Reading this article was pretty interesting and how this might be true.  Putting myself into the mindset of a black man getting constant racism comments and threats (which in reality for me doesn’t happen so no need to worry), I can see how this can be the best way to handle the issue.  Seeing white people going after other white people for racist comments and actions from personal experience, this seems to have more of an affect than blacks or other minority groups going after white people.  Most of us probably don’t want to except this fact in front of us, but the reality is that this could definitely be a battle ground to allow happen.  However, could this be the only way to handle it?  I still think that other groups besides white people can still have an impact on changing minds and hearts, but all in all this fight definitely means we all need to come together and fight this battle on one front.

The specter of ethnic violence hangs over the United States. US president-elect Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric about Muslims, Mexicans and other groups have appealed to white nationalists, and racist attacks appear to be on the rise since his victory. Trump has a track record of encouraging violence [paywall], and minority groups in the US feel…

via Decades of research show that the most powerful strategy to fight racism requires white people — Quartz