THE ADVENTURES OF D & T – Four Leaf Clover


Four Leaf Clover
Photo Taken – May 28, 2014 (Albany, New York)

This was my very first time finding one of these four-leaf clovers! I thought and began to think that I wasn’t as lucky or it only grew in certain parts of the country.  Hell, I even thought at one point people were making it up that they found one.  Then finally one day before we ended up cutting the grass, my wife looked down and saw this one four-leaf clover standing in the midst of hundreds of other three-leaf clovers.  I was excited to actually know that I am now in the possession of one thing that eluded me all these years.  I can’t say that our lives changed in an instant after we found it, but things have looked up and gotten us on the right path.

We moved into our own apartment just minutes away from downtown Albany, got a new job working in the Green Mountain region, we both got new used vehicles and free from others having their claim on what we have.  Not saying that we didn’t have our share of ups and downs, but we continue to be blessed on our journey!  Even as of now, in our current situation, things continue to look up and by the time you read this another situation in our life might’ve changed.  As things increase in blessings for us we will share with you to have you celebrate our victories!  As of now our life hasn’t immediately changed for the better since discovering this rarity, but we are only two years removed from its find.

Anyone else ever discover a Four-Leaf Clover?  When and Where?

Henry Scott

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