If you have been following along, you may remember one of my previous posts that speak about one of the worse vehicle’s I’ve been in: Dodge Aries.  I was never fond of that vehicle and THANK GOD that I never was given this vehicle as my daily driver.  I might’ve done something to it that probably would’ve gotten some not so good responses from certain people.  However, this is not a continuation of that post, but if you want to read about it just look for the title – K Car of Stress.

I remember my father had a 1992 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon, which to me at the time, was probably one of the best vehicle’s we owned.  I can’t remember how long we had the station wagon, but needless to say I was not happy when my father no longer owned it.  In my opinion I think my father is hard on vehicle’s, but known how most American vehicles were built in that era a lot of them didn’t last long anyway.  So I can’t say that my father was the sole purpose for us not having the station wagon anymore, but it’s possible that his driving habits could’ve helped it along.

It wasn’t very long before the station wagon was used more for hauling job equipment and bowling gear nearly every day of the week.  Of course, the tan interior took a beating and began to quickly wear and tear.  However, what would you expect for the interior to be since my father bought it used and not brand new.  As a matter of fact, I don’t ever remember my father buying brand new vehicles, but that is for another day if I ever decide to go that route.  The interior had a specific smell that only my father could create, but it wasn’t an unpleasant smell, but definitely smelled like his job.

It’s amazing how when you are growing up of how you can differentiate smells between your parents.  My mother wasn’t very much of a make-up and perfume person, but at times she wore perfume that was so strong that it got in my mouth and tainted the taste of my Sugar Bear cereal.  So I suppose you can say they each had a smell that would signify him being a man and her being the woman.  That was definitely the way I would describe how inside of the Roadmaster smelled, but like I said it wasn’t unpleasant.  The only unpleasant thing about riding in the station wagon was being with him.  I could never feel extremely comfortable while being in the car as if I was always on edge that he would criticize me for something or keep bugging me about if I cleaned up behind the dogs or not.

The only way I can best describe the feeling being inside that car was that his spirit was not at rest.  If you have been around someone who has an uneasy spirit and you know that anything could come out of their mouth, you will remember that unsettled, uneasy feeling, nervousness that surrounds you.  I felt like I could never actually be myself, but always reserved and tried not to concentrate on that feeling too much.  As a young child or teenager feeling like this shouldn’t be, but it was there for a reason.  However, despite that I still enjoyed riding in the car, but it was way too big for my mother. LOL!  I think she only drove it a few times when she absolutely needed too!  It was a good vehicle to have for long road trips, but it was awesome to sleep in if you were in the back!  Too bad we didn’t have this vehicle for very long or maybe we did, but don’t remember for how many years.  Whatever the case maybe I believe this was the best station wagon he ever owned, and I’ve ever been in.  Definitely, near the top of my list!

Henry Scott



05:30 EST – Washington, D.C.

White House Chief of Staff, Byron Withers, and National Security Advisor, Eleanor Holmes, make their quick walk together towards the Oval Office where they await the president’s arrival.  With only a few minutes to waste, they try to strategize on how they will inform the president of what is going on.

BYRON WITHERS: So how do you want to play this?

ELEANOR HOLMES: Play?  Unfortunately, we’re not playing anything right now except to inform the president of what is occurring over the South Pacific.

BYRON WITHERS: What you going to say to her when she comes in?

ELEANOR HOLMES: Okay, Byron.  What or how do you oppose we present this to madam president?  Please, educate me on how you plan on twisting the information of what is really going on?

BYRON WITHERS: I said nothing of twisting or even lying to her.  Just simply want to know your opening statements on the briefing (as he moves inches closer to her where he can just smell the scent of her body wash).

ELEANOR HOLMES: (Allows him to invade her space for only a brief second before shoving her leather portfolio into his crotch with firm pressure) not today and not ever Byron.

BYRON WITHERS: (Slowly backs up as he giggles and looks down at her aggressive gesture) you know you ain’t right Eleanor.  What’s the change of heart?

ELEANOR HOLMES: As I mentioned before and I’ll mention it again.  I’m married and that was a mistake that I do not intend to repeat.  Just let it go and let it remain in the past where it belongs.

Just as Eleanor finishes her lecture to Byron, Madam President, Nicole Black, enters the Oval Office with Eleanor and Byron being the first two staff members in her office.  She gives them a good morning as she walks passes them and immediately to her desk.  President Black takes a seat in her expensive leather chair and waits for the remainder of the participants of the national security briefing.  Eleanor and Byron take their seats as others begin to come into the office for the meeting.  Everyone was in place and the meeting began with Eleanor handing madam president a summary report of what is taking place around the world, including the South Pacific.

Like all other previous meetings, everyone speaks their professional opinion and attempt to come up with solutions as they make their way down the list, except for the last one.  When Nicole reaches the last topic of the meeting, she wrinkles her face and pauses for a minute.  A nervous silence comes over the meeting aura with everyone glancing at each other wondering what is going to be her first words.  Then silence breaks when madam president seemed to have gathered her thoughts and temperament.

MADAM PRESIDENT: Eleanor?  Are you trying to explain to me that a storm over the South Pacific could threaten our national security?

ELEANOR HOLMES: Yes, madam president.  You need to know that the International Weather Service has been monitoring this storm cell since about forty-five minutes ago.  They’re unable to determine how the storm was formed or where how big it will be, but you must know that the island of Kiribati can’t be seen on the map.

MADAM PRESIDENT: Okay, well maybe this storm is just that thick that satellites can’t see through to the earth’s surface.  That still doesn’t really explain to me how this storm is pertinent to us on the mainland, unless Hawaii is in some major danger?

BYRON WITHERS: The storm is growing and will be over parts of Australia and Antarctica.  From what we can gather at this time is that this storm is mostly electrical and all communication to that area has been severed, which means tracking the storm from the ocean will be much more difficult.

MADAM PRESIDENT: Well, keep me informed on the data and alert our forces in the region to be aware and prepare for hurricane style winds.

ELEANOR HOLMES: Yes, madam president.  I’ll get right on it and relay the message.  Anything else?

MADAM PRESIDENT: That should be all.  (Motions with her hands that everyone can leave except for Eleanor) Eleanor I need you to stay for another minute.  (Waits for the office door to close with just them behind.  She stands out of her chair and walks over to Eleanor).  How are you doing?

ELEANOR HOLMES: What do you mean?

MADAM PRESIDENT: You know exactly what I mean.  When I walked in I could sense the awkwardness or personal connection between you and Byron. (Eleanor just stares at her boss).  Your husband doesn’t know about you and Byron does he?

ELEANOR HOLMES: With all do respect madam president I’d like to keep it that way, and whatever happened between Byron and I in the past.

MADAM PRESIDENT: You don’t want to talk about it; I understand, but I need to make sure you two can work together without any hesitation.  This storm cell looming over the South Pacific can very well be a problem that we haven’t seen in our lifetime.  Tensions are rising in the Middle East where another conflict could be on the rise.  I need to make sure I can count on you and Byron to work through anything and put your personal feelings aside.

ELEANOR HOLMES: Yes, madam president.  You can count on me and know that I will be there when you need me and never let you down.

Nicole gives Eleanor a smile and makes a gesture that she can go and continue with her daily duties.  Eleanor walks out of the office and glances down the hallway and sees Byron standing there with his hands in his pockets.  Both of their eyes lock for a few seconds before Eleanor walks away and disappears around the corner.  Byron stands there in silence for another few seconds before turning around and heading to his office.  Just before he enters the privacy behind his dark cherry door, he stops and watches one of the televisions located just outside his office.  The scroll going across the bottom of the IWS channel alerts the citizens of Australia and Fiji to prepare for the incoming storm that will make landfall at 06:00.  Byron shakes his head, sucks his teeth and rubs his chin before going into his office and closes the door.  Byron just missed witnessing the reporter being blown overboard on one of the Australian naval ships and the news feed being disconnected.  Screen turns to snow and then to the color bars.

Henry Scott


(Fictional Story)

As the group of scared and confused passengers look up at the small opening of the large rubble piled in front of them, without a word being spoken each one of them had the same thought of what is on the other side.  Witnessing a person falling to their death was utterly overwhelming for some, but sparked determination for answers in others.  Almost immediately, two more men began to climb the pile of rubble with great caution as they had no idea what to expect once they reached the top.  Other commuters on the ground watch with much nervousness as they observe the two brave men climbing the same pile that the last passenger fell down and ended his life.  Just as the one of them reach the small opening at the top, the commuter slowly peeps his head up to the hole to see what is on the other side.  At first he sees nothing but darkness, but as he reaches his head further into the hole, he could see the emergency lights flickering on and off with no evidence of anyone around.

One elderly woman yelled out to the men on the top of the pile, “What do you see!? You see anything?”  The male commuter peeping through the hole slowly turns around to be careful not to fall and yells back, “All I see are the emergency lights flickering on and off!  I don’t see anything that remotely looks freaky or scary!”  As he turns back around to take one final peep through the hole, the other male commuter that was just feet below him looks up and sees his climbing buddy quickly turn to stone.  Witnessing this with his own eyes made him think that he was not seeing what he thought he was seeing, however, within seconds the male commuter was completely turned to stone and became part of the stone pile.  The other passengers that had good enough eye sight in the low light scene, looked in horror as they also witnessed the whole transformation of the male passenger turning to stone.  Many female onlookers placed their hands over their mouths in disbelief as others began to shed tears from fear and horror.

As the second male passenger quickly, but cautiously descend down the pile of rubble as other commuters rush to meet him at the bottom.  Jumping over debris and the railroad tracks, the man finally reaches the bottom and gets grabbed and pulled away from the pile.  Still in disbelief of what happened they all look at each other in confusion and fear and not sure of what to make of the situation.  The only elderly lady in the group, who also can’t see very well, starts to ask questions to others that would pay attention to her about the other man still stuck at the top.  Finally one person speaks to her in a firm and loud voice telling her that the other man has just turned to stone, and we are not sure what he saw or experienced.  The news just sends frightening chills down her brittle spine and physically makes her arms and hands shake.  When someone turns around and sees her in shock and struggling to settle in with the situation, a couple of people rush to her aid.  She collapses near the third rail and suddenly stops shivering and shaking with her mouth wide open and eyes staring out into space.  When the helpers reached her and checked her pulse, it was too late as it was clear she suffered a heart attack and died.

Two deaths in the span of a few minutes were very alarming to some, which generated some thoughts amongst the passengers of their own fate.  Just as it couldn’t get any worse for them the ground beneath them started to shake as an earthquake was happening.  With no cover to hide underneath, every single passenger went dodging back into the crumpled up train cars to hide from any debris that may come crashing down.  It was quick thinking for the commuters to do so when more of the concrete ceiling came crashing down on top of the train cars.  Few heavy boulders came crashing through the train windows, shattering glass everywhere and even caused some of the passengers to get cut by them.  The loud noises of the ground shaking and boulders pounding on the outside of the train cars struck fear and had everyone thinking that this is the way they would probably die.  Even the pile of rubble where the passenger was frozen in stone came crashing down as well and with such force as to shift and move a few of the train cars.  As the train cars shift from their previous position, anyone inside was tossed around striking any fixed object causing serious injuries.

Which seemed like an eternity to those going through it, the noise and shaking suddenly stopped and all became very quiet.  For the next several minutes everyone is trying to regain themselves and treat their wounds the best way they can.  Two of the passengers suffered concussions and were in deep comas and that no one present could help them.  One of the commuters made their way outside of the train through a shattered window and noticed that nothing but concrete debris surrounds them, but noticed one major difference.  He looked in the direction of where the pile of debris used to be and could see through a much larger hole the other set of tracks.  However, the tracks lead completely into darkness and where they are currently only one emergency light is still on.  Soon all other passengers began to make their way out of the toppled and crippled trains, but had to leave the other two behind.  With no medical intervention near them or within grasp, the two that laid in deep comas were positioned in a safe place.  A note was left behind for them in case they wake up and can follow directions to safety.  One by one each passenger help each other navigate through the fallen debris and through the large hole on the other set of tracks.  Once everyone was safely over the debris and gathered on the new set of tracks, they began walking down the tracks entering the darkness seeking help.

Henry Scott



First degree relatives of people with lupus (parent, sibling or child) have six times the risk of developing the disease.

Now this really puts a HUGE question in our minds about having children and bringing new souls into this world.  In previous facts posted, giving birth is difficult with a woman having lupus, but if my wife is able to get pregnant we would then have to be concerned about her pregnancy and after having the baby, the unknown of whether the disease would be passed on to our child or children.  This is one reason we are blessed if we have them and blessed if we don’t.  We will be happy either with our lives and it won’t drive a wedge between us one way or another.  If God decides to bless us with a child or children then we will love them with all our hearts, but if not then our love for each other won’t waiver with a missing little person.  Only time will tell how this will play out.

Henry Scott



A majority of people with lupus surveyed (63 percent) report being incorrectly diagnosed. Of those reporting an incorrect diagnosis, more than half of them (55 percent) report seeing four or more different health care providers for their lupus symptoms before being accurately diagnosed.

Sadly, this happens more often than what is ever reported by many medical professionals.  My wife was diagnosed many times to have fibromyalgia, lyme disease and any illness that could be in cooperation with her symptoms.  I can’t tell you how many people and medical physicians we saw before the doctor at the Frederick Memorial Hospital, in Maryland, finally agreed with us with the findings.  I actually made the possible diagnosis before any doctor did, but since I have no medical background who will actually listen?  Everything was finally officially diagnosed with our Endocrinologist here in the Albany area.

Henry Scott



Gertrude Baniszewski was found guilty 50 years ago today!

Gertrude was born on September 22, 1929 in Indianapolis, Indiana and died on June 19, 1990 in Laurel, Iowa at age 60.  She was convicted of first degree murder of Sylvia Likens and sentenced to life in prison, but was paroled in 1985.  In August of 1965, Baniszewski started her verbal and physical abuse of Sylvia Likens, who was also abused and tortured by Baniszewski’s children.  Not only did she allow some of her own children to join in the abuse of Likens, she also allowed some neighborhood children to join in as well.  This crime was considered the single worse crime perpetrated against a human in Indiana’s history at that time.

During the agonizing torture of Likens, she was confined to the basement where scalding water was splashed on her and salt rubbed into her wounds and burns.  At times, along with Baniszewski’s twelve year old son, Likens was forced to eat her own feces and often left naked during her confinement.  Likens was also kept hidden and her health and well being was kept secret from her social services case worker.  For several days and months, Likens continued to suffer abuse and finally succumbed to the abuse where she finally passed away in late October 1965, after she was given a lukewarm bath fully clothed.  The police were called to the residence where the details of what happened was told to them by Jenny Likens, which prompted the arrest of Gertrude and the other perpetrators involved in this horrific ordeal.

Years after her trial, and her appeals, Gertrude was finally paroled in 1985 and went to Iowa.  She ended up living in Iowa for the rest of her days in obscurity until she died of lung cancer in June 19, 1990.  Below is video of Gertrude Baniszewski.  Sadly things like this still happen in our society, which is very sad.  You see something, know something, say something!!


For some people this is true, an average of a six year diagnosis, but I know for my wife it took about two and a half months before anyone was able to at least pay close enough attention.  I know one couple it took about two years before they even had a diagnosis.  Although my wife has had this disease for about five years, this July, we still end up discovering new things about this disease.  Thank God it didn’t take us six years to discover this problem, but I definitely feel for those that may think they have this disease and no medical profession is taking them seriously or listening.  If you feel that this is you and doctors have been unable to discover what is wrong, and you are leaning towards lupus being the problem, keep fighting for your voice to be heard.  Someone will listen to you and you shall become victorious in the end.

Henry Scott


 Based on a recent study, it takes an average of six years for people with lupus to be diagnosed from the time they first notice their lupus symptoms.


Today is just not a good day for the wife and her lupus disease.  Her not feeling well today has even kept her from work, unable to get to her doctor’s appointment and unable to eat within the last 24 hours.  The worse part is her having at ten seizures within the last day and a half, which is way more than what she normally deals with.  Thank goodness I’m off today to monitor her and make sure that no special attention is needed.  Anything that changes for the worse we will keep you up to date.

Today’s Facts

Factors that may trigger a lupus flare include infections, ultraviolet light, stress, some medications, environment with some still unknown.