First degree relatives of people with lupus (parent, sibling or child) have six times the risk of developing the disease.

Now this really puts a HUGE question in our minds about having children and bringing new souls into this world.  In previous facts posted, giving birth is difficult with a woman having lupus, but if my wife is able to get pregnant we would then have to be concerned about her pregnancy and after having the baby, the unknown of whether the disease would be passed on to our child or children.  This is one reason we are blessed if we have them and blessed if we don’t.  We will be happy either with our lives and it won’t drive a wedge between us one way or another.  If God decides to bless us with a child or children then we will love them with all our hearts, but if not then our love for each other won’t waiver with a missing little person.  Only time will tell how this will play out.

Henry Scott


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