For those that support Trump, I keep seeing over and over again the question being asked to parents.  With someone of his type of personality and muttered words of discontent, I ask parents can they actually look at their child or children in the eyes and explain away Trump’s behavior?  I don’t care whether you like Hilary Clinton or not, and I am not here to compare them, but simply explain to your kids why the Republican candidate is so loud and boisterous.  I personally think he is an idiot, but my personal opinion is not involved in this question.

When my 7-year-old daughter asked me why I wasn’t voting for Donald Trump, this is how I responded: “Because he is a bully,” I said. He attacks people who disagree with him. He objectifies women, is overtly racist, and doesn’t see 310 million guns in America as a problem. Who, she then wondered, would ever…

via We have a responsibility to explain Trump to our kids without sounding like Trump — Quartz