Well…I think we all grew up with things that astonished us and stuck in our minds as something either amazing or carried enough negativity that it can’t be washed away from our minds.  I believe I had mentioned in a prior post about my father once owned a Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon, and how I thought that was probably one of the best vehicles he ever had.  I wouldn’t say this was the best one he ever had, but the Pontiac Le Mans Station Wagon is one of those things that sticks in my memorable portion of the brain.  I remember this vehicle pretty well, practically all red and brown on the outside and all red interior.  As far as I can remember the one thing that stuck out with me on this vehicle was the rear lights in the rear bumper.  I was so amazed by this and often wondered why would they stick rear lights in the rear bumper knowing that the bumper is to protect you and take the brunt of the impact.  This amazed me so much that I would catch myself comparing my father’s car to others and how many other cars would have lights in the rear bumper.  Needless to say I didn’t or don’t remember seeing a lot of other cars with the same set up.

I don’t have much to really talk about with this car, except that this car had been through a lot with our family.  Only God and my father knows how long we had the station wagon, and where it came from, however, I believe it was traded in for another station wagon at a later date.  I often wonder how many of you out there have your parent’s car in your memory and what happened or how important that particular car played in your childhood?

Henry Scott