Umm…I don’t know what university or college campus that would allow this to happen in this country, but we know how movements or idea work in this world.  I used to work at an university and glad I didn’t see this happening, but with today’s generation grown up or after them may try this concept.  I don’t have kids, but worked around numerous types of kids and I have to say this will only create more anxiety and more stress for the family before finally going separate ways.  To each its own I suppose, but as far as I know I am not and would not stay outside my kids dorm.

As the new school year starts in China, many colleges are welcoming not only students, but their parents too. Universities across China are setting up tents and makeshift accommodations for parents staying overnight when they drop off their children at the start of the semester. Schools are debating whether the practice is undermining young people’s…

via Chinese parents sleep in “tents of love” outside their college kids’ dorms to make the goodbyes easier — Quartz


WHAT TERM DO YOU USE? “Reducing”, “Downsizing” or “Throwing away”?

The decluttering movement is gaining momentum, with more and more people downsizing their material possessions to jettison the literal and figurative baggage they are carrying around in their lives. There’s good science behind the effort: too much clutter can be debilitating, creating a sense of noise that negatively impacts people’s ability to focus and process…

via If reducing clutter makes you feel better, why does throwing things away feel so awful? — Quartz