THE ADVENTURES OF D & T – This is What We Do Now?

Trailer Trash snacks
Photo Taken – September 7, 2014

Hmm…now when I saw this sitting there on the shelf, I was wondering how many people have actually purchased this item and maybe even complained?  Some people probably saw it and just took it as it is.  This just as bad as walking through Arundel Mills Mall, which isn’t too far from Ft. Meade in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, where there was a kiosk stand with the name “DEES NUTS” actually printed on the canopy.  In big letters at that!  I laughed each time I saw it and couldn’t help but share the hilariousness!  I don’t think the foreigners understood much of why the phrase was so funny and odd to see printed as a company’s name.  Amazing! What you think about the Trailer Trash picture?  Looks like normal Chex Mix, but someone wanted to change the name it appears.

Henry Scott


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