TARGET: Fake Egyptian Sheets (Part II)

The Egyptian cotton scandal troubling one of India’s largest textile makers is a snapshot of a global shortage. American retailer Target ended all contracts with Welspun India after determining that the 100% Egyptian cotton sheets it bought from the company were made of a cheaper substitute. Other retailers including JC Penney, Walmart, and Bed Bath…

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Tattoo Therapy: The Catharsis of Being Tattooed — Discover

If your teenager comes to you and tells you that getting tattoos is theraputic and can help them heal from whatever ails them, you might be reminded of this article right here.  Some actually get tattoos to help themselves heal and move on with their life, but others are just addicted and go overboard.  I’m actually thinking about getting one, but not sure of what and where right now.  When I do you’ll know!

Tattoos can be an artistic choice — or a therapeutic one. Magdalene Bedi explores how the aesthetics and the pain of tattoos help their bearers move through eating disorders, mental health challenges, cancer, and more.

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PARENTS! Have You Thought About Doing This?

The American Heart Association has some soul-crushing news for American kids. This week the organization announced that kids should consume no more than six teaspoons (roughly 100 calories) of added sugar a day, which is less than one-third of the sugar children consume now. For some perspective, six teaspoons roughly amounts to a serving of…

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You would think all the years of watching and playing sports that athletes of high caliber would learn from other mistakes.  However, some will never grow up in their behavior and will continue to live recklessly.  Well, Mr. Lochte is learning the hard way!

US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is starting to suffer the financial consequences of his Rio mugging story. Speedo, which had a 10-year endorsement deal with Lochte expiring this year, announced today (Aug. 22) that it is ending its relationship with the 32-year-old swimmer, saying his behavior was “counter to the values” of the brand. It…

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