HISTORICAL THEME – 50 Years Ago Today

Fifty years ago would take us back in 1966, which like any year consumed numerous events that still remain in the history books; for which some are and/or never taught in schools.  So from my research of the historical events that occurred in May 1966, I wanted to share some of them with you.

For today’s historical theme of Throwback Thursday, I turn your attention to the NHL Playoffs, the 1966 Stanley Cup Finals.  This game hosted the Detroit Red Wings against the Montreal Canadians, which was won by the Canadians four games to two.

Below I posted a very short YouTube video of the Stanley Cup Finals on May 5, 1966.  As you can see many players were not required to wear helmets, but as time has gone on that has definitely changed.  I can’t imagine playing a game where a rubber puck is flying over 100 mph and no protection for my face and head.  These are probably the toughest men alive at that time, if not compared to society in today’s modern era.


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