Somewhere during the pursuit, Daniel and Aya lost contact with each other completely. It was clear that she was on her own and that she needs to hide herself immediately.  For several minutes the helicopter tracked her giving updates to the ground units pursuing her, but in the midst of a crowd of people, who were protesting the Russia’s influence in the region, they lost Aya.  Unknown to them, Aya was able to duck and hide amongst the crowd by changing clothes out of sight and escaping her pursuers.  However, her handler, Daniel, was not as lucky as he was captured by the Russian military units on the south side of the city, who at this point only think of him as one of the possible assassins, not a spy.  This was something that was explained to Daniel when the mission was accepted that if caught by any foreign national government or entity, for any reason, he may be disconnected from the knowledge of the CIA and left on his own accord, until he escapes custody and reaches one of the safe houses.

[New York City]

Meanwhile, Mercedes Johnson, the Godmother of the Cooper Family, is with some members of her organization planning on expanding her business to another major city. During her meeting with her constituents, it comes up that her new location for expansion is Baltimore, Maryland, where she wants to have a major influence; her hometown.  Before she is able to do that, she needs to confer with her brother, Rodney Cooper, who is the kingpin of the area, and is currently behind bars running his operation.  Confirming with him, and temporarily taking over his city with her majesty persona, in her mind can only mean one thing.  Her way to the top of the food chain and Queen of the East Coast.

End of Chapter III






For the longest time, and you yourself might have heard the same thing, that you only meet crazy people online. Well, if that is the case, how much different is it meeting someone behind the computer screen than to meet someone you don’t know in person at a bar, grocery store or at a public event? The only difference about the two is that you meet one face to face and the other over a bright screen where you type words or possibly video chat. My wife, labellanoire, has heard the same complaint and statements numerous times, and they become very shocked when she tells them that she met me online, and he’s not some craze killer or maniac. That same argument is always said that you meet crazy people online, which is true to a point, but you can also meet crazy people in person as well. How many stories have we all heard or read about when the woman, who is usually the victim, is killed or abused repeatedly by a man she met at a party, a bar, public event or something of that nature? These stories are on television everyday, and not too many say or have the common goal of the couple meeting through an online dating site.

Meeting on a dating site,, was the site responsible for bringing me and my wife together. The funny thing about this meeting was that I had stop paying for the site about a month prior to us finding each other. I remember being in shock of how I was still receiving email notifications, still able to log in and respond to other that were showing interest. Since I was able to do this, I was able to search around and finally came across a black and white picture of a woman standing with a partial side profile. I won’t into too much detail of what I was actually thinking when I saw the picture, but reading her profile as well made me reach out to her first. She quickly responded, and later told me that she was quick to respond because I was able to give her a complete sentence and use proper English. I didn’t leave her a message such as, ‘(my name)! Call me!……! However, we didn’t have our first date until nearly two months later. We began talking to each other in late December 2006 and had our first date on Super Bowl weekend when the Colts played the Bears. That night of the game, I had a Chevy Impala, which had some electrical issues, but worked properly to make sure we had heat on the way up to my friends house in Baltimore.

We ended up having a great time at the party, and since then we’ve been with each other for the past nine years. Believe me, we have had our ups and downs in our relationship and marriage, but communication has always been the biggest key. Throughout the nine years we have been together, we have had numerous opportunities to learn about each other and found several different ways to communicate. The do’s and don’ts of communicating and what works best for us has pretty much been perfected, but our adventures together almost started from the immediate beginning; way before our legal union was completed. I gotta tell you that we have gone through numerous adventures together, and some of those adventures would have definitely broken up a lot of couples, but our strong bond kept us together and flowing. Those adventures will be told in later publications of this post, and I dare you to compare your adventures to ours and to see if you went through the same things with someone, would you stack up and push against the odds or just crumble and give up. Some people can’t handle serious adversity, and not everyone is strong enough to handle life’s stresses, but how you come out on the other end determines how you are perceived and how you continue in life. Some of our stories will be funny, something you can compare your life experiences too and some will be sorrow and sad, but none of them strayed us away from the railroad tracks. I look back at our life together and I have to tell you we are definitely blessed.

Henry Scott



Real life experiences from Maryland

As most rookies joining the police force, I was very excited to be able to pursue a chosen field of law enforcement. My beginning was interrupted at first, before I even had a chance to get on the road and wear the uniform.  During the last few weeks in the police academy, my class were at the emergency vehicle operations course, learning how to maneuver a cruiser at high speeds.  Well, at the end of one class one day, as everybody was leaving the parking lot, I got to my car and noticed that I had a voice message.  Once I got into my voice message and heard my team leader in my National Guard unit telling me to contact him ASAP after I get this message, my heart basically dropped as if I already knew what the call was about.  It was about mid-June in 2003 when this happened, and instead of me calling back my team leader, I decided to head straight to the armory to find out myself what was going on.  It was at this point that I was told that our unit was being deployed out of the country, to an unknown location, near mid-July.  The horrible news that it was to me, I was more concerned about not having enough time to get things in order and to having to drop out of the police academy early.  However, when I looked at the date of our deployment and when we were supposed to meet up at the armory, it was on my mother’s birthday, the same day we were due to graduate from the police academy.  Needless to say, I was not able to graduate with my fellow classmates, and neither could my command staff allow me to join them later at Ft. Dix.  Of course, my concern was that I may have to do the academy all over again, but it was brought to my attention months later, that I would be able to be plugged right back in with another class.  Then by May or June 2004 I ended up finally graduating from the police academy getting my new career started.

Although I was given more time to finish my FTP (Field Training Program) due to my absence for nearly a year, it wasn’t needed, but that didn’t mean it was easy for me going through the process. I ended up with a FTO who was very particular in his set of ways, health and fit nut and demanded perfection, at least attempt to do your best and not slacking.  Throughout the entire FTO process, except near the end when it was time for me to be cut loose, we butted heads a lot, but of course, my arguments were always overruled by either him or the squad sergeant.  So a lot of times I kept to myself, and even at times I knew the answer to certain questions, but was afraid to get it wrong due to being castrated by my FTO for not knowing it.  However, through all the frustrations I had with the process I ended up gaining a nickname of “Eye of the Storm” all because I would stir up trouble, even on Sundays, when it was nice and quiet.  Time and time again I lived up to that name, and in this one particular incident that nickname would become nearly branded for life.  Not sure what night it was, but I remember it was while we were working evening shift, sometime near ten o’clock, and my FTO was in the passenger seat looking out his window.  As I drove passed one of the parking lots on campus, he motioned to me to turn the vehicle around and enter into the parking lot.  It was like clockwork when we entered the parking lot, because the two suspects, who were trying to break into another car, saw us and drove off.

Now, if you are trying to escape from the police in a car, your best bet is not to use your getaway vehicle as a Dodge Caravan. It was the old version Dodge Caravan, the model that would normally have the engine smoke and leak oil!  This was their getaway vehicle as we were in a police package Crown Victoria, fully marked and lighted up.  Once we made a U-turn in the parking lot to pursue the suspects, they left the parking lot and campus, and back on to the road we just came from.  I quickly sped up and caught up to them within a few seconds, but before I could even get my hand on the radio mic, my FTO grabbed by habit he said.  Immediately, after he called out the registration plate, which I believe was a D.C. tag, and it came back stolen, I turned on my blue and red lights.  Well, after my lights were turned on, the driver stomped on the gas and attempted to elude me in a DODGE CARAVAN!  By this time the pursuit was called out over the radio by my FTO as I was just concentrating on driving behind the van and not lose it, HAHAHA!  The van made a right turn at the second light in front of us, and then took a merge lane on to the four lane highway that cuts through the city and by campus.  Maybe within a minute after getting on the four lane highway, another one of our cruisers pulled up to join the chase, which had two sergeants in it.

They stayed behind me, to me left, as I stayed with the van doing approximately 70-80mph. At this point I am excited and my adrenaline is pumping in thinking that they will keep straight for another few miles, hit the D.C. Beltway and it would really be on.  That part of the excitement was short-lived when they turned back on to campus and came to a complete stop about 200 feet past the entrance.  After a second, all four of us got out of our cruisers, weapons pointed at the van, and ordering the driver to exit the vehicle as we were conducting a felony stop.  The most bizarre thing happened, and caught all of us off guard, when the driver jumped out, facing us with his hands up and the passenger jumped in the driver seat, closed the door and took off in the van.  Here I am, with my FTO and two other sergeants with our weapons pointed at a guy standing about six and a half feet tall looking at each other as to figure out our next move.  My FTO finally said to the two sergeants to go after the van as we take care of this suspect we have now.  They both jumped back in the car and pursued after the van as I was giving my suspect orders to get on the ground to be arrested.  Unknown to me, there was another cruiser coming up behind my cruiser as I was leaning over to search my suspect, and the next thing I remember was seeing a silver streak, bright headlights and a quick shot of a yellow parking light going by my head.  I thank God for the quick reaction that officer had in avoiding taking my head off as I was conducting an arrest on my suspect.  I can only imagine that it would not feel good, number one, and number two that explanation could get very sticky.

A few minutes later the van ended up crashing somewhere down in the city, and second suspect caught. However, that second suspect was only cited and released I believe, since I had the main one in custody.  I was so excited that I made an arrest, especially off of a high speed chase, that I was ignorant to the paperwork that followed.  The processing of all the charges and paperwork included, even with help, took another eight hours of my life that I can never get back.  During the processing though I found out that the suspect was not only in possession of a stolen tag and vehicle, but also he was drunk, had an open warrant, violated a trespass notification, had burglary tools in his possession, marijuana and a suspended license.  Not even some of the experienced officers there at that time had accomplished something like that, so the ones helping me had to learn as well, but were well adverse in the system still.  I was due to get off work at 0230hrs, but didn’t get off work until close to 0700 or 0800hrs.  OMG!  It was a lot of work for me to do and learn, but the great thing about the whole thing was that I ended up knocking out maybe a dozen or so objectives that I needed to complete in order to get off FTO.  That was the awesome thing about the whole chase and the processing, but believe it or not we were not done completely by 0700.  We came in the following day, on our regular evening shift, and had to do some touch up on the report and other officers’ supplemental reports, and other paperwork that had to be completed.

The messed up part about all of this was, as I learned about how justice works in the county, that the suspect that I arrested only got off doing 18 months unsupervised probation, and the other guy never showed up to court. Apparently, the other suspect that we caught that night of the chase gave a false name, which ended up having the state’s attorney subpoena going to an older guy, who was not charged for obvious reasons.  That night was an awesome night in the adrenaline rush, charging someone with eight or more different charges and clearing out much needed objectives, however, it sucked on the paperwork aspect of the job though.  Since that night I don’t remember having another kind of chase or night like that, although I have had plenty of busy nights working in a college town, which comes without saying I think.  It was at this point that I started to see how the justice system is in general, not just towards black men, but how they prosecute certain crimes and which ones they decide to go after.  This kind of work of the justice system really makes our job tougher to enforce certain laws and rules when we know that people will only get off anyway, as my suspect did in court with 18 months unsupervised probation.  Yet, they want you to do more enforcement, but it is never or rarely explained of how they want that to happen.  Years past and one of the sergeants that was on the chase is now a major, and the other one left to go elsewhere, but heard she might be home now being a mother.  My FTO left the agency some months or years later, and is now living in Georgia, married and happy with a child.  I hope to never forget my experiences during that time, while on FTO, and I suppose that is why I am writing about them now so I don’t.  Smart move in my book.

Henry Scott


Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.


A very weird silence has fallen in the master bedroom, where Vincent and his mistress, lay in the bed hiding under the covers up to their necks. Dawn slowly enters the room, staring at both of them as she walks directly into the master bathroom and slams the door behind her.  The mistress woman sees her opportunity and uncovers herself, getting half-dressed and darting out of the room, eventually out the house to never be seen for a long while.  Vincent didn’t even attempt to stop the mistress woman, as he knows the gig is up and waits for her to be completely gone.  No sound can be heard from the master bathroom while Vincent is staring at the closed door from the bed.  He starts to slowly move out of the bed, as if she doesn’t know he’s there, and begins to pull up his boxer briefs to cover himself when the bathroom door swings open.  Frozen in time, he stands there with only his boxer briefs staring at Dawn, while she stares back and her eyes squinting as if she was trying to read his mind.

DAWN: The bitch gone?! You fucking a whore in my house! In my sheets!  Where our kids live?!

VINCENT: She’s not a fucking whore, alright!

DAWN: Oh! You defending her honor?!  What the hell you defending her for?!  My goodness!  I understand our marriage might not be the strongest, and possibly on our way out the tunnel, but this is just bullshit!!  You couldn’t meet her somewhere else!  I have to catch you in mid-stroke fucking her like you haven’t….

VINCENT: Look! I’m sorry you have to find out this way, but she and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now.  My wife can’t take care of her husband, so someone else is handling that.

DAWN: What?! Furious with that statement, she slowly approaches him. You have the fucking nerve to tell me that I am not taking care of my duties as a wife, when you can’t even be a husband and a father to our kids. You know one thing, you just made it very easy for me to decide what to do with this new job opportunity.  With me gone you can fuck as many whores as you want, I won’t be around and neither will the kids.

VINCENT: The kids are staying with me.

DAWN: No, they’re not! They’re coming with me..

VINCENT: Bullshit! You’re not a fit mother or wife!

DAWN: FUCK! YOU!! She kicks him in the family jewels, probably even harder than she did to the assailant who attacked her before. Watching him fall to the floor brings her such joy and amusement, and even brings a smile to her face.

Later that night, Shelly Summers, an emergency room nurse at the local hospital, South Central Pennsylvania Hospital, gets home after working a double shift since 0800 this morning.  The only thing that she has to come home too is her German Sheppard, Drake, who she rescued from the local shelter six months prior.  She was raised with dogs growing up, and has always had one with her no matter where she goes or move too.  Shelly has had more dogs, and other house pets in and out of her life, than those of the opposite species, who have had disturbing run-ins with her personal life, beyond their understanding and comfort level.  Growing up in the life that Shelly knows and has participated in, does scare and shy people away from her, and not allowing themselves to get to close.  As time went on, and she got older and more in-depth of the Wicca faith, she kept that very close to her heart throughout high school and college.  It was shortly after graduating college, where being in college encouraged this behavior, that she started to become more open of her faith and interests into folk art and celebrate seasonal changes with other people within the same faith, and those that show interest.

Although there is no standard organization or structure to follow within the Wicca faith, such as being a catholic or Christian who follow the Holy Bible, each Wiccan, especially within the United States, are basically free to practice the way they see fit, who are called Eclectic Wicca’s. Being an eclectic Wicca, free range witch, suited the best fit for Shelly, as she didn’t always have to form her practices or justify her beliefs to a higher power, sort-a-speak.  It has been many years since Shelly has been practicing this belief, but since her adult years, post high school, is when it really took off.  Many, many times she has been trying to perfect her practices, be consistent, stay faithful, and perfect her magical spells and antidotes.  It would be in your career years, as a nurse, where she would finally begin to see the fruits of her hard work paying off, and always put to the test.  Little did she know that another test was yet coming, and that this time it would be a very dear friend of hers that she loves and cares for deeply.

On this particular night, Shelly would receive a call from her dear friend, Dawn, who seems very distraught and upset on the phone. At first Dawn was talking so fast that Shelly couldn’t keep up, but once she was able to slow her down, all her inner emotions just came rolling out at once and filled Shelly’s ear with pain, hurt and anger and frustration.  Dawn must’ve continued her sobbing story, from the beginning of when her marriage began to fail up until finding him in the bed with a whore, for at least thirty minutes or so.  Shelly was only able to squeeze in a few words of encouragement and uplifting messages, but it was just enough to stage off Dawn’s vengeful mindset, at least for the time being.  One of the things Shelly struggled with as being so engulfed into her faith, was being very sensitive to other people’s energy, especially when it was reeling with negativity and darkness.  She always felt a strange and weird connection between Vincent and Dawn, and never really cared about those two getting married, but she wanted to support her friend anyway for happiness.  Now, with years past the wedding bells upon them, the negative energy is ever stronger, and the heavy burdened heart of Dawn has been showing itself in Shelly’s dreams for the past few months.

Several minutes after the phone call with Dawn, Shelly gathers her thoughts and decide to do something about her friend’s grief that burdens her as well. Unknown to all visitors to her house, Shelly proceeds downstairs to her basement after turning on the ceiling light, which isn’t very bright.  Walking down the steps, with the sound of her feet striking the wooden steps echoing, she reaches the bottom and enters through a black laced curtain.  The hanging black laced curtain separates two parts of the basement, and the part you enter once you cross through the laced curtains, is the Wicca’s Layer.  Shelly has been part of the local chapter, Harrisburg Chapter of the Covens, but only attends when she feels the necessity too, and led to do so in her heart.  Once she entered the layer of her faith, and was standing before the Pentagram of the Five Elements Wheel, she began to light candles that surround the foundation of the circular structure and knelt once completed.  A Wiccan prayer, that was suggested by another wiccan who practices similar to her, was said and repeated at least three times with her eyes close, sitting back on her heels and hands flat on her thighs.

After a few seconds, once the prayer was repeated a third time, Shelly opens her eyes, exposing her Pentagram of the Five Elements necklace from underneath her shirt and spinning the wheel gently. As the wheel spins in front of her, and her eyes focused on the center of the wheel spinning, she rubs and plays with the necklace until the wheel stops.  Breaking her focus from the center of the wheel, Shelly looks down at where the needle stopped the wheel at, and saw that the element of fire was picked.  Immediately, she stands up to her feet, side stepping to her right and moving forward through another black laced curtain where her magic circle was drawn being nine to ten feet in diameter.  In the middle of the magic circle is a drawn depiction of the Pentagram of the Five Elements with one candle for each element bordering the circle.  As soon as Shelly sat down in the middle of the circle, the red candle lit up, which was directly in front of her.  She crossed her feet underneath herself, placed her hands on her knees, straightening up her spine and closing her eyes, which she called the Element Pose. It was at this point she began to pray and wish punishment against Vincent, and his antics, against Dawn, which she was fully aware that could backfire upon her if she was not careful.

Shelly spent at least four hours in the magic circle, and did not exit the circle until her magical deed had come to pass. The very magical deed she was hoping for would punish Vincent beyond what any other human, especially Dawn herself, could seek.  Vincent woke up in the middle of the night, in the bed all alone and not aware of where Dawn is, and went into the master bathroom to use the toilet.  As he stood there urinating into the toilet, a severe burning sensation began to form very quickly, and the feeling of fire spreading throughout his groin region, encompassing his ass.  Obviously, this woke him up from his half-sleep state, and prompted a blood curling scream out of him as he continued to urinate into the toilet, which is now steaming upward as like hot springs rolling through the wet rock-bed.  Just as his crisis thought it was ending, he felt massive pains in his stomach and abdomen that put him on the ground, in the fetal position making his skin and face blush red, eyes watering and barely open and shaking uncontrollably.  The pain was so great inside his body that he couldn’t scream out, although he fought very hard to do so.  Just before he was getting ready to pass out from the massive pain cultures in his mid-section, it all suddenly stopped and he just laid out on his back, flat looking up at the ceiling, breathing heavy from the ordeal.

An emergency service call was broadcasted over the radio to ems and available police officers in the area of Vincent’s home. Roxie Blue, a Boston native and Allegheny County deputy, hears the call comes out and decides to respond, even though it is within the city limits of Pittsburgh.  Both agencies often help each other, and have a mutual aid agreement when certain incidents are being responded too.  Being only a few blocks away from the house, Roxie responded and pulled up to the front of the house and didn’t hear or see anything that may look unusual.  As she approaches the front door, using her flashlight checking the property while she walks up, she hears the sirens of the ambulances arriving a block away.  Approaching the front door, she knocks on it and see that it just slowly swings open with no wind to blame for the sudden open.  Thinking that someone is hiding behind the door, and with her weapon now out of its holster, she jumps through the doorway swinging the door close to see who it is, but it’s no one.  Some of the lights in the house are on, and some appear in the dim position as she looks around to see what is going on.  At the same time the ambulance, and other emergency vehicles pull up in front of the house, Roxie hears someone moaning upstairs, which to her sounded like someone might be a victim.

Not waiting for back-up, and scared shitless of what she might find, she starts breathing very hard with the palms of her hands beginning to sweat. The moaning gets louder and louder as she starts to climb the steps, with her service weapon pointed in front of her at all the blind corners.  Once at the top of the steps, she noticed that one of the bedroom doors is closed, while all the others are open.  Nervous as hell, possibly shaking on the inside, Roxie clears every room from the hallway not wasting any time.  At the master bedroom door, where the moaning sounded like it was just on the other side, a smell of something burnt or burning was penetrating her nasal passages, nearly offending her sensibility.  As other officers can be heard entering through the front door on the floor below, Roxie counts to three, under her breath, and rushes through the door with her service weapon pointed once again out front.  Scanning the room she doesn’t see Vincent on the floor until she lowers her arms, which were blocking her downward vision, but the sight that she saw of Vincent would be disturbing and horrific.




Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.


It’s another late night at the office, Hardwood & Griffin Law Offices, and Dawn Perry, a paralegal, is stuck researching and typing up a deposition from an earlier case, that settled the day before.  With the strict way her boss runs the office, and seldom approving overtime, Dawn knows that she needs to finish this deposition before the upcoming weekend, but for now she spends her Friday night with the computers.  She looks down at her cell phone, located on the desk next to her, and sees an icon indicating that she has new voicemail.  This kind of discovery surprises her since her phone has been with her all day long, and never vibrated or rang as if someone was calling or leaving her a voice message.  Once she stopped typing halfway through her deposition, Dawn picked up her phone and entered her personal code to listen in on the mysterious voicemail.  As she is waiting for the message to be replayed in her ear, her mind continues to race and rack through her mental contacts to discover who called her.  Before she knew it, the voice message played in her ear and soon answered the mysterious notation.

(Voicemail Message)

“Hello. Good evening, Mrs. Perry.  This is William Georgia, the attorney at law, in Birmingham, Vermont.  We were looking on the internet on, and came across your qualifications, which met our requirements for becoming a court paralegal.  If you would give us a call back at your earliest convenience, if you are interested, and we can discuss the opportunities that awaits your hire.  I hope you enjoy your weekend, if I don’t hear back from you today.  Bye.”

After hearing this message, which apparently came earlier during the day, shocked Dawn as she doesn’t remember applying for any new position; especially in Vermont. This gave her great pause and made her wonder if her name and contact information was being used for someone’s fraudulent gain, or was this an opportunity that she so much waited for that she can’t believe it’s real.  Looking at her phone again and see that it is about ten minutes to ten at night, and regardless of how her boss may feel about it, she is calling it a night.  Dawn makes her way through the office turning off all the lights, locking the main entrance glass doors and taking the elevator down to the parking garage.  She exits the elevator on the second level, and sees that not many cars are still there as she can see her car all the way at the end of the level, in the very corner.  Releasing a sigh, thinking to herself about that long walk across a practically empty garage, before she starts moving towards her parked car.  Her heels are echoing through the garage with every step, and her eyes staring directly at her car thinking about her kids, dinner and what she will come home too.

Dawn was about ten feet from her car when she heard someone coming up behind her, as if they were running. Once she was able to stop and turn her head around to see who it was, she felt a hard strike across the left side of her face.  This strike to her face caused her to fall forward, dropping her purse, car keys and other legal documents that fluttered under her car.  Her assailant then grabbed her the hair, thinking they had the advantage, and began pulling her up to her feet.  Both of her hands reached for the massive grip of her hair, giving her the painful feel of the roots being pulled out before being slammed up against her car face first.  When the unknown assailant turned her around, by aggressively yanking on her shoulder, Dawn fiercely reached out and gave a hard palm strike to the suspect’s face, surprising him.  Wasting no time for him to recover, Dawn kicks the assailant between the legs as hard as she could with anger and frustration in the strike, causing the suspect to drop to his knees harshly.  The moaning and groaning of the assailant, with both of his hands holding himself, gave Dawn the power and adrenaline to continue her counter-attack.

Quickly she began to calm herself down, slowing down her breathing, while she notices that the suspect isn’t getting up. All she can see is the assailant still on his knees, sitting back on his heels and bent over at the waist, like seeing him in a sitting fetal position.  Dawn released her fight posture and slowly walked towards him, straightening up her hair and fixing her clothes.  She stops within inches of him, staring down at the back of his head, and then squats down in front of him using her hand to lift up his head.  Dawn looks him straight in the eyes and whispers, “The weakness of man must be exposed and reformed, while the strength of the opposite sex rises.” She then use both of her hands, pushing him down to the ground before gathering up her personal belongings and paperwork.  The thought of calling the police for what just happened ran through her mind, but her want and need to get home to her family was more important.  Besides, she figured that the whimpered male learned his lesson, not caring about his current condition and left feeling exonerated.

Several minutes later, she arrived at home by pulling into her driveway next to her husband’s car. Dawn sat in her car for a few extra minutes, after turning the car off, and just pondered on what just happened and the voicemail message she received earlier.  Once her thoughts were gathered and she stepped out of her car, she then noticed that all the lights in the house were turned off, not even the motion light in the front turned on while she approached.  This obviously alarmed her senses, especially after just taking down a man who seemed twice her petite size.  Her house key turned the lock and she then opened the door.  Although no lights in the front of the house are on, she could see that the lights upstairs are on.  The adrenaline started to wear off and made her body feel tired and nearly weak, but enough energy and strength to climb her many steps to the second floor.  Dawn reached the second floor landing, took off her heels, and started walking around in her pantyhose feet on the new plush carpet installed few days ago.

Passing two of the children’s bedroom, she could hear her husband in the hallway bathroom talking to someone. She leans closer to the bathroom door and realized that he was on the phone with someone well after ten o’clock in the evening.  The first impulse was to knock on the door, question her husband about who he was talking too and explain to him what happened.  However, she began to rethink that notion since the marriage between her and Vincent, the husband, was on the way downhill ever since the cheating scandal at his job.  Although no evidence was directly pointed at him for being the one involved in the cheating of students and faculty, his name came up numerous times being one of the coordinators and possibly having an affair.  Dawn stood in the hallway staring at the door allowing her anger to build back up, but was quickly squashed when her son, Richard Wood, came out and called out to her.  Richard’s announcement to his mother made Vincent pause in his conversation and end the phone call immediately.  Just as she goes to pick up her son into her arms, the hallway bathroom door opens.  Vincent steps out and sees the back of Dawn walking their son back to his room, at the end of the hall.

Hearing the bathroom down open, Dawn stops and turns around to face him. Her first words were to advised him that she was taking her son back to bed, and will be in their bed soon enough.  Minutes later, after putting her son to bed, she walks into the master bedroom, where her husband is sitting up reading a novel.  Dawn sits on the edge of the bed, removes her clothes and takes off her pantyhose leaving them on the floor next to her side of the bed.  It wasn’t unusual to not tell each other goodnight and give each other kisses on the lips or cheek before settling in under the sheets.  This was so normal that Vincent didn’t even break his concentration that was so deep into his novel.  In the following morning, Dawn woke up with this massive headache and awesome soreness on her left upper cheek.  She entered her master bathroom to check the mirror, and noticed a red, blue and black bruise in the same spot where she got hit.  Obviously, this alarmed her because, not only would she be faced with questions from her husband, but her kids might get scared and think mom was part of a beating.  Dawn knew that her kids knew that things between her and dad were not great, but never wanted them to feel not loved.

Nervous about the questions that would come at her, she entered the kitchen where Vincent was and first mentioned that she is fine. Vincent turned around from the sink to see what she was talking about, and took a deep breath in when he saw her left face injury.  Of course, she stopped doing what he was doing and approached her to find out what happened.  Reluctantly, she explained the situation to her husband finishing with her not calling the police.  She didn’t expect his reaction to be so concerning that he would gather an ice pack and low-level pain medication for her.  While she sits at the kitchen table holding the ice pack on her face, the house phone rings next to her.  In pure instincts, Dawn picks up the phone and answers to whoever is on the other line.  The morning conversation on the phone was quickly turned to sorrow when she heard that her grandfather, Wilbur Simms, on her mother side, had passed away the previous night.  Even though she wasn’t that close to him, Dawn knew of her grandfather well enough that it did strike sadness in her heart.  Unfortunate news didn’t get any better when she heard that her grandmother, Annette Simms, is having a hard time dealing with his death.

Vincent came back into the kitchen to check up on Dawn when he noticed tears running from her eyes. His first thought was that maybe the pain is so great that it causes her to shed tears, but she squandered that theory when she told him about the news she just received.  The only sympathy he showed to her was placing his hand on top of her free hand on the kitchen table.  Although this would be an awkward time to let him know, Dawn wanted to change the subject to something more positive.

DAWN: On the positive note of today, I am being offered a position, a court paralegal position in Birmingham, Vermont.

VINCENT: What? You want to think about that right now?  We can discuss that later.

DAWN: I don’t want to discuss it later. I want to discuss it now.  I need to give my answer and interest Monday morning.

VINCENT: When did this opportunity come about?

DAWN: The call came in yesterday. Voicemail message left that they saw my resume online.  I know the law firm and they pay pretty well and can give the kids a better life.

VINCENT: A better life? So you just want to pick everything up and move further north, without thinking about our life down here?

DAWN: Our life? What life do we have here?  Except for our kids having friends and other family members here nearby, our life, together, has been non-existent for months now. 

VINCENT: So you think moving away from Pittsburgh will give everyone a better life? We don’t know anyone up there?  Would the kids adjust to the move?  Make new friends?

DAWN: Vincent. I haven’t even spoke to the court staff yet, and I don’t even know if I will even take it, for those reasons.  At the same time we need to think better of our situation and what would be best.

VINCENT: This is something that I don’t think you should be considering right now. You need to think about the kids here.

DAWN: Right now? Think about the kids? Stands up removing the ice pack from her face. You selfish bastard! This has nothing to do with the kids.  For some reason this is about you and your wants and needs.  Isn’t it?

VINCENT: Dawn? Listen to me…

DAWN: I don’t want to hear it Vincent. I’m going back to the bedroom.  No thanks for breakfast.  I’ll manage myself.

Later that same day, Dawn had gone out to do some grocery shopping at a nearby grocery store. On her way home, she started to feel the migraine coming again and remembered that she didn’t take her anxiety medication earlier after her small confrontation with Vincent.  She arrives home and brings in all the bags herself and start wondering where everyone is, since the lights downstairs were left on.  Dawn puts the grocery bags on the kitchen counter and stays quite to see if she could hear anyone moving or walking around.  Hearing no one walking around, she gets curious and begins to walk upstairs to look for her kids in their rooms, which were empty.  However, she noticed that her bedroom door was closed and could see the bedroom light shining through the bottom of the door.  Walking up to the door, she turns the knob and walks in on her husband in mid-stroke on top of another woman in her bed.  This obviously shocks and enrages her to the very soul she has inside her.  Dawn stands there at the bedroom, staring at both her husband and the naked mysterious woman, figuring out the proper reaction to the situation she is facing.

End of Chapter I




Real life experiences from Maryland

Every single one of us has a beginning to our story, and unfortunately, our ending will come as well, but how it ends is totally up to you. Just like a baby that comes into this world and grows up to be a fully functional adult, unless other medical or mental issues take hold of that person and directs otherwise.  The start of my law enforcement career was a challenging one, but nothing that I wasn’t prepared to handle, at least mentally, and the physical part came dragging right behind me.  In high school I played sports, and the first three years was either soccer or baseball.  However, in my senior year in high school I played varsity baseball, varsity soccer and football all close together.  At one point I found myself running from one soccer match, which we lost horribly, and traveling back across town to get prepared for our Friday night football game.  Although I was only just a place kicker for the team, I still had to get warmed up and be prepared to go in whenever I was needed, but I never saw the field that night.

It was always placed on me when I was growing up, by my mother, that I would either be in the military or a criminal. That sounds kind of weird for some, and may be even kind of a set-up for the worse in me, but the way I snuck around the house scaring people made her speak that statement.  For the longest time I had the goal of wanting to be a state trooper, wearing that Stetson with the brown and tan colors of the Maryland State Police, and driving those oddly designed patrol cars, but later on that was changed.  However, my dream of becoming a police officer was definitely solidified when I was robbed at gun point, which later turned out to be a bb gun, for my 15 speed bike that I had practically begged my best friend to have.  Thank God we had a police officer living in the neighborhood, and thanked the two young boys that witnessed it and biked home to tell the county officer.  Once my statement was made, and I identified the suspect vehicle and one of the two suspects, the case was practically solved within 24 to 48 hours after it had happened.  All this took place in the hot, humid and sticky summer of 1997, which later that year I joined the Prince George’s County Law Enforcement Explorers Post 222; located in Bowie, Maryland.

I first joined the police explorer program on the advice of the detective who took over my armed robbery case, and I want to personally thank her for that direction and mark her as one of the people in my life to put me where I am today. Thankfully, the suspect plead guilty for the charges he was faced with and kept me from having to testify on the stand for the state.  As I got into further dealings with the police explorer program, I was made the rank of captain, which put a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders, but I was up for the challenge.  This is where I had to learn how to deal with the public and get my first insight on how police work and operate.  I did plenty of charity and public showings, and especially dressed up as McGruff numerous times with the fan not working sometimes during those brutal summer months.  I did a few television interviews with local channel stations, which I never saw myself, and got to meet a lot of officers throughout the county.  Perhaps the most important part of the journey there was when our post won the volleyball gold medal in the Explorer Olympics, against the United States Park Police program.  Also, later during that weekend I ran the 400 meter race and came in first place, although my run time would be considered a disastrous and an embarrassment to the professional standards.

My reign as captain, leader of the group, ended when I was scheduled to go to military boot camp in the fall of 1998. The previous year, the same year when I was robbed at gun point, my father, who is a navy veteran, did his best to block me from joining the military, or I should say the Army.  No matter what my motive was and no matter what my reasons were, it wasn’t good enough, however, pushing me towards the United States Coast Guard was the goal for THEM!  This was one of the few times I’m glad I remained strong headed and stubborned, and the backing of my mother was surely a helping hand.  I think the straw that broke the camels back is when my father actually brought me paperwork to join the U.S. Coast Guard, which I voiced against, to me in the basement one night.  His side of the family wanted me to go one way and my mother side wanted me to go the way I wanted to go, but this night it all came to a massive head.  Several minutes later, my mother came downstairs and saw me in tears due to frustration and anger that my father wasn’t listening to me, and kept trying to push me in a direction he wanted.

That night my mother laid into my father about trying to push me towards a direction that I didn’t want to go. The only voice you could hear for a while was my mother’s voice, and how she backed me in my journey of wanting to join the Army.  To give you a better sense of how my father made a negative impression with this blockade, the recruiter called me a year later and asked me again if I wanted to join the National Guard still.  Of course, I was at the age of 18 and my father couldn’t block me anymore from joining the branch I so desired to join.  I even told him with a smile on my face when he came home, and didn’t give a shit whether he liked it or not.  My mother, and I, saw it as an opportunity to begin a journey of my own path and start my career with a stepping stone.  I finally signed my name on the dotted line and became a Military Policeman with the 290th Military Police Company.  One of the saddest moments, however, was when I finally left the house heading for basic training in Ft. McClellan, Alabama.  A sergeant came to the house to pick me up, and I had explained to my mother and younger sister, who years later joined the Marines, that once out the door I will not be looking back.  I kept that promise and never saw my home again until four months later when I returned home nearly thirty pounds lighter.

Those four months at Ft. McClellan were brutal when I suffered through the last four weeks of winter and my last weeks of summer there. It was a damn issue when the temperatures reached the mid 90’s with humidity already near 100%!  I made it through, but I ended up with suffering a heat injury halfway through Military Police School, which once in a while still sits with me today.  The day of graduation, in June 1999, the family came down, even the ones that decided against me joining the Army or the military altogether, and acted like they were happy for me.  I knew better, but I allowed them to have their shine with others since it was going to be a very long ride from Huntsville, Alabama back to the D.C. area.  Time back home to enjoy the civilian amenities were short-lived when my first orders were to join my new unit for Annual Training in Panama for two weeks.  I thought the hot weather in Alabama was rough, but the temperatures in Panama made the experience in Alabama like winter lasted an extra four months.  Pressing your uniform was basically a moot point since the humidity, by noon, would make your uniform look like you slept in it the night before.  Of course, the arrogant and stupidity of some officers were expressed when they got mad about our uniforms looking like shit, when they fully knew that the humidity killed it every time.  However, when you are in the officer all the time, your uniform would look crisp and clean, and not full of sweat and road dust from cars entering and leaving the base.  We did have a view of the Panama Canal if you was working one of the main entry points facing the waterways, which were a few miles away.

I was mistaken as Panamanian, Dominican, Mexican and even Columbian by the natives, and other fellow soldiers. That would explain why most of the natives would speak to me in their native tongue, and of course, I couldn’t understand a word they were saying.  Then also, when our unit went to Manheim, Germany in 2001, I believed I was mistaken to be Turkish, which if true, save my friend’s life because many Turks in the country hated American blood, it was no mistaken him to be American.  My very first taste of being a military policeman, full-time, would come just a few years later after my graduation of basic training, and would eventually catapult me into my career today.  The start of my civilian police career would also face challenges as our country was engaged in a war that many Americans, including military service members, figured we didn’t need to be part of, except invading the country of Afghanistan.  So I have been engaged in the law enforcement field for over 17 years, and have seen and been through a lot, as many other veterans and police veterans have faced a lot.  Although, I was able to postpone my basic training schedule from September 1998 to February 1999, so I could finish business school, I still ended up graduating from Fleet Business School in August 1999, after making up several days missed.  My unit was filled with several soldiers as full-time police officers, and ones that were inspired to become police officers, and nearly everyone tried to recruit me for their agency.  Knowing myself, I wanted to go somewhere on my own path and not follow others down an already grooved road.  When 9/11 happened, I was in the middle of the hiring process with a few agencies, and of course, I had to exit those processes to go serve my country.  Once that tour ended, Operation Noble Eagle, I reinserted myself back into the hiring process of a couple of agencies again and got hired by one finally, the University of Maryland Police Department (College Park campus).

The career that I’ve been wanting for the longest time is now starting to pick up steam, and the events that followed after my hire is what leads me being the person I am today. God only knew that the beginning of my career, and life, at this point would take a wild ride, that none of us were prepared for.

Henry Scott