I might be a registered Democrat, but I am not always loyal to my party when the presidential elections are in full affect.  But if I had to choose right now between the two, I would have to go with Hilary Clinton (with reservations).  We can all sit here and say she lies and will do this, and will do that, but my conscious just can’t get behind Donald Trump 100 percent.  If you are waiting for one politician to come into this political war zone with a background as white as a plain sheet of paper, you are definitely living in a world that has mounted cops on unicorns and gold platted sidewalks.

You have to go into a political race, especially this presidential marathon, with reservations and ready to hear and see dirt being flung around like grass shooting out from underneath the lawnmower; landing all over the place.  As a politician, you have to be ready for people and the media to bring up old shit that people may have already forgiven you for, forgotten about and/or still struggle with.   Just make sure that if you are going to bring up someone’s old history just to make them look bad to their voters, you better damn well make sure that your history is clean or impossible to retrieve.

If you are going to be throwing boulders and cinder-blocks through people’s tinted windows to expose what is inside, then don’t be surprised when someone plows through your house with a semi and blows it up.  I’ve never been so nervous over a presidential elections as much as this one, but I have confident that Hilary will win the White House and once again history will be made; the first female president in the United States.  I already knew that this would be a tight race, but in the end she will be in the Oval Office serving our country.  My first thought of thinking about Donald Trump getting into the Oval Office, is that World War III will commence!  I’m no expert in prophesying the future, but I do listen to my instincts a lot.  I could very well be wrong, but in a short time will tell.

Henry Scott

Before the first US presidential debate, Donald Trump threatened to rattle Hillary Clinton by inviting Gennifer Flowers to the event, one of many women alleged to have had an affair with her husband, Bill Clinton. During the debate, he threatened to drop more bombshells about the former president’s well-publicized infidelities: “I was going to say…

via We will have gender equality when a woman with five kids from three husbands is running for president — Quartz

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