If you have been following along, you may remember one of my previous posts that speak about one of the worse vehicle’s I’ve been in: Dodge Aries.  I was never fond of that vehicle and THANK GOD that I never was given this vehicle as my daily driver.  I might’ve done something to it that probably would’ve gotten some not so good responses from certain people.  However, this is not a continuation of that post, but if you want to read about it just look for the title – K Car of Stress.

I remember my father had a 1992 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon, which to me at the time, was probably one of the best vehicle’s we owned.  I can’t remember how long we had the station wagon, but needless to say I was not happy when my father no longer owned it.  In my opinion I think my father is hard on vehicle’s, but known how most American vehicles were built in that era a lot of them didn’t last long anyway.  So I can’t say that my father was the sole purpose for us not having the station wagon anymore, but it’s possible that his driving habits could’ve helped it along.

It wasn’t very long before the station wagon was used more for hauling job equipment and bowling gear nearly every day of the week.  Of course, the tan interior took a beating and began to quickly wear and tear.  However, what would you expect for the interior to be since my father bought it used and not brand new.  As a matter of fact, I don’t ever remember my father buying brand new vehicles, but that is for another day if I ever decide to go that route.  The interior had a specific smell that only my father could create, but it wasn’t an unpleasant smell, but definitely smelled like his job.

It’s amazing how when you are growing up of how you can differentiate smells between your parents.  My mother wasn’t very much of a make-up and perfume person, but at times she wore perfume that was so strong that it got in my mouth and tainted the taste of my Sugar Bear cereal.  So I suppose you can say they each had a smell that would signify him being a man and her being the woman.  That was definitely the way I would describe how inside of the Roadmaster smelled, but like I said it wasn’t unpleasant.  The only unpleasant thing about riding in the station wagon was being with him.  I could never feel extremely comfortable while being in the car as if I was always on edge that he would criticize me for something or keep bugging me about if I cleaned up behind the dogs or not.

The only way I can best describe the feeling being inside that car was that his spirit was not at rest.  If you have been around someone who has an uneasy spirit and you know that anything could come out of their mouth, you will remember that unsettled, uneasy feeling, nervousness that surrounds you.  I felt like I could never actually be myself, but always reserved and tried not to concentrate on that feeling too much.  As a young child or teenager feeling like this shouldn’t be, but it was there for a reason.  However, despite that I still enjoyed riding in the car, but it was way too big for my mother. LOL!  I think she only drove it a few times when she absolutely needed too!  It was a good vehicle to have for long road trips, but it was awesome to sleep in if you were in the back!  Too bad we didn’t have this vehicle for very long or maybe we did, but don’t remember for how many years.  Whatever the case maybe I believe this was the best station wagon he ever owned, and I’ve ever been in.  Definitely, near the top of my list!

Henry Scott


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