My wife brought it to my attention a few days ago that we just had Aaliyah’s 15th death anniversary, which was on August 25, 2016.  As I thought about what she told me, I thought back and remembered that I was listening to her songs a few days ago on the anniversary of her death.  Wow!  That was kind of creepy that I subconsciously did that and was honoring her without actually honoring her.  With that being said, I think we lost one of the most talented and most beautiful female artists in our time.  I remember I was still living at home with my mother in Maryland when I heard the news of her dying in a plane crash.  Some of us got to know her exploits with R. Kelly and how that whole situation went down and the marriage.  How fitting for her to dye two weeks before the worse attack in the United States since Pearl Harbor on September 11, 2001.  Below are some videos to honor her life.



Congratulations to the Nigerian national soccer team for winning the bronze medal!  Also they ended up richer and with thousands in their pockets from a Japanese plastic surgeon.  Another wonderful story you will read about after the Olympics ended.

After defeating Honduras in the third place match at the Olympics soccer event on Saturday (Aug. 20), Nigeria’s players ended up with bronze medals on their necks and thousands of dollars in their pockets—thanks to Katsuya Takasu, a Japanese plastic surgeon. The grinning Takasu flew into Rio to rewarded the team with $390,000 for their…

via A Japanese plastic surgeon gave Nigeria’s Olympics soccer team $390,000 for coming third — Quartz