Look at what we are experiencing now?  Our neighbors to the north, in the capital city of Ottawa, the Black Lives Matter movement has now begun.  Unfortunately, this was not given credence due to the movement itself, but because another black person, especially an immigrant, has died.  Our influence around the world is still here and people do see and hear what goes on in this country.  Since the movement has apparently gone across international borders, is this going to be a wake up call for the United Nations that this could be an extremist movement or party? Sarcasm there.  Nevertheless, our neighbors to the north have seen this movement spread and continue to get bashed and credited in the news all at once, but I hope the violence against law enforcement there doesn’t follow.

America’s Black Lives Matter movement is taking root in Canada. This weekend, hundreds of protesters and mourners, including the mayor of Ottawa, laid to rest a black Somali immigrant who died last week after being beaten by Canadian police. Abdirahman Abdi, 37, was arrested outside of his apartment in Ottawa on the morning of July…

via The death of a Somali immigrant at the hands of police has brought Black Lives Matter to Canada — Quartz


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