(Fictional Story)

As the group of scared and confused passengers look up at the small opening of the large rubble piled in front of them, without a word being spoken each one of them had the same thought of what is on the other side.  Witnessing a person falling to their death was utterly overwhelming for some, but sparked determination for answers in others.  Almost immediately, two more men began to climb the pile of rubble with great caution as they had no idea what to expect once they reached the top.  Other commuters on the ground watch with much nervousness as they observe the two brave men climbing the same pile that the last passenger fell down and ended his life.  Just as the one of them reach the small opening at the top, the commuter slowly peeps his head up to the hole to see what is on the other side.  At first he sees nothing but darkness, but as he reaches his head further into the hole, he could see the emergency lights flickering on and off with no evidence of anyone around.

One elderly woman yelled out to the men on the top of the pile, “What do you see!? You see anything?”  The male commuter peeping through the hole slowly turns around to be careful not to fall and yells back, “All I see are the emergency lights flickering on and off!  I don’t see anything that remotely looks freaky or scary!”  As he turns back around to take one final peep through the hole, the other male commuter that was just feet below him looks up and sees his climbing buddy quickly turn to stone.  Witnessing this with his own eyes made him think that he was not seeing what he thought he was seeing, however, within seconds the male commuter was completely turned to stone and became part of the stone pile.  The other passengers that had good enough eye sight in the low light scene, looked in horror as they also witnessed the whole transformation of the male passenger turning to stone.  Many female onlookers placed their hands over their mouths in disbelief as others began to shed tears from fear and horror.

As the second male passenger quickly, but cautiously descend down the pile of rubble as other commuters rush to meet him at the bottom.  Jumping over debris and the railroad tracks, the man finally reaches the bottom and gets grabbed and pulled away from the pile.  Still in disbelief of what happened they all look at each other in confusion and fear and not sure of what to make of the situation.  The only elderly lady in the group, who also can’t see very well, starts to ask questions to others that would pay attention to her about the other man still stuck at the top.  Finally one person speaks to her in a firm and loud voice telling her that the other man has just turned to stone, and we are not sure what he saw or experienced.  The news just sends frightening chills down her brittle spine and physically makes her arms and hands shake.  When someone turns around and sees her in shock and struggling to settle in with the situation, a couple of people rush to her aid.  She collapses near the third rail and suddenly stops shivering and shaking with her mouth wide open and eyes staring out into space.  When the helpers reached her and checked her pulse, it was too late as it was clear she suffered a heart attack and died.

Two deaths in the span of a few minutes were very alarming to some, which generated some thoughts amongst the passengers of their own fate.  Just as it couldn’t get any worse for them the ground beneath them started to shake as an earthquake was happening.  With no cover to hide underneath, every single passenger went dodging back into the crumpled up train cars to hide from any debris that may come crashing down.  It was quick thinking for the commuters to do so when more of the concrete ceiling came crashing down on top of the train cars.  Few heavy boulders came crashing through the train windows, shattering glass everywhere and even caused some of the passengers to get cut by them.  The loud noises of the ground shaking and boulders pounding on the outside of the train cars struck fear and had everyone thinking that this is the way they would probably die.  Even the pile of rubble where the passenger was frozen in stone came crashing down as well and with such force as to shift and move a few of the train cars.  As the train cars shift from their previous position, anyone inside was tossed around striking any fixed object causing serious injuries.

Which seemed like an eternity to those going through it, the noise and shaking suddenly stopped and all became very quiet.  For the next several minutes everyone is trying to regain themselves and treat their wounds the best way they can.  Two of the passengers suffered concussions and were in deep comas and that no one present could help them.  One of the commuters made their way outside of the train through a shattered window and noticed that nothing but concrete debris surrounds them, but noticed one major difference.  He looked in the direction of where the pile of debris used to be and could see through a much larger hole the other set of tracks.  However, the tracks lead completely into darkness and where they are currently only one emergency light is still on.  Soon all other passengers began to make their way out of the toppled and crippled trains, but had to leave the other two behind.  With no medical intervention near them or within grasp, the two that laid in deep comas were positioned in a safe place.  A note was left behind for them in case they wake up and can follow directions to safety.  One by one each passenger help each other navigate through the fallen debris and through the large hole on the other set of tracks.  Once everyone was safely over the debris and gathered on the new set of tracks, they began walking down the tracks entering the darkness seeking help.

Henry Scott



First degree relatives of people with lupus (parent, sibling or child) have six times the risk of developing the disease.

Now this really puts a HUGE question in our minds about having children and bringing new souls into this world.  In previous facts posted, giving birth is difficult with a woman having lupus, but if my wife is able to get pregnant we would then have to be concerned about her pregnancy and after having the baby, the unknown of whether the disease would be passed on to our child or children.  This is one reason we are blessed if we have them and blessed if we don’t.  We will be happy either with our lives and it won’t drive a wedge between us one way or another.  If God decides to bless us with a child or children then we will love them with all our hearts, but if not then our love for each other won’t waiver with a missing little person.  Only time will tell how this will play out.

Henry Scott