“Things can change in an instant”

Tonight, just minutes after midnight, a meteor shower is scheduled to occur in the views of millions of viewers in the western sky.  Taking advantage of this scenario are a group of friends, two teenage couples, who have decided to get together at a scenic overlook that gives them an unimpeded view of most of the town of Frederick.  A small city-town in the northern part of Maryland that is culturally diverse and has slowly become an economical center point in the crab state.  To also capitalize on that situation, Marcus Dubois and his long term girlfriend, Jennifer Stunner, are at the Frederick Mall spending money and wasting time prior to the meet at the overlook.  Watching the clock, Marcus grabs Jennifer’s hand and pulls her towards a jewelry store that has rings and necklaces displayed in front of the store.  As they both look through the glass cases to browse the selections, Jennifer tugs his hand to get his attention and points to a necklace directly in front of her.  When Marcus saw the item she was pointing at, his eyes got immediately big and received the major impulse to buy it right away.

He quickly got the retailer’s attention and made it known that the necklace outlined in royal blue and purple with a small diamond in the middle is the one he wants.  Within minutes after Jennifer pointing it out she had the very same necklace now hanging from her neck.  The grin that came from her face was just exciting for Marcus and made him lose his sense of reality when looking in her green eyes.  Suddenly, the intercom in the mall made an announcement that they were closing in about thirty minutes, which snapped Marcus out of his trance.  He glanced down at his wrist watch and saw that they were late leaving and needed to hurry up to meet Luther and Brooke, the other teenage couple, at the scenic overlook.  As Marcus and Jennifer rush from the mall to the overlook, Brooke and Luther begin to settle themselves in a spot where they can easily see the entire town and an unimpeded view of the night sky.  Brooke checks her watch and sees that Marcus and Jennifer are late, but doesn’t quite begin to worry.

Luther walks back to his car and pops the trunk to grab a cooler full of alcohol, chicken wings, water, soda and chips.  A few minutes later, after Luther and Brooke have everything laid out and start to worry, Marcus and Jennifer can be heard speeding up the roadway to the overlook spot that was previously marked for them to meet.  Brooke and Luther watches them quickly pull into the parking space next to Luther’s car and exit.  They both started walking towards the previous meeting spot, but Brooke yells to them to come meet up with them at a different location.  Marcus and Jennifer run up the hill to meet with their friends, where Luther immediately hands them both a can of beer and sit opposite of their counterparts.  For the next few hours of beer drinking and just having a good time, Luther pulls Marcus to the side to have a private conversation with him.  As Marcus and Luther are engaged in their private get together, Brooke and Jennifer decides to have one of their own where Jennifer shows off her new purchase.

Not knowing which each other group was talking about, they join up together and continue to party like nothing happened.  Just before the clock turned midnight, Brooke and Luther fell asleep on each other under a tree while Marcus and Jennifer are standing next to each other holding hands overlooking the town.  Jennifer leans her head on Marcus’s shoulder as she looks up and starts to see flashes in the clear night sky.  She alerts Marcus and runs over to wake up Brooke and Luther to the upcoming event.  They quickly wake up to her bright enthusiasm to what is about to take place and urgently get to their feet.  Both couples stand next to each other with the men having their arms wrapping and holding their significant other.  No conversation was heard between them as they focused their eyes on the rapid flashing that’s happening above them.  Within minutes after the meteor shower started more significant mass objects, which were believed to be meteors, entered the atmosphere displaying colorful tails before evaporating.  Just minutes before things changed forever, Jennifer pulled out her phone and began to video the historical event so she could look at it over and over again, and maybe even share with her kids one day.

Suddenly one object entering the atmosphere caught Luther’s eye directly above them.  He points and alerts to Brooke, Marcus and Jennifer, who points her cell phone towards the incoming object.  As Jennifer follows it with her phone, she notices that the tail of the incoming meteor is bright red while others are blue and/or white, looks bigger and moving much quicker.  She follows the object with her phone until it is out of sight behind some trees at which she turns back around to continue to watch the night show.  Seconds after she turns around, a hollow boom was heard followed by a very harsh rumble under their feet.  This takes them out of their trance that they were in gazing at the night sky, causing them to look at each other as if they were asking each other telepathically what just happened.  Looking around nothing could be seen, but more rumbling could be felt continuing under their feet that made it very hard to keep their balance.  Marcus looks up and sees another object resembling the one Jennifer saw a few minutes before having a bright red tail trailing behind.  Jennifer once again got her phone to follow the object falling through the atmosphere when she then witnessed the unthinkable.  When the object didn’t evaporate like other meteors still penetrating the night sky, it gave her pause.

The object struck the center of town and immediately blasted a bright white light and an explosion that blew the couples off their feet down a hill.  As the couple tumble down the hill towards the parking lot and amongst the prickly bushes, the entire town immediately engulfed in flames with a mushroom cloud climbing several miles up towards the atmosphere.  The chaotic scene below the overlook was censored to the teenage couples while they suffered major injuries and concussions lying at the bottom of the hill.  Unknown to them people have disintegrated and died in an instant, the immediate atmosphere’s temperature raised to approximately 10,000 degrees in an instant.  Being blown away from the initial blast of wind saved them from the immediate aftermath of the falling object exploding and radiating tremendous amount of heat into the atmosphere.  Several minutes Marcus begins to move and start removing tree branches and other foreign debris away from his body as he attempts to regain his footing of reality.  He notices that everything was completely dark, but the smell of smoke and the windy silence overwhelms him senses.

He starts to call out to his girlfriend Jennifer with no immediate answer from her, but hears someone stirring near him.  He reaches out towards the shuffling and what feels like long curly hair and a possible windbreaker material.  Marcus remembers that Jennifer wore a jean jacket and that Brooke was wearing Luther’s windbreaker before everything went completely south.  Brooke’s voice was heard by his ears, but he could tell that she was in serious pain as she cried out from each movement.  She reached out towards Marcus thinking it was Luther, but quickly realized who it was when her hand brushed against his jean pant leg.  Luther wore jogging pants that matched his windbreaker material of his jacket and knew that Marcus was the only one wearing jeans that night.  She began to ask questions about Luther and Jennifer, which Marcus couldn’t answer truthfully because he honestly didn’t know where they were and if they were even near.  Things only got worse for him when he heard Brooke mentioned something about the bright moon, which is immediately above him.  Not able to see the bright moon completely and to only see the radiant light illuminating, made his heart skip several beats and the realization that he could be completely blind.  The news of this in his mind is a very shocking reality as the weight of Brooke climbing over his legs sends pain shooting upward.  Now, with this new reality being laid upon him without requesting it, his life has not only changed, but his personal being has now taken a tremendous bruise.

Next Publication (Part I) – February 18, 2017

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