I already know, and hear it now, “I don’t want to elect that (bleep) in the White House!  She’s crazy and lies!”  Well, if you break it down to be technical about it how can a nominee for the White House be on the side of Russian President Putin?  This is the same Russian President that backs the Syrian government and distaste for the rebels, who are backed by the United States.  You want to elect a person who wants to ban Muslims, which goes against our U.S. Constitution, values and speaks recklessly on this stage?  I guarantee you if Trump-Pence get in the White House we may be repeating and looking like the Germans did in the 1930’s.  Hitler vowed to make Germany great again and vowed to gain the respect that they once lost.  The end result was not great and Germany paid for the destruction of the world with an extreme heavy price.  Too much of his campaign mimics the Hitler rhetoric of hate and banning of the Jews before and after he came into power.  Apparently, Trump has an issue with Mexicans and Muslims and want to reform immigration to his own liking.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t support this style of leadership and campaign, but weary about Clinton’s campaign as well.  Who is the less of the two evils here?  Yeah I think I will wait.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a press conference in Florida today (July 27), one day after rival Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination in Philadelphia. The focus was foreign policy and national security, particularly US funding for NATO, which Trump has pledged to withdraw for countries that do not “pay their fair share,” in…

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At this point and time in history, I don’t care what party you are affiliated with or which candidate you are rooting for the most; the mere fact that we all have now witnessed history and may actually see our first female president is pretty damn awesome.  Like Tupac said in one song “Change” that we aren’t ready to see a black president.  Well, now that we have seen this come to past and true, how many people have stated that they thought a woman president couldn’t or wouldn’t happen?  Barriers are being broken in this political theater, but yet we still have a long way to go before any kind of victory is planted.  I suppose the next best thing for us to see is a black woman nominee for president of the United States, but there is one trend that is bothersome.  The first black or African-American president came from the Democratic Party, and the first woman to be nominated to represent a major party is from the Democratic Party as well.  And, if the trend continues we may possibly see our first African-American woman president from the Democratic Party.  If you are following this trend you have to think to yourself of how does the Republican Party feel about this or how do they respond to such historic waves coming from the other side of the aisle?  Well, I only think time will tell before they can come up with a historic measurement themselves.  I don’t know of any Republican woman that can become what Hilary is becoming or follow in the same footsteps as to become a party nomination for president, but again time will tell.  Sure, the Republican party has had women run for the nomination, but they seem to be out of it before they can even make a dent or a challenge.  All in all we are in a historic moment for our nation and you have to be somewhat excited to know what else is next in the future.

Tuesday night (July 26), Bill Clinton, the husband of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to honor his wife’s historic achievement. Bill’s stately-but-approachable appearance and middle-of-the-road fashion choices make him a terrific candidate for the supporting role of first spouse of the United States. (He was also the 42nd…

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