After being poked and prodded by the medical staff at the undisclosed airbase, Vince and Christina lie in their bed just staring at the ceiling waiting for lab test to come back.  Time seemed to have been going at a snail’s pace as they both lie in silence, which was soon broken when Vince’s door opens and in walks Dr. Melinda and her colleague.  Vince slowly sits up and tries to read their facial expressions, which is somewhat difficult through the oversize chemical suits.

MELINDA: Mr. Green? We seemed to have your test results and we have good news.

VINCE: Let me guess…I’m not infected or radioactive?

MELINDA: That is correct! However, your white blood cells are slightly elevated, but nothing is showing at the moment.

VINCE: Well…doesn’t that mean I do have an infection somewhere if my white blood cells are elevated?

MELINDA: You are only slightly elevated, which means an infection could be healing with no implications to be found.

VINCE: Good! That is good news.  What about Christina?

MELINDA: We haven’t been to see her yet, but her news will not be as good sounding.

VINCE: What…what the…what is wrong with her doc?

MELINDA: Radiation poisoning has consumed her organs, and her white blood cells have spiked and off the charts.

VINCE: (Turns his head to stare at Christina lying in the bed sleep) What can you do for her? Can she be saved?

MELINDA: To be honest we don’t know if we can do anything for her, except keep her comfortable.

VINCE: Oh my God.  She’s gonna die.  (Stunned by the news as he tries to gather his emotions) How much longer she has before she goes?

MELINDA: We don’t know for sure, but all we know is that her treatment will be to reduce the affects.

This has fallen on his emotional stability like a ton of bricks falling to the ground after demolition.  Struggling to process this new information, Dr. Melinda and her colleague leave his room and enters Christina’s room.  Vince couldn’t hear what she was being told, but knew the news hit her hard when she collapsed to the floor crying.  Witnessing this broke his heart and just made him feel the sorrow she was feeling at that time.  Dr. Melinda walks out of the room and leaves Christina on the floor to her own emotional devices.  Vince felt the want of yelling out to her name, but when he opened his mouth nothing came out.  He felt that keeping silence right now is the best thing and just stood there watching her breaking down.


Marcus, Jennifer, Luther and Brooke all sit approximately twenty feet apart, in a line, with hands and feet bound by shackles that is used for prisoner transports.  Sitting in the grass under the bright sun beaming down on their heads with no shade or overhead protection, Jennifer, sitting closes to the helicopter, can hear the men speaking and transmitting in their native Germany dialect.  Her German is very rusty and picking up on a few words became very difficult and this made her beat herself up for not sticking with in and at least able to figure out some of what is being spoken.  With all four of them spread apart, speaking without being heard became very challenging as they were told time and time again to shut up.

Luther is in the most pain as he is still suffering from his major injuries, and as time continues to pass with no treatment he risk suffering major infection in his extremities.  His well-being has now become a serious concern with each distraction and hurdle that derails them from seeking medical treatment.  Their German captures don’t seem to concerned to give him medical treatment, but according to their word they did call for an air ambulance.  Not able to confirm this story, Jennifer is forced to sit there and just wait for what will happen next.  However, she didn’t have to wait long when she heard a noise and the pilot slumped over the controls with blood pouring from the hole that suddenly appeared in the middle of his forehead.  For the first few seconds this concerns Jennifer as she looks around to see the reaction of the other soldiers, who don’t seem to notice.

She looks at her friends and none of them have even raised their heads to look up at anything in the past few minutes.  Whispers to Brooke, but she couldn’t hear her low whispers.  Suddenly, another noise is heard and Jennifer turns her head again and sees one of the soldiers fall completely to the ground with blood splattered on the side of the helicopter.  Almost immediately after he falls down, Marcus turns his head and saw the soldier lying on the ground.  He looks at Jennifer right in the eyes and it was almost as if they were speaking telepathically.  One of the soldiers walk from the other side of the helicopter, still smoking his pipe, and sees his comrade lying on the ground with his blood splattered on the side of the helicopter.

Scared to death, he reaches for his rifle and starts to point it along the tree line even though he can’t see anything.  He runs over to the pilot and sees that he already dead.  As soon as he yells out to his last remaining comrade, he takes a bullet in the head.  Drops immediately.  The last soldier standing saw the last second of his comrade’s body dropping to the ground.  Just as he rushes towards the helicopter to communicate the situation to his command, he gets shot twice in the head just as he keyed up the mic.  Unaware if anyone on the other side of the line heard what has happened or if he actually got a word out; the men must move quickly.  For a frightening few seconds Jennifer has no clue who is responsible for taking out the four soldiers with precise sniper fire, if they were next or if the person responsible is friend or foe. Within a few minutes, as Jennifer and her friends, are looking around at each other trying to figure out what has just happened.  Even Luther is preparing himself to feel an extremely fast projectile to penetrate his body, but that feeling never came.

Off in the distance, approximately a football length and a half, men started to creep out of the wood line in complete military gear.  As she sees the men quickly approaching them, the gear they are wearing becomes more visible and she can see they are wearing digital woodland camo.  Before she knew it the men were up on them unchaining them and giving them instructions to quickly move and flee the area.  Two of the men had to carry Luther out on a make-shift stretcher through the woods to safety.  Once safety was determined to be obtainable, they all picked a spot to stay hidden within the woods, but still able to see around them for anyone trying to sneak up.  It was at this moment Jennifer decided to speak up.

JENNIFER: Umm…who are you guys?

SGT. KUBEK: I’m Sergeant Kubek of the Maryland State Police.

JENNIFER: The good guys!! Thank God! Where did you guys come from?

SGT. KUBEK: Some of us are from the National Guard, and we all met up in downtown Baltimore.  Annapolis is gone.  Baltimore is gone.  Washington, D.C. is gone as well.

MARCUS: What the hell?! Washington, D.C….gone?!

SGT. KUBEK: Unfortunately, son so is our leader of the free world.

JENNIFER: Oh my God! President is dead.  Our government is gone.  Who the hell is running the country?

SGT. KUBEK: As far as we know…no one is in charge.  So any state governments that are still functioning are operating as independent states making deals with other state governments for resources and to restore law and order.

JENNIFER: Who do you have a deal with?

SGT. KUBEK: (Looks at her in deciding whether to tell her or not) We are working with the state officials of Pennsylvania and Delaware.  Right now we haven’t heard much about Virginia, except they are looking to reunite with West Virginia and forming their own alliance.

LUTHER: Are you guys on your way to Pennsylvania now?

SGT. MILLER (ARMY): We’re on our way to Camp David, the president’s compound for vacation has now turned into an intelligence gathering spot for us to check out.

SGT. KUBEK: The state senator is said to have been located and heard from the compound, but no one knows for sure.  So that is why we are heading their now and was hoping not to run into the U.N. bastards.

MARCUS: Why are they here anyway? Shouldn’t be our military handling everything anyway?

SGT. KUBEK: That’s the question that no one has been able to answer for us, and how no one knew they were coming.  Most of us smelled conspiracy from the start, but with obstacles at every turn we can’t make head way.

JENNIFER: We saw something falling out of the sky that had a bright red tail, but we couldn’t make it out.  The next thing I know we were thrown all over the place that created our injuries.

SGT. KUBEK: A bright red tail? An ICBM maybe? Something like that we should’ve had a head start if that was so.

SGT. MILLER: No ICBM I know give off a bright red tail.  The only thing that can give off such a color are things coming from out of space, penetrating the atmosphere.

JENNIFER: It looked like it came from very high up and it didn’t explode until it struck ground.  Marcus lost his eye sight for a while, but some miraculous reason he got it back.

SGT. KUBEK: Whatever the hell it was…made life completely different…and has blessed us a new curse on mankind.

JENNIFER: Can we go with you to Camp David?  We have no home and have nowhere to go.  At least allow us to come for safety and a place to stay for a few days.

Both sergeants hesitate to say yes, but upon considering the alternative and their best chance of survival they couldn’t with good hearts and minds to leave them to the road wolves.

SGT. KUBEK: We’ll let you come with us.  You guys can work for us and be our extra set of eyes.  Of course, your friend needs to heal before he could be moved beyond the compound.

JENNIFER: Thank you very much sir…we owe you with our lives.


ABIGAIL: Roger! Turn down the dam television! Are you deaf?!

ROGER: What do you want me to do, Abigail? You know some parts of the programing is low and I can’t hear it.

ABIGAIL: Doesn’t mean you have to have it up to decibal a thousand!

Reluctantly, Roger turns down the television and as soon as he did that a noise was heard hitting the window.  He turned towards the noise and ignored it until he heard gunshots in the distance.  First it was single gunshots then immediately followed up with automatic gunfire.  This caused him to turn the television and radio off, tell Abigail, his wife, to take cover and him going to retrieve his rifle and shotgun.  Without turning on his porch light, a Vietnam Veteran, knew that with the sound of gunfire nearby turning on his light would give the enemy an easy target.  Once outside, he crept around his front porch and slowly down the front steps.  More gunfire was heard in the distance, but definitely was closer to his property.

Roger made his way about ten yards away from his home looking and listening when suddenly rounds struck the ground around him and whizzed by his ear. Getting a glimpse of the muzzle flash in the distance, Roger advances towards the area ducking and weaving to find cover behind a huge bolder.  Just as he settles in behind the bolder, rounds ricocheting off the front.  For a brief second the sound of gunfire stops and gives Roger great concern, and after several minutes of waiting he slowly peeps his head around the bolder to only see the muzzle flash of a shotgun.  It wasn’t long before Abigail became another victim for the Carlos Gomez Drug Cartel; enduring hours of agony and torture before her life was tragically ended.  Numerous American and Mexican citizens lost their lives in skirmishes that popped up along the border for days and weeks.



VOICE ON OTHER END: Bogota, Columbia and Barcelona, Spain have been wiped off the map.

CARLOS GOMEZ: Thank you.  I’ll be in touch. (Directs his men to move out)


Next Publication – Fall 2017

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