This is a new category that I am now adding to my WordPress portfolio and will be posted on Fridays known as “Facebook Fridays”.  They may not be posted every Friday, every week, but my wife and I have discovered numerous posts and messages that entail numerous errors.  Of course, we don’t expect every single post to be grammatically correct or us trying to be grammar Nazis, but we figure if you are going to make a point to a conversation it needs to make sense and make your point.  We will not announce the person or persons that post such non-sense or attach a handle to that post, but we want you to understand the ridiculousness that is out here!  If you happen to find any posts out here in the social media world that brings you to laughter or just plain ridiculous of its contents, feel free to share.  Just make sure the people remain anonymous and just give me a summary of what the conversation was about.  The funniest posts we tend to find out here are posts or messages that contain run-on sentences, and those that you can tell the persons thought was moving much quicker than their fingers could keep up with.  It’s all in good fun and want to share our humor with what we see everyday.



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