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Hello! Just to give you some information about myself, I love to write especially fictional stories, but occasionally you will see real life stories posted on the blog site. My personality is of someone who can pretty much get along with anyone, regardless of background, opinionated and respects others opinions and is still a kid at heart. I am currently enrolled in school at Empire State College and employed as a deputy sheriff in Bennington County, Vermont. I am originally from the Washington, D.C. area, where I lived for over thirty years, and worked as a university police officer in College Park, Maryland. In October 2006 I finished my military obligation, 8 1/2 years, in the Maryland Army National Guard with the 290th Military Police Company, with tours in Panama, Germany, Operation Noble Eagle (Pentagon, Ft. Stewart, GA and Ft. Myer, VA) and Operation Enduring Freedom (K2 & OMC-Alpha in Kabul). I've been married for nearly ten years now, with no kids, and three four legged kids (one dog and two cats). I currently live in the Capital District Area (upstate NY) and been here for over three years now. I don't miss my old home, Maryland, but I do miss the people I used to work with and some of my family.


I loved this game for the longest time!!! To test anyone’s skills we would turn the television completely off, while the game was still on.  You would just see us pushing buttons not knowing if we are hitting each other or on the opposite side of the screen hitting air.  Then a minute later we would turn on the television and see what happened.  Sometimes you would win!  Sometimes you would lose horribly! My favorite character was SCORPION!!



I really didn’t give it much thought until my wife brought it up while we were grocery shopping at Walmart.  It was a continuation of our conversation in the truck and she mentioned that she has told other, especially other police wives that I have been involved in law enforcement for twenty years and counting.  As I stood there and thought about it she was absolutely correct!  It all started for me back in July of 1997, one month after I graduated from high school, when I was robbed at gun point for my mountain bike in town.  This was a traumatic experience for me and for the next three days I was in fear that these two men would come after me for getting them caught by police.  For those three days while I was in fear of revenge, I was in West Virginia visiting my second oldest sister and her kids so I had some comfort of them not being able to find me temporarily.

Before it all went down in the streets, I remember sitting in front of CVS Pharmacy on a bench eating my Roy Roger’s when two young men walked in my direction.  My instincts immediately spiked and I left and got on my bike to rush home.  I was approximately thirty minutes away from home, by bike, and I knew I needed to get there as soon as possible.  I even passed a fire department on the way home and if I was thinking I should’ve stopped there, but of course, it didn’t come to reality about that until after the fact.  I saw them coming behind me in a car and as I cut through the community college parking lot, one of them attempted to get out of the car as it was still moving to chase me down, but I quickly changed direction and doubled back.  They left and didn’t follow me and I knew at that point I needed to get home like right now!!

Going down the main road in town, peddling as fast as I can constantly looking behind me for the guys, I passed the 7-11 and they spotted me.  The fear struck me to peddle faster, but they sped up and pulled along side with the driver pointing his gun, sideways, at me saying, “Give me the bike! I ain’t playing around!”  Feeling defeated and scared to get gunned down just minutes from home, I dismounted and the passenger got out and approached me.  He kindly took the bike and told me to walk on as he put my bike in the back.  This is when I noticed they had another bike in the back already, purple and orange mountain bike.  The two drove off and made a right up into my neighborhood, but within a few minutes they came back right by me, which at this point I was able to confirm the plate number, make and model of the car.

Unknown to me two other kids witnessed the armed robbery and notified the county officer who lived on my street.  The county officer came down the street and put me in the car and immediately took my statement.  A couple hours later a detective came to my house to get an official statement and showed me some pictures of guns that might’ve been used in the robbery.  I was able to point out a gun that similarly represented a nine millimeter, which was found to be a BB or pellet gun.  Sometime later, whether the same day or next day, I was at the police station looking at old year books since one of the suspects I had seen at my school a year prior.  One of the two were caught the same day in the town of Lanham and charged with the robbery.  I was told at one point that I was able to point out one of the suspects in record time, which made me feel really good.  About the next day or two days later we left for West Virginia and it was raining part of the way there.

Several months later I was at the circuit courthouse ready to testify at the criminal trial with one of the suspects present.  At first, he plead not guilty, and I was so nervous to do so knowing how important my testimony would be for his conviction.  Then with a stroke of God interfering, the defendant suddenly changed his plea to guilty.  A sigh of relief went over me and he took the full wrap of the crime, but I never knew what happened to his cohort.  I was just happy that everything went well and we won the case without my testimony.  Shortly, after the trial I was invited to come check out the Prince George’s County Law Enforcement Explorer Program.  My demeanor and dedication to this case impressed the detective and wanted me to get a background look at what law enforcement was all about; not to mention I was actually thinking about doing police work as a career.

I went to one of the meetings and I immediately fell in love with the program!!  I spent just over a year in the program and experienced a lot.  I learned what it felt like to be McGruff (the crime fighting dog) and dressing up in the costume with a small fan that barely kept you cool, been interviewed on camera by the local channel 8 news, scenarios at the police academy, won gold at the Explorer Olympics in the 400 meter and coed volleyball and promoted through the ranks-ending at the top as captain.  In September 1998 I ended up leaving the explorer program since I was scheduled to leave for basic training later that month, which was changed to February of 1999.  I enjoyed my time in the program and promoted it to anyone that wanted to do law enforcement as a career to get the inside look that most people don’t get to see.  Hence my taste of law enforcement started off of a bad situation, which created a silver lining of wanting to do my best to keep others from experiencing the same thing.

From then I was a military policeman in Maryland Army National Guard and served in Panama, Germany twice, Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Enduring Freedom and served eight and a half years, University of Maryland Police for eleven years and currently a deputy sheriff in Vermont.  I give credited to the explorer program of where I am now in life.

Henry Scott


GAS! GAS! GAS! It what is yelled at the top of your lungs to other soldiers who are in the area when a deadly or dangerous cloud is seen floating in the air.  You have only seconds to dawn your gas mask, clear it and to secure it tightly on your head.  In case of a chemical or gas attack, you can at least protect your eyes, the exteriors of your face and your respiratory system.  God forbid you have to use this in real life to save yourself and your other comrades, but the decontamination process is another important step you must know and perfect as well.  Anyone that has a decent amount of training in nuclear, biological and chemical training will tell you that by the time you smell, taste or touch the contaminate it’s already too late.  At that point you can only hope to escape the area as soon as possible and find proper help immediately.

Although I have never had to put this into real life situations, I think I created a situation that probably would’ve gotten anyone to evacuate.  I can’t exactly remember where we were, but I do know that my wife and I were at a train station preparing to either come home or to visit my mother in law.  Either way being amongst a large crowd of people trying to squeeze through double doors and down a set of stairs is not safe and enjoyable.  The worse was when my wife and I had to change trains and ended up on a PATH train heading towards New York City.  For whatever reason the transportation of trains was in disarray and we ended up packing like sardines on this one train.  I’m not cool with large crowds to begin with, but my wife, however is not a fan and can get very anxious when embedded in such crowds of people.

When we got pushed and smashed up on the train, we were very close to certain people and obviously, if you were not on your hygiene game that day it smelled!  Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that bad, but you can feel the tension of everyone being on top of each other.  This was not the scene of where I think I caused a mini evacuation of a train platform or scene.  At one point during our trip, one track was or train was available at the time and they had to pack as many people as they could in one stop.  For some reason I’m thinking that we were all rushing towards the train platform because it might’ve been the last train that night, but can’t say for sure.  If it was the last train for the night that would explain why we all were rushing and pushing for the advantage to get through the double doors and down the stairs.

In this particular situation when the call came for my wife and I, along with hundreds of other passengers, we all quickly walked towards a set of doors at the same time.  We didn’t know how many of us were going on this train until we rounded a corner and saw more people coming from the other direction.  Our thought upon seeing all these people heading towards the same set of doors was completely overwhelming.  After the double doors were opened it was like a huge amount of water pouring from a dam after release.  People began pouring and running down the stairs as quick as they could, but it didn’t help things for us that were still stuck trying to reach the door.  Suddenly the flow of people going through the door slowed down and it got really bogged!  I felt my wife and I beginning to separate from each other as it seemed like she was being pulled or pushed back.  Obviously, I was afraid that I would lose her in the crowd, get trampled, get left behind and whatever else could go through my mind that was not favorable.

By this time I reached for her hand and held her tightly next to me.  I was all but ready to get physical to make sure she was next to me and not left behind to her demise.  I could feel her getting very anxious as we continued to push through crowd to reach those double doors of freedom.  I don’t quite remember what she said, but she said something that definitely expressed her uneasiness with this crowd and the WANT of getting out amongst the ocean of people.  I soon took care of this when I felt a rumble in my stomach, and I knew for certain it wasn’t the rumble that was calling for the Porcelain God.  I might’ve whispered in her ear and told her I will take care of this crowd and clear everyone out immediately.  Within a matter of a few seconds this royal rumble that was happening in my stomach, finally exited through the rear and out amongst the hostile population LOL!  The killer part was that it was very silent and very long so no one knew who the culprit was.  The villain.  I have to say within a few seconds after that I looked behind me and saw a hole open up in the crowd like Moses parting the seas.

The hole grew bigger and bigger as we got closer to the doors of freedom.  It was even funnier when people tried to avoid that pocket formed that was now contaminated with human expels.  In the midst of the abyss opening up amongst the crowd, I heard one short woman yell out, “Aww! Who did that?!  These motherfuckers stink!”  Still to this day this was the funniest thing that I have ever heard during a situation that I caused!  Soon enough the smell of such gas being released consumed the crowd and made people move even quicker through those double doors.  Finally we found ourselves going through the doors of freedom and down the stairs we went.  I’m not sure or don’t remember what we did after that, but years later this is still something I crack up about.  Normally some people would be appalled or embarrassed about passing gas amongst strangers and friends.  I admit that this was my proudest moment of human expels simply because it accomplished two things: 1 – it got the crowd moving much quicker and 2 – it made my wife not feel so anxious anymore.  It was a very proud day!

Henry Scott