Sometimes my wife and I get the energy to do something, such as wanting to go out and grace the public with our presence when we feel like dealing with people.  Yes, we are introverts, and our people energy is usually in the deficit by the time Friday evening comes around.  So that plays a big role on when I go out with people and why my ‘out time’ is so spread out.  Plus, not to mention I like being home and don’t like a lot of drama and issues that sometimes going out brings, but once in a while I don’t mind sharing my time with friends.  On this particular Saturday evening/late afternoon, we decided to go out for a drive and see where we end up.  We did this activity a lot in Maryland, and we ended up in Hershey and other parts of the area until our curiosity was fulfilled.  On this Saturday night we ended up doing just that, driving around until we felt it was time to head home back to our four legged kids.

Once we got in my truck we had no particular direction to go, except wherever I decided to go and turn.  Doing this sometimes actually helps us learn new routes and new ways of getting around places.  I ended up learning two roads that can help me get around traffic or road closures, but hopefully I will remember them when I need them.  At one point I lost which direction we were going, but since we didn’t have any particular direction to go it didn’t really matter where we ended up; however, certain streets and neighborhoods we avoided.  We found ourselves in Rotterdam, Schenectady, Watervliet (parts that are not just outside our neighborhood) and Niskayuna.  Not only was the drive fun and exciting, but very informative.  I saw parts of Niskayuna that I don’t remember seeing and saw beautiful houses that could be our goal one day to either purchase or build.  Living in this town would be too far of a commute for me, but nothing wrong with wishing and setting a goal for us.

During our travels through a sketchy part of Schenectady, we ended up passing by Union College and the car dealership where I bought my truck from last year.  As we drove down one of the sketchiest parts of the city, we came to a stop light and while waiting for the light to turn green my wife looked up to her right and noticed a crosswalk sign.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t be anything interesting to look at, but at closer examination you could see that the sign used to be a Dead End sign.  How we know? It was repainted or the letters were removed, but the imprints of the letters ‘Dead End’ were still present, it was placed upside down for whatever reason and they painted the shadow figure that represents crosswalk ahead.  Seeing this just made our night more interesting as we laughed our asses off at what we just observed.  I made the joke in a black ghetto voice overlay, “We need to save money! We’ll just use this sign and reuse it.  We need a crosswalk sign!”

This was just very amusing to us and only added to the interesting this we saw while driving through Rotterdam.  First thing, to me Rotterdam doesn’t seem to be a very appealing town to live in, but I suppose for some it is a new level above being in the trashy parts of Schenectady.  We learned of where one of the most interesting malls to visit in the Capital Region is in Rotterdam, but from what we could see it didn’t look all that interesting.  I suppose this is the mall where the aquarium is located, but that wasn’t what got our attention.  The thing we saw was a small gym, located in a small strip mall, called ‘Average Joe Fitness’.  It is a 24-hour gym, but as we drove passed it, it looked poorly lit and not very inviting.  This also became a butt of our jokes for the rest of our drive back into Schenectady.  As we drove back through Schenectady, we passed a house and looking at the house made us remember why some people end up getting burglarized.  This lady had all the blinds in the front of her house wide open where you could see her big HD television, lamps, furniture and other items placed around the family room.

We strangely didn’t see a lot of sketchy people outside during out drive, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t there.  Our whole drive lasted for maybe just over two and half hours, but we learned a lot, laughed a lot and add this to our many drive arounds.  If it wasn’t raining earlier in the day, we would’ve been out much earlier and probably saw a lot more to make fun of and talk about.  I’m not sure when we will have another drive around, but I’m pretty sure more things will be discovered, add to our list of adventures.  More to come I’m sure!

Henry Scott