I hope everyone that watched and paid attention to the Summer Olympics this year had their fair share of excitement, disappointments and doubts as I did.  Is it me or did the two weeks go by very fast, which is usually accompanied by a let down of the games ending.  We might not see them live anymore until 2020 in Tokyo, but thank God for the internet that we can relive those moments that we either missed or want to watch again for our entertainment.  The first video of the Summer Olympic Review is a diving fail that occurred with a Russian diver in the 3M Diving event.  This dive was during the preliminary round and I can only imagine the mindset that must be trying to settle in after a horrible dive such as this one.  I also have to note that she is not the only Russian to have a zero score dive, which has to be an embarrassment to the athletes who work so hard to compete on this stage.

Henry Scott

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