WALMART: How Many Jobs Are in Jeopardy?

Now I might be only speculating on this, but I wonder how much of the minimum $15/hour wage issue is pushing changes in the giant retailer?  I personally think that many companies and organizations may be happy to go with the minimum wage plan if they are going to replace employees with computerized employees and associates.  For me, it was easy to foresee things going backwards with the new minimum wage plan and not think that prices will increase, more computerized jobs will be created and others are going to have hours reduced.  I am afraid that we will see more topics like this and more people either being replaced by computers, reassigned or find themselves working much harder than expected.  I don’t know exactly how this will play out, but only time will tell.  When we start paying almost twelve dollars for a value meal at McDonald’s, then you might see it might not have been a good idea to raise the minimum wage.  I can only hope that I am wrong, but as I said it will be months and months before we know for sure.

Add retail accounting jobs to the list of occupations under threat from machines. Walmart is eliminating about 7,000 back-office positions at its stores, with the jobs either being centralized or automated, The Wall Street Journal reported (paywall). The employees, among the highest paid in its stores, tally the day’s receipts or manage invoices from suppliers.…

via Walmart is eliminating white-collar positions, and that means every job is under threat — Quartz


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