H&M: The Use of Cheap Labor and Long Hours

H&M is under fire for contracting with factories that allegedly violate child-labor laws. According to the Guardian, a book being published in Sweden next week describes how two factories in Myanmar had workers as young as 14 laboring more than 12 hours a day making clothes. H&M was one of their clients. In developing countries…

via H&M reportedly used garment factories that worked teens for 12-hour shifts — Quartz


RAMEN NOODLES: College nutrition being enjoyed by inmates.

The popular image of prison currency is the cigarette: a small, easily transferable moment of relief for those behind bars. Postage stamps, envelopes and pre-paid cash cards have also been crucial units of exchange in recent history. But a new study suggests that cost-cutting measures in US prisons have led to decreasing amounts of food…

via Ramen noodles are becoming a crucial currency in prison because inmates get so little food — Quartz


Now this is not the way to do business if you are the Indian company, exporting merchandise for consumer use.  So if you have bought Egyptian cotton from a Target near by or from any Target store for that matter, this article is something that you need to read up on.

Target, America’s second-largest discount retailer, has decided to cut ties with Indian textiles manufacturer Welspun India because of fake Egyptian cotton sheets supplied by the Mumbai-headquartered company. On Aug.19, the Minneapolis, Minnesota, retailer said that between 2014 and 2016, Welspun India supplied sheets saying they were made of Egyptian cotton, although they were not. “After…

via Target has dumped one of India’s biggest textile companies because of fake bed sheets — Quartz


The next review is of another Russian diver who failed on his attempt to qualify for the final round to defend his Olympic Gold Medal from the 2012 London games.  My wife and I watched this live as it happened and was shocked at what we saw.  As I watched him spring off the springboard and saw how he launched himself in the air, I immediately began to think and hoped that he was able to save it.  As he hit the water I just gasped and my hands quickly went over my mouth as I watched in disbelief.  I just couldn’t believe what I just witnessed and my reaction was not favorable.  Yes, my wife and I laughed once we found out he was okay with no injuries as we could see.  I’m pretty sure this is something he is gonna want to be deleted from his mind as the days, months and years go by.  Four years is a long time to be waiting to redeem yourself and to permanently erase this from the memory bank.  Of course, the internet and media reports won’t allow that to happen.

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