About half of all people with lupus will experience a serious infection during the course of their disease.


As many as 60 percent of people with lupus will experience some type of memory problem, such as recalling names, dates and appointments or balancing a checkbook.

Yes, my wife has experienced both of these statements and still does on a daily basis now.  When we looked back near the beginning of her lupus diagnosis or just before, she was diagnosed with “Pleurisy”.  That diagnosis deals with the inflammation of the lung lining.  I often at times joke with her about her getting these mid-evil diseases and these weird issues.  It’s all in good fun though!!

As for her memory issues, we have seen this happen numerous times, but often she is easily reminded with items or something written down.  So if you are ever around her or in our home and you see paper or posted notes everywhere, don’t mind it as it is part of our daily life LOL!  These are things that we just live with and becomes our daily life routine.

Henry Scott