Welcome! I’m Henry Scott, the owner and author of franklinsfireplace.com blog site.  To give you a very brief summary of myself, I am a military veteran and served eight and a half years with the Maryland National Guard, including time served under Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Enduring Freedom.  I ended my military service in late 2006 and a couple of months later I would meet my future wife online, who was known in the blog world as labellanoire (French – “the black girl”).

At the time I met my future wife, I was in the civilian law enforcement field for three years, and still serving the public this day.  I began my law enforcement career in the military, then continued in the civilian sector, first in Maryland and now in Vermont.  Growing up I always found myself gravitated towards artistic subjects–writing and drawing.  I don’t draw much in my mature years now, but the desire is still there from time to time along with writing fictional stories, and sometimes real life experiences.  I hope to entertain you with my writings and you become a loyal follower.

Henry Scott

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