How many people of their early twenties and teen years have heard of this vehicle, let alone seen it?  Well, I think a number of us in our thirties and older, maybe even people in their late twenties, have heard of this vehicle and actually seen it.  Going through my high school years, between 1993-1997, I knew of a few people that actually made it their mission to go out and buy this car.  I never really had much interest in this type of car since it was a two door and it seemed like every young black person I knew would have this as their car at one point.  A friend, who lived at the cul-de-sac in our neighborhood, owned a nice gold one, which only seemed to be owned by a lot of young black men with tinted windows, and with his driving style ended up wrecking it. Of course, other versions came out into the nineties.

I wonder how many of you remember owning one, knew someone who owned one and always wanted one, but never got it?

Henry Scott