50 Years Ago today…


On July 7, 1966 a Warsaw Pact (Treaty) conference ended with apparent motivation and support for North Vietnam. Anyone living back during this time, or anyone that has some knowledge of this history, knew that the Soviet Union was definitely in the midst of spreading communism and felt the threat of it being tested by the Western World, Democracy. Although the United States and the Soviet Union never went to war against each other, both nations supported factions that would oppose the others ideals. Such as the Vietnam War, where the North Vietnamese were backed and supported by the Soviet Union.

However, the Warsaw Pact did not go on unopposed when NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was still in play. Both pacts were mainly designed to keep the other opposing powers from invading and attacking the other. The break out of a nuclear war, World War III, was always on the verge of breaking out, leaving everyone on edge and paranoid. In the 1980’s when the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan, this became our time to rearm and support Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban; the very organization that several years later came back and attacked us on September 11, 2001. Just like we were bogged down for several years in the jungles of Vietnam, the Soviet Union was bogged down and continued to struggle against the Taliban throughout the 1980’s. Redemption and karma had reared its ugly head as the Soviet Union was defeated.

With the most heightened threat against the United States just passing by, Cuban Missile Crisis, the Warsaw Pact was deemed and looked at as a major threat to Democracy, which several feared that war was imminent. It was only a matter of time before someone mistook the other as being aggressive before missiles would be launched and lives being taken in an instant. Needless to say, the Warsaw Pact was not a friendly treaty, but in February and July 1991, the Warsaw Pact was now coming to an end, and its fate was definitely settled when the Soviet Union dissolved at the end of the same year. I’m pretty sure the Warsaw Pact was probably the scariest and biggest threat to the world since the Axis Powers Alliance at the beginning of World War II (Italy, Germany and Japan). A third world war was avoided, narrowly, by people and political figures playing a deadly game of chess.

Henry Scott