LAB GROWN MEAT: Will be known as “clean meat”!

There’s an effort afoot to change the the way people perceive high-tech versions of old-fashioned food—and it’s happening far outside the laboratory. For years, food technology companies have referred to their products as “cultured” or “lab-grown,” but as these new businesses start to make a first foray into the public eye, they are also pushing…

via To lure people put off by the freakiness of lab-made meat, this is what the industry wants to call it — Quartz


AFGHANISTAN, SOMALIA & SYRIA: Top three refuge nations.

The number of people driven from their homes by wars and persecution has hit a record high, with the majority stemming from just three countries. Annual data released by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) show that the number of displaced people in the world topped 65 million last year, for the first time in the…

via Just three countries produce half the world’s refugees — Quartz