Since July 2011 my wife has been dealing with an autoimmune disease, called lupus, and even this day we still keep learning different ways to fight and deal.  I’ve mentioned it before, but the best way I can describe this disease to someone is to have them imagine their worse case of the flu or pneumonia, and imagine that same feeling every single day for the rest of your life with no medicine to help.  It does get frustrating when my wife shares this information with people and one of the first things that is mentioned is to exercise.  You gonna exercise at the gym or at home when you have pneumonia and your joints are always achy and just under constant pain?  Imagine yourself going for a run with a fever of over 100 and every time you move your joints are tearing apart with each movement.  You think you can run through that pain and not pass out from the enormous stress your body will be under?  Probably not!

As of today there is no cure for this disease, and no specific test to determine if you have lupus or not.  Numerous tests must be done and the collection of all the tests taken are usually determined whether you have the disease.  Since moving to the northeast from the Mid-Atlantic region, her lupus flare ups and seizures have dropped dramatically, but the threat is always there for her to have either at anytime.  During the winter months her lupus is very much in remission and doesn’t cause much discomfort, but when it does it shows up in an ugly form.  Officially winter is over and with warm weather on the way, this is usually when her lupus starts to slowly rear its ugly head.  It’s bad enough that she is allergic to everything under the sun, but when those get going and her lupus is acting a fool you can only imagine the mess that goes on.  We don’t always have full warning of when her lupus will flare up and when seizures will come, but limiting the amount of stress that is there and making sure we eat the proper foods is one way to fight.

We are now entering into our second week of Spring and so far so good.  She’s beginning her new job at a new company and we can only pray that the lupus will allow her to perform to her best before it decides to be a hindrance.  The late spring early summer seasons are the worse with temperatures rising and the humidity high, but not as humid and hot as it would be in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Not to mention the doctor we see is more understanding and much more awesome than the ones we had in Maryland.  I’d travel across country and the pond to see this doctor! I’m not kidding with that notion either.  The medicines that my wife takes for her lupus helps her deal with it, but can be highly addictive.  With this as our main concern we are always looking for natural ways to help deal with her ailment, but at the same time we are not just going to try anything that everyone suggest.  Our main goal is to keep the stress level down for her and consume the proper foods.  Now that the bitter coldness of winter is behind us, we tend to change our diet to much more vegetables and fruits.

Coming up this May is Lupus Awareness Month and something that I am very passionate about.  Purple is the color of disease and I am looking at wearing something purple everyday for the entire month!

Henry Scott


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