As the morning sun peeps over the city landscape behind them, Aya and Daniel continue walking as they look for somewhere rest for a brief time. While they search for a place to hide, Daniel spots and a building off to their left as the clear a set of trees to get a better view.  Aya also spots the brick building and tells Daniel that it is a hospital, and that it might be a good idea to have her injury checked out.  Both stop and stare at the building that could be their shelter out of the main public while being treated for any injuries, but also kept in mind that it could be risky.

DANIEL STORM: Aya? It could be very risky for us to enter, as it only takes one person to spot us.

AYA SILVERMAN: I understand the risk, Daniel, but I am afraid that if my leg is not treated properly it could become problematic.

DANIEL STORM: (Sighs heavily) You go in there speaking about taking a bullet in the leg, which might prompt a police investigation, could spell disaster. You know that right?

AYA SILVERMAN: (Sighs lightly) Yes! However, we can’t keep going either without making sure I’m putting us at considerable risk for still getting caught because I can’t run or walk properly.

DANIEL STORM: (Turns his back to Aya as he ponders the decision. Morning rush hour of vehicles starting to pick up) Okay. We’ll go in and say that you got shot by accident when I was cleaning my gun.

AYA SILVERMAN: Okay. What do we do with our weapons in the mean time?

DANIEL STORM: (Looks around quickly and finds a dumpster behind a warehouse) We’ll put them inside this dumpster here and come back for them.

Aya and Daniel quickly look around to make sure no one is watching them approach the metal dumpster behind the warehouse. Aya limps over and opens up the lid and peeps in to see if it is empty or filled with garbage, which is satisfying as they toss their weapons in.  Once they clean themselves of any weapons that could possibly be discovered or bog them down in the hospital of any quick getaway, both trot across the busy street towards the front entrance of the building.  Daniel takes in a deep breath as they approach the double doors of the hospital.  Aya steps in front of Daniel and pulls open the door and once they enter the staff of nurses behind the admittance desk all look at them as they approach closer.

Daniel splits away from Aya and sits in the sea of empty chairs, which is a waiting area for all patients, and Aya limps up to the desk and begins speaking in Russian to the nurses. She doesn’t mention to the intake nurse that she was shot in the thigh, but that she is bleeding from a leg injury.  After giving them a false name and date of birth, she goes to sit next to Daniel facing the television.  Aya whispers in Daniel’s ear about the information she gave them and that they will be seen in a matter of minutes.  For several minutes as they wait to be called to the back, Daniel’s body begins to relax and form itself to the hard plastic chair he is sitting in.  Within seconds of his body going into a deep relaxation he dozes off to sleep.  Not too long after Aya leans on his shoulder and falls asleep as well.

Suddenly, Aya wakes up from a firm tap on her left shoulder, which was followed up with a shake of her upper body. This sudden jolt of alertness made her reach for a weapon on her side which, of course, wasn’t there because it was left in the dumpster across the street.  Knowing very quickly nothing was there she quickly grabbed the nurse’s wrist before she realized it was the same nurse she spoke to at the admittance desk.  The nurse was obviously startled and tried to break away when she thought her life was in danger, but quickly breathed a sigh of relief when Aya recognized her.  Daniel woke up breathing very heavy as if he didn’t know where he was for that moment, but got his senses together when he remembered that they were in the hospital waiting area.  A glance up at the frightened nurse sort of confused him, but understood when he saw Aya slowly releasing her wrist.  A few seconds past and the nurse told them that the doctor will be waiting for them in the back, and all they have to do is follow the nurse at the door.

By this time it appeared that the whole block came into the hospital with people sitting everywhere, staring at them. They both get up and quickly apologize to the first nurse and walk through the second door to follow the nurse to one of the smaller rooms in the back.  As Aya is obviously limping down the hallway bypassing other smaller individual rooms with Daniel a few steps behind, Daniel glances to his right and recognizes a gentlemen sitting on the side of his bed.  Within a matter of a split-second Daniel realizes the man he just recognized was one of the men at the camp he was being held captive.  Not only does his heart skip a beat when he knows this, but it certainly sparks concern when their room is right next to his.  Aya is in so much pain now and is just exhausted from pushing through it that she doesn’t know what Daniel knows and has no idea that once again their lives are in danger.  The pain was getting worse and worse for Aya that when she pulled herself on the bed she let out a heavy groan.  Struggling to get comfortable before the doctor comes in, she calls out to Daniel to get his attention since he is just staring out of the peeps of the curtain.

After her third or fourth call to Daniel, he turns around and sees that she is struggling to get comfortable and rushes over to help her. Then as he attends to her, the man he recognizes begins to speak to someone, either on the phone or in person, and triggers something in Daniel.  Still Aya has no idea what is up with Daniel, and what he knows, except only worried about when the doctor was coming in and how quickly they can leave.  Once again Daniel is staring out of the peeps of the curtain out into the hallway as he hears the man’s voice still talking, but seems closer.  Daniel peeps out of the space between the curtain and the wall and suddenly the guy appears in his view, on the cell phone sounding very irritated.  The man was seen with a bandage around his neck and the hand holding the phone bandaged up as well; blood could be seen soaking through the gauze.  It must’ve felt like an eternity for the man to be in view and then suddenly out of view, but couldn’t hear him talking.  Aya opens her eyes for a moment to see where Daniel was and calls out his name to get his attention.

At the same time the doctor comes up to the curtain and opens it up wide. The man immediately came back into view still on his phone when he looked up and saw Daniel staring right at him.  Within in an instant all hell broke loose in the emergency room when the man, which seemed like slow motion, reached in his waistband pulling out a pistol.  The doctor was the first victim in the chaos that erupted in the hospital when he was shot through the back twice before dropping to the floor.  Daniel froze with fear and the decision of what to do at the same time when he saw an opening.  Gun jams!  Aya suddenly forgot about the pain and immediately jumped into action with Daniel.  He sprints towards the man and grabs the gun pulling his arm towards the sky.  Screams and people shouting could be heard as the two men wrestle with each other over control of the gun.  While both men are throwing each other up against walls and other hard objects, and giving each other body blows, Aya grabs a pair of scissors and stabs the guy in the upper back.  A loud yell comes out of his mouth, but doesn’t seem to get weaker, he gets stronger, filled with extreme rage.  Although the gun was still jammed, he tosses Daniel away from him into a nurse’s cart knocking it over.

When he turns around to deal with Aya, she drop kicks him in the face and delivers a hard kick to his chest. Even though the pain of her leg was now radiating through her body, she ignored it and continued to fight.  The man charged at Aya again and was finished off very quickly in his second attempt to hurt her.  Aya dropped to the ground, in a split, and gave him a punch to the groin, which stopped him in his tracks.  Bent over holding his groin area, Aya swings her feet in front of her, double kicks him in the face and jumps back to her feet.  Glancing very quickly behind the adversary, she sees that Daniel is still down and unable to help.  This is her moment to finish the fight and get them out of there ASAP!  A series of combination strikes involved a double chop to the sides of the neck, a punch to the throat, a palm strike to the solar plexus, side kick to the stomach, front kick to the groin and after he dropped to his knees, she broke his neck with her bare hands.

Just like that the adrenaline wore off and Aya dropped to the ground in agonizing pain. Nurses and doctors are all staying behind cover, afraid to come out until the police arrive.  As she crawls over to Daniel yelling out his name, he finally comes too and is very slow to get up.  Seeing her crawling over to him in serious pain, he gathers himself and crawls over to her on his hands and knees to comfort her.  No time to breathe a sigh of relief when police could be heard arriving outside of the hospital and people yelling in the distance.  They were able to duck and dodge being seen by the police as they sprint through the hospital, through the back door and outside.  Almost immediately they encountered three policemen outside and had to react quickly to the threat that they possibly represented.  Once again Aya let her adrenaline kick in when she was engaging the two officers.  It was at this time they began to run towards the dumpster to retrieve their hardware, but saw that police was already searching the area.  Suddenly, as they stand there deciding what to do, a plainclothes detective or inspector opened fire at Aya and Daniel.

Missing them with several shots being fired their way, Daniel was able to grab a pistol from one of the fallen officers and fires back. Several rounds were fired back and forth as he provided cover for Aya since she was somewhat immobile due to her injury.  At this point it looked very dim for them both to getaway without either being killed or injured, but once again luck was on their side.  Just as they are receiving gun fire from all sides, and they duck behind some brushes and small mounds of dirt, a small group of people draws fire from the police and presents themselves as back up for Aya and Daniel.  Despite being confused about what is happening, they see an opportunity to dart for it and head towards the dumpster.  However, when they got to the dumpster to retrieve their weapons, but they weren’t there!  Not even the trash that was in their earlier.  Frantically searching for the weapons in the empty dumpster and outside on the ground, when Daniel sees and hears a trash truck coming from around the corner.  He yells to Aya to alert her of the trash truck, helps her by becoming her crutch and dove in the back of the trash compartment.  The truck was going just slow enough for them to hitch a ride in the back.

Aya and Daniel lay in the back of the soggy, foul stench garbage watching the police engage a handful of individuals, who helped them escape.

DANIEL STORM: I need to thank your guys! I owe them big time!

AYA SILVERMAN: (Turns to look at him with a painful, but concerned look) Not my guys! I don’t know who they are!  I thought they belong to you!

They stare at each other for a few seconds and tried to figure out the gang of men that saved them; and to actually know if they are on the right trash truck. Only time will tell if they are right and who is who.

Henry Scott

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