THE ADVENTURES OF D & T: Think About Your Product Name

Plantation Tea

Just like the Trailer Trash snack that I wrote about prior, I often wonder what is actually going through the minds of some of these product managers.  Now, we can sit here and debate about that it is named because it is made or is originated from a plantation, hence the title.  However, it doesn’t help that the words “BIGBLOW” is across the top and it says “Black Tea” underneath the “Plantation Mint” name.  Trust me, my wife and I did not buy this product, but when I saw it I just had to plays devil’s advocate and go into the minds of some of the most racially sensitive people in our society.  Thankfully, my wife and I aren’t this sensitive and get all uptight about things like this, but when you name a product sometimes you have to think about your consumers and how it is going to be perceived.  That’s all I’m saying is be careful of how you display things and the title of your products to be purchased by consumers.  According to both pictures posted here, it could be perceived that we have some hidden or underlining racism going on; or it could be just a coincidence.  However, both these items were found in two different stores in the Albany-Troy area.

Trailer Trash snacks

Henry Scott