Wifey's Winter Picture - 1

This awesome picture, which is one of my best photos of my wife, was taken back during the winter season of 2007 in Ellicott City, Maryland.  When I took this photo of her helping me clean my car off, I had no idea that this particular photograph would get the attention that it got.  At my previous agency, before things went to hell, I had this photo as my background whenever I would sign into the computer to check emails and do reports.  Some of my coworkers when they first viewed the picture thought that she was holding a rifle or some type of long gun.  Yeah, I don’t think that would’ve went over well with other people in the apartment complex seeing me taking a picture of my wife holding a rifle or shotgun and just CHEESING ear to ear! Lol!  However, the jokes didn’t stop there, but it was all in good fun!  A great group of guys I worked with and probably the tighter bunch of guys I’ve ever worked with.

Not only was this picture a platform for messing with me, but this particular photo was in the running to be on a cover of a reputable magazine!!  I wish I could remember the name of the magazine at this moment, but it was one that we all know and have seen in our homes.  They wanted to use this picture for their winter catalog of 2007/2008, but unfortunately she wasn’t chosen.  We would’ve gotten paid, obviously, for this picture and probably our life going in a different direction.  Only God knows for sure where our life could’ve gone if she was picked for a catalog cover; it might’ve gone very bad, not changed at all or in a different direction that we didn’t think about.  Although we didn’t make the cut, it gave me some encouragement that I have the potential to snap great photographs that can be desirable by others.

I certainly have no desire to pursue a photography career, but this goes to show you that one picture you take can change things in an instant.

Henry Scott