Almost three-quarters (74 percent) of caregivers report that caring for someone with lupus has an impact on their work productivity.

If you add the virus, Mono, in the mix it can really test the faith and loyalty you have with your spouse and/or friends who suffer with lupus.  Although my wife and I have been dealing with this everyday for the past five years, some days are more challenging than others and can certainly push you to the point of wanting to be mean and negative.  We have to keep in each others mind that we have and need to be good to one another whenever things seem to compound the stress.

As I have stated before this disease is very unpredictable and can show its ugly head at any time, and usually doesn’t stay for very long.  Unless you understand the disease and what comes along with it, dealing with someone who suffers can consume alot of your time and make the other person feel guilty for you taking care of them.  Your love and care for that person means so much and letting them know that you care for them regardless can go a long way.

Henry Scott

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