Formal Scientific Name: Mitragyna Speciosa


On October 13, 2016 just after 10:30 am,, released an article that the Drug Enforcement Administration withdrawals their kratom ban and opens a formal comment period.  After numerous objections, including members of Congress, petitioners and other voices within our society, the DEA finally listened and seems to be willing to at least act like they are interested in hearing your comments.  The ban was first put into place because of two chemicals (alkaloids): mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine; the comment period is open until December 1, 2016.  I personally want to thank everyone who signed the petition, along with over 150 thousand people, and forcing the DEA to make an adjustment on a natural plant that helps thousands of people.  People and petitions can make a difference!

All this started on August 31, 2016 when the DEA decided to put kratom on the ban schedule I because of the two alkaloids it contained.  The two alkaloids that are contained in the plant have been linked to numerous deaths, according to the DEA, and have no medical uses except being abused.  On the contrary, numerous of people, thousands and thousands of people have already commented the awesome and good use of the kratom powder.  With my wife having lupus, this powder has done wonders for her lupus symptoms and have made it much easier to deal with her chronic illness.  The nervousness that surrounded our soul when the DEA first announced this ban bothered us severely, and made me very concerned about my wife’s future medical concerns.  My wife has been on this powder for several months and keeps her from popping numerous painkillers that may or may not ease the severe joint pain.

Three separate actions by congressional representatives were also issued over the last month: a letter of objection to the Office of Management and Budget by Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) and Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) signed by 51 members of the House of Representatives, a Dear Colleague objection led by Sen Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and a strong letter to DEA from Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). –

If you want more detailed information on this powder substance and the medicinal claims for it, check out the website cited underneath the plant picture post above.  Without this kratom powder in my wife’s medicine cabinet, I could only imagine, which brings fear to her heart, that she possibly be addicted to the painkillers.  Numerous painkillers on a constant basis would destroy her liver, kidneys, heart and other internal organs, which will and already be affected by her lupus.  We want to minimize the affects of the lupus destroying her organs by her having the ability to purchase this powder, not increase the potential of serious injury or death by her always taking painkillers.  Many people have used kratom to kick heroin, alcohol and any other substance abuse that controlled them for many many years.  I don’t understand why you would want to step in the way of something that can help millions of people kick drug and alcohol habits, and make those people seek other ways to treat themselves.

It would almost be immediately that heroin usage would jump extremely high and many would probably revert back to what took control of them in the first place.  Managing my wife’s lupus using kratom has been very helpful, but we also understand how the federal government works; looking at a replacement in case the DEA decides to be assholes and replace the ban.  At this point and time we are thankful that this has gone our way right now and I feel that it will stay this way for a while, but our fight doesn’t end here.  If you are on the side of people being treated with less influence of the pharmaceutical industry, join the fight and comment!  We finally have a potential good and natural way to defend ourselves from chronic illnesses and substance abuse!  We don’t need more people walking around drugged up and high on painkillers, which would overwhelm recovery centers and hospital beds.  We were all taught cause and effect in every decision you make and I swear members in high positions, sometimes, don’t think in that fashion.  My wife’s health is on the line nearly everyday and if you want to mess with something that works for her and helps her deal with her lupus, I will fight you to the end!  I tend to do that with this kratom issue.

Henry Scott

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It has been so long since I remember this situation, but I remember what I saw and who I saw.  I barely remember who was with me when we saw this happening in front of us, but I can say seeing her years later doing her thing made me feel somewhat good.  However, I have no idea what mental scars she is or had been dealing with since that day, but it seems like from the outside she’s doing pretty well.  The situation that I am referring to is witnessing a girl, average age around early twenties, being pushed out of a car and left on the side of the road in our neighborhood.  I only remember seeing a black car, sedan, speeding through, opening the rear door and girl being pushed out of the car.  Then the car sped off to never be seen again.

When we saw this happening, you can imagine our young minds couldn’t make out in detail what was going on.  A few of us went sprinting up the street towards her to see if she was okay, which she was, but didn’t expect to see the condition she was in.  Once we got to her, we could see that her pantyhose were ripped, snot or mucus bubbling out of her nose, laughing uncontrollably, feeling sad and then happy, her blouse was ripped, missing a shoe and noticed that a few toes were broken.  I have to say this was something none of us have ever seen before, but we knew that she needed help and that we needed to make sure she didn’t come into anymore danger.  I have no clue what would’ve happened if the car came back to either finish her off or to get rid of witnesses.

I don’t remember when the help got there, but I remember her being picked up by the ambulance crew and hauled off to the hospital.  Either county or state police responded, but I don’t remember anything of the interview and what was asked.  I just know that we left the scene feeling good about ourselves because we felt like we just saved someone’s life.  After that day we never saw or heard anything about her for months and even a few years.  All of us remember seeing her around the neighborhood numerous times, but we never really interacted with her on a regular basis.  Then one day, years later, I saw her walking down the same street we found her on in a work uniform, listening to headphones and just minding her own business.  I often at times wanted to approach her and talk to her but not knowing if she would even remember or want to rehash the situation.  So for the longest time I would just see her walking down the street and not even talk to her about it or if the people involved were ever caught.

I don’t regret not ever knowing about her resolve with the whole situation, but I was just happy to know she continued to do her thing.  Many months and years later I’ve moved up north and don’t know if she is still living in the same neighborhood.  I just know her name as either Tori or Lori, but outside of that I have no clue of her well-being.  I think at the moment we found her it was our first time we saw a victim of a sexual assault and possibly drugged out of her mind.  Years later I can still hear the laugh she was bellowing out, mumbling words and her lying on her back just rolling around.  No one should have to witness that and especially young kids who are still gripping about how to feel about themselves and gain their own personality.

Henry Scott


Wetsuits are typically bulky and heavy, but scientists at MIT studied beavers to create a new rubbery material that could be used to make lighter and warmer wetsuits. Beavers stay warm and dry underwater because their dense layers of fur trap pockets of warm air. Inspired by these creatures, the scientists experimented with different hair…

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If you are looking for each presidential candidate to say or do one particular thing to change or decide for you, you may be waiting for a very long time.  We are at a point now where we just have to make a decision and pray it is a good one.  Although there are other candidates out there, there efforts are useless and may take away votes from one of the two candidates.  However, I don’t think it will be significant enough to cause a huge discrepancy.  Time will tell and time is shrinking!

After a recording of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women was revealed last week, the Republican presidential candidate needed a miracle to redeem himself among women voters. But at last night’s presidential debate, he only continued to anger them. A poll by CNN on the night of the debate, Oct. 10, showed that women…

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