2016: A Year In Review

WELL…the year has come to an end and I’m pretty sure most of us are ready for this new year to begin!  I’m sure most of you will be hitting the gym at the first or near the first of the new year, but can you be the ones to continue past the two week mark?  Challenge yourself and you might be surprised.

This year for my wife and I have been up and down, and brought rewards and sadness as the months went by.  From my memory this is what I have ended up with for our 2016 in review…

(1) HUBBY: My 2003 Nissan Pathfinder was totaled by some dumbass while it was parked in front of my mother-in-laws house in Albany, NY.  Of course, he saw my wife come out the house and the bastard sped off.  Although I have no idea if the person was ever caught, I was blessed with a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder, great condition and black, and I LOVE IT!!!

(2) WIFEY: Our lease for the 2009 Jeep ended in November and we were able to replace her truck with another newer one, a 2012 Nissan Murano.  We officially became a Nissan family!

(3) HUBBY: I enrolled in college at Empire State College, a SUNY school member, and finished my first semester studying Emergency Communications/Management!  So proud of myself and, of course, looking to do many more!

(4) WIFEY & HUBBY: Well, even though we didn’t count on it we ended up with two cats, when we only planned for one.  Now as the year winds down, our one and only dog son, Romeo, has finally gotten better with them here, but now he enjoys terrorizing them on occasion.

(5) WIFEY & HUBBY: Witnessed history in the making of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in over a century!!

(6) WIFEY & HUBBY: Witnessed the presidential election steer towards a candidate that some did not see coming…Donald Trump!

(7) HUBBY: Have now been compared to the Love Boat character, “Isaac” by another co-workers/friends wife, which is now a running joke! Got to love it!!

(8) WIFEY: Found the movie “Blacula” and if you are not aware of this joke, which began late last year then you are not in the loop! Lol! Yes! It is somewhat related to the previous message about “Isaac”.

(9) HUBBY: Survived two accidents and discovered I have an old compression fracture in my T12! Beautiful!

(10) WIFEY & HUBBY: Celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary and our tenth year of knowing and being with each other! Go us!!

(11) HUBBY & WIFEY: Celebrated one more birthday!

(12) WIFEY: Getting dental work done that was long overdue! Yay! Me next for the following year!

(13) HUBBY: I was forwarded a YouTube video of me dancing during a traffic detail! YouTube famous maybe?

(14) WIFEY & HUBBY: One of our favorite videos this year!

(15) HUBBY: Had bronchitis for the first time in my life and it really sucked!!

(16) HUBBY: Lost driver side tire on my 2003 Nissan Pathfinder in the middle of I-87 just outside of Albany! Scary shit when your rim and tire come completely off at 55mph during morning commute.

(17) HUBBY: Enjoyed my time in NYC for the first time in a long time, especially when we were in Harlem.

(18) WIFEY & HUBBY: Started using a Brita filter and it has made a difference! We need to stick with this practice!

(19) WIFEY & HUBBY: Enjoyed a summer afternoon/evening at the Harriman Reservoir just the three of us (Romeo).

(20) That’s the end of it for now…See you in 2017!