Now that things in my life has settled down some, I can get back to my writing and get back to entertaining you with my stories; sometimes funny and sometimes gut-wrenching. This one today is a reminder of how families on different levels of understanding can be a detriment and make tensions last for a very long time.  The memory of this small, but significant incident, in my life comes back from time to time when I see kids of other families being caught up in the nasty and unforgiving game of tug of war.  Growing up in the small town of Bladensburg, Maryland, I think I had a pretty normal life as a kid and enjoyed being a kid with a girl next door being my “girlfriend”.  Outside of that things within the family, just like other families in this world, were unsettling at times, but like the saying goes ‘you can’t chose your family, you can choose your family’.  Just like anyone as time goes on, and you live through this life, things will burn a memory stump in your brain and that you will never forget.  Well, this is one of them, however, I do want to say that no-ill feelings are still present, but like another saying goes, ‘Forgive, but never forget!’

I am not exactly sure how this whole thing started, but I do remember my father wanting to take me my grandmother’s house, God rest her soul, when she was living in NW D.C. Now, this is something I know for sure I didn’t want to do, but at a young age your voice in certain situations don’t really matter.  As this whole situation is unfolding right before me, I remember my mother being very against of making me go to grandma’s house since I didn’t want too.  Well, as tensions rose, of course, mom and dad got into an argument about whether I was going to stay home or go to D.C.  The next thing I know is that I was in between my parents with mom having one arm and dad having my other arm.  Both are yanking on me back and forth, which was very terrifying and caused me to begin crying uncontrollably.  After a few seconds, which felt like an eternity, I heard one of my sister’s yell out ‘you’re hurting him!’  At that point my mother reluctantly let go of my arm and the next thing I remember is in the car with my father very scared.  I don’t remember much of the ride to my grandmother’s house and what transpired while being there, except for one incident that caused me to burst into tears once more.

Don’t remember whether I was told to go upstairs or I went up on my own, but sometime later I crept back down the steps about halfway. It was at this time I heard my mother being talked about, which would make any kid upset.  Thank God I don’t remember what was exactly being said, but I do know that whatever was being said made me upset and almost caused me to yell out to them at the top of my lungs to make them stop.  It was like God Himself, put his hand over my mouth to keep me from saying anything and to not make the situation worse for myself.  After that time of being on the steps, I don’t remember what happened later that night or the next morning.  I just know for a long time after that night, I held a lot of anger, which thankfully over time dissipated, but like coming out of surgery and going through the healing process, scars are the result.  Nowadays, in my older years (LOL) I can look back at that time and almost laugh how things transpired and wondered how I didn’t hold hatred later in my years.  God is the only way on that front.

I realize that some people close to me, and/or in the family may read this and have their own opinions. I respect that and that is why no names are being stated in this story, however, if you are close to the family you know exactly who was involved and how things went.  I am a much happier man in my older years and barely hold any of those negative emotions towards anyone anymore.  Oh well!  Time and life goes on!

Henry Scott


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