I know most people are going to say, “Let it go! He’s already president! Nothing you can do about it!” Well, the reality is that this isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and will keep rearing its ugly head from time to time.  You can’t get rid of it and you won’t get rid of it no matter how annoyed of it you get.  We all better hope that this will be the only issue we will have with Trump, but I feel like this won’t be the last issue; it is only the beginning.

When finally admitting that Russia hacked the US election, Donald Trump insisted on one thing: that it didn’t affect the overall result. A senior member of Congress, Democrat John Lewis, disagrees, telling NBC in an interview that he doesn’t recognize Trump’s victory. “I don’t see the president-elect as a legitimate president,” said Lewis, a legendary…

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I am honestly not excited about his inauguration coming up and actually concerned about how people will react and be during his speech.  I can only laugh and wonder what the hell were some thinking…he’s here now so we can only wait and see what he will do and hopefully be successful at it.

The latest survey by Gallup suggests that Donald Trump is wildly unpopular for someone who is about to take the oath of office as US president. Charted here are the pre-inauguration approval ratings for the US president-elect and his three immediate predecessors, based on polls taken the week before each man’s inauguration. Even George W.…

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See! This is why we have airspace limitations on drones and where they can and can’t be flown.  Although the city of Seattle doesn’t have such statutes, police can still charge you with wreckless endangerment.  Before you start flying your drone all around town or city, you need to learn how to use it and be smart with it.

On Dec. 31, a drone pilot thought it would be nice to film Seattle’s most iconic structure, the Space Needle. The video started off well—beautiful, sweeping shots, taken during a stereotypically grey Seattle day—but then the drone takes a sudden turn, careening into its target at full tilt. A group of people were working on…

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Now, if you do any type of traveling through the Mid-Atlantic and/or the Northeast region of the United States, you will or have seen a WAWA convenient store and gas station. These types of stores are definitely a huge help when you are on the road for a long time and need some refreshments to refuel your adventure.  Even if you don’t know or never heard of a WAWA, if you know Paulin’s, Stewarts, Sheetz and Rucker’s they are all the same and pretty much stock the same items with a different layout and employees.  Each store, of course, has its own signature mark, but they are all the same in the sense of their mission in serving the public.  However, a store like this should not be your main source of problems for the police to always be around, and deal with damn foolishness.

Near the most problematic intersection, Knox Road and Baltimore Avenue (U.S. Rt. 1) just up the hill several feet was a convenient store named WAWA. It was located in the College Park Shopping Center with CVS, Domino’s, Boston Market, which disappeared, and Chipotle.  This was indeed a huge blessing for us on patrol for a short while since it meant we didn’t have to reside ourselves to eating McDonald’s, 7-Eleven and Burger King all the time.  Of course, you could bring your lunch or dinner with you, but any officer who has done patrol in an urban or heavily populated area knows that is not always feasible.  Nevertheless, a WAWA began out as a blessing, but quickly turned into a curse!  I never knew one place; one store could be the main source of your problems in the city and neighboring areas.

Who would’ve known by having the WAWA removed from the area, our service calls dropped liked nearly 50%!! Yes! 50%!! This particular WAWA brought out the most ghetto acting and idiotic individuals you could possibly see!  You know what?!  This was located in the heart of Prince George’s County, Maryland, the supposedly the richest county for black people.  However, it was mostly black people that ruined it for the store, but some other races aren’t blame free either in this.  Most of our gun calls, shots fired, fights and parking lot brawls involved black people.  Most of our shoplifting, urinating in public and urinating inside the store, eating food without purchasing and disturbances were committed by white people.  Whenever we dealt with Knox and 1 being out of control, it was usually a mixture of both races getting into fights, breaking shit and causing traffic jams.

I’ve been inside the WAWA numerous times when I would patrol at night and catch someone trying to walk out with a bottle of Gatorade, chips rustling around in the purse or pockets and whatever else they could fit on their persons without paying! Throughout the midst of this mad chaos that was nearly a nightly basis; the staff there was just overwhelmed, but nice people.  It got so bad that we offered to work overtime and do security for the store, but we were turned down; even though the store was bleeding money of about $30,000 a quarter!!  Yes!! Thirty thousand dollars a quarter!!  Still WAWA wanted nothing to do with store security, but never gave their employees a chance to succeed, which I think the corporate probably regretted the idea of having one there and waited for it to fail.  If that was the case, then they got what they wanted!

Several think that our huge spike in armed and strong armed robberies were influenced by the attractiveness of WAWA, and the type of people it just attracted. While it was there I did get involved with one of the female employees there, but that was definitely short lived when I slept with her one time, and all that was a mistake.  For nearly every single morning, even when I wasn’t scheduled to work that day, she would call my job looking for me, and got to the point where the dispatchers knew who she was just by the sound of her voice.  Sometimes she would call around the same time every damn morning, and I finally gave her my cell phone number to stop calling my job, but she still kept doing it.  Quickly I discovered this was a crazy bitch, and that I needed to get rid of her with the quickness.  So one night on my way home, I heard my cell phone ring and it was her, Joy was her name, and just laid into her, “Stop calling me, stop calling my job and just leave me the fuck alone!  Unless you have an emergency, a police emergency, do not call my cell phone or my job!  You could’ve been friends with benefits, but you fucked that up!!”

Needless to say after that interaction with her, she disappeared and I never saw her again, and shortly after that the WAWA left the area. This WAWA just jacked everything up for us, and we knew that Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays would be the Wild West!  It got to the point that the 7-Eleven across the street was getting the brunt of the problems.  I can’t tell you how many times we had to break up gatherings of people hanging in front of the WAWA, which was 24/7, and most of them would head across Knox Road to the 7-Eleven and fuck that store up.  I mean, things were just all around out of control with that WAWA store being in the area, and almost as quickly as it began when the WAWA officially closed down and left the city, our service calls dropped like the ball on New Year’s Eve.  It was absolutely amazing how things became calm once that store left and took all of the negativity with it, the nice employees and good food!  Once again we were stuck with our usual food choices at night, which included Taco Bell and later on a Royal Farms.  But, if you thought our problems were over, you would need to think again!  Building more student housing and with talk about extending Metro through campus just brought more wretchedness.

Wait until I get into the Black Student Union socials! Oh my goodness!  Our WAWA problems all over again in a more condensed area!  Stay tuned for that one!

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Growing up in the eighties and early nineties, Alf was one of my favorite shows to watch.  I can’t remember when it would come on television, whether it was daily or once a week, but laughing my ass off was something I did all the time.  I wonder sometimes if some of the shows came back today, how would they fair up against today’s generation?  The show began in September 1986 and went off the air in March 1990.  I would watch reruns of the show, but I don’t think I saw every single one.  I’ve attached some clips of the show to this post.

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“Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles

Around the time of January 5, 1986 this music group was being listened all over America, and possibly across the pond into Europe.  This hit was in the top ten that week of 1987 along with “Notorious” by Duran Duran, “Shake You Down” by Gregory Abbot and “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung who were also included in this Throwback Thursday Music Edition.  Enjoy!

(Notorious B.I.G., the late rapper, sampled a song from this Duran Duran hit!)


Reading this article was pretty interesting and how this might be true.  Putting myself into the mindset of a black man getting constant racism comments and threats (which in reality for me doesn’t happen so no need to worry), I can see how this can be the best way to handle the issue.  Seeing white people going after other white people for racist comments and actions from personal experience, this seems to have more of an affect than blacks or other minority groups going after white people.  Most of us probably don’t want to except this fact in front of us, but the reality is that this could definitely be a battle ground to allow happen.  However, could this be the only way to handle it?  I still think that other groups besides white people can still have an impact on changing minds and hearts, but all in all this fight definitely means we all need to come together and fight this battle on one front.

The specter of ethnic violence hangs over the United States. US president-elect Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric about Muslims, Mexicans and other groups have appealed to white nationalists, and racist attacks appear to be on the rise since his victory. Trump has a track record of encouraging violence [paywall], and minority groups in the US feel…

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