Each and every Sunday, or at least once a week, we try to visit my wife’s mother and her step-father either for dinner or for other things to help them with.  Our Sundays over their house is usually uneventful, but on one particular Sunday, March 19, 2017, we had an event that would probably be engraved in our memories for a long time.  If you pay attention to the news, even if you don’t watch the news regularly, you at least know that most electronics are hackable and can be manipulated in one way shape of form.  This is my concern of us going all WiFi in our home and having to tend with our house becoming someone’s playground.  I’m very sacred about my home and people playing around with my sanctuary is not cool with me.  That is one thing that I am very protective of and if I am not aware of you coming to my home, you might get greeted with an attitude.

Anyways, going back to our normal Sunday dinners at my wife’s mothers’ house.  At this particular time of the incident, it’s just my wife, me and her mother watching NCAA Women’s Basketball (NC State vs Texas) when suddenly we here this high tone beeping beginning to bounce around inside the house.  All three of us start looking around very confused and at each other hoping someone would know what it was, but we had no idea what it was.  At the beginning we thought it was coming from near the dining room table, behind or near the china cabinet, but as we kept moving things around we never found the source.  We then started increasing our search to the family room, under the tables, in every corner of the first two rooms and then moved to the kitchen.  My wife thought it was maybe the oven or another electronic device in the kitchen before she told her mother it might be her alarm system going off.

We called to the downstairs apartment, where my wife’s uncle lives, and asked him was the alarm sounding downstairs, and he told us no.  So my mother-in-law got on the phone and started to speak to the alarm company about resetting the house alarm and having someone coming over to check the system.  As my mother-in-law was on the phone, my wife and I started check the bathroom, the other bedroom, checked the basement door, and her office.  In almost every room we checked, we could hear this awful high beeping continuing and getting louder and then suddenly quite down.  Even a few times the beeping stopped for a few seconds and began once again getting louder, continuing to bounce around the house.  At one point, we thought we had secured the sound in her parents bedroom and was very confident that we have located where the sound was coming from, but the challenge was to find what is the source.  We were so confident that we knew where it was coming from we told her mother it was coming from her bed, which is controlled by remote control.

Now, we began to search around the bed and when my wife moved one of the pillows it stopped, and when she moved the pillow again it started up again.  She even lifted up one side of the bed and I climbed underneath to unplug the entire bed and two lamps thinking this is it.  Well, we looked foolish when I unplugged the power strip from the wall and the beeping still didn’t stop.  Now, my wife and I are just about going nuts to figure out where is this beeping coming from, and if we don’t find this noise soon we may end up shutting off power to the whole house.  Each time I left the bedroom, and went out to the living room, I wouldn’t hear it except in her parents bedroom.  I did this at least a few times and thought it was settled, but when my wife came back out to the living room, the beeping noise started to bounce off the walls again.  OMG! THIS WAS DRIVING US NUTS!! Her mother thought it had stopped, but she doesn’t hear tones very well so we kept reminding her that no it hasn’t stopped!

We check the smoke detectors, nothing!  We checked the carbon monoxide detector and still nothing!  We tripled and quadrupled our efforts around the house and the beeping couldn’t be found, and with me partially deaf in my right ear, the tone wasn’t driving me crazy that way, but it was more so annoying.  Then finally, my wife went back into the first bedroom we checked and yelled to me that the noise is in there.  I went in there and closed the bedroom and the beeping got louder and seemed more condensed.  My wife, finally grabbed her phone from her hoodie pouch and stuck it up to her ear and finally located the source of the beeping.  She started to turn off the phone and restart it and the beeping noise started to stutter before coming to complete silence.  WHEW! We finally found the source of the issue, but now our concern was her phone hacked?  Her phone made this loud beeping noise that we have never heard before, and what made it so difficult to find was the screen was off and the noise kept bouncing around.

After at least thirty minutes of searching and driving ourselves completely crazy, the source of the beeping was eliminated and concerns of her phone being hacked was now our new concern.  Nothing has been found yet, but that was very weird and we are still tripping off that incident.  We just don’t know!

Henry Scott


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