F.B.I. Headquarters (09:00hrs) – Personnel Briefing

Thomas Springs, Joint Terrorism Task Force Commander of the F.B.I., called a meeting, with members of Homeland Security, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and the president’s national security advisor, to discuss and establish a plan to catch one of the world’s most dangerous fugitives. Leonard Diamond, a self-proclaimed “Private Spy”, with no allegiance to any known government, an American, is wanted by the F.B.I., INTERPOL and many other countries, for organizing, supporting and operating for and with numerous terrorist groups known around the world.  This is how the meeting went for the search and capture of the world’s most elusive fugitive.

THOMAS SPRINGS: (Walks into the briefing room with all appointed members of the meeting present.) Good morning everyone, (placing a large file on the briefing table) I thank you for coming this morning for this highly important issue of one fugitive that is very important to all of us to see behind bars as soon as possible. (He motions to one of his agents standing in the rear of the briefing room to turn down the lights and begin the slideshow.  Once the lights dim down and the blinds letting in the natural light is closed, he begins his briefing.)  The person you see here in the first slide is Leonard Diamond, a self-proclaimed private spy with no known allegiance to any national government or terrorist organizations, although he is hired as an independent spy contractor for such organizations that is willing to pay him enormous amounts of money for his services.  His nationality is American, mother was born in Russia, his father was born in Poland and they migrated to the United States five years after the end of World War II.  Diamond was born in Boston, Massachusetts and went to college at University of Massachusetts, graduating with honors.

(Motions for next slide.) Once he graduated from UMass, he joined the United States military in 1990 with his first major assignment in Kuwait prior to the first Iraq War.  He joined military intelligence when he entered the army, and with his proficient skills during his initial training, he was assigned to the M.I.’s ground unit called “Snake Intelligence Unit”, S.I.U.  From what we could gather is that S.I.U.’s main mission was to penetrate the Iraqi high command and government and relay any information of high value to the joint chiefs here in Washington, D.C.  His whereabouts and mission during the Iraqi War is unknown, at least to us, but what we believe happened is that sometime during his infiltration he played both sides and got paid for his services.  Once he returned back home, he was then sent on numerous missions around the world until ten years ago when he was recruited by the C.I.A.  Of course, our information request was denied by C.I.A. of what his role was, but they didn’t acknowledge or deny his existence with them.  From 2000 to early 2014, his whereabouts are also unknown until his identity was released by Chinese to their intelligence because he failed to complete a mission that he was hired for.

(Motions for next slide.) Tracing back his finances, which has numerous gaps in between deposits, we were able to determine that he has received funds from the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, Cubans, United States, Egyptians, Israelis, Japanese, North Koreans and right now the last known trail was the Islamic State and the United Africa Federation terrorist groups.  Certain transactions seems to also be from a few domestic terrorism organizations, but we can’t be for certain.  In trying to freeze his assets, we were able to freeze at least half a dozen bank accounts, but we are sure there are other ones out there we know nothing about.  When his identity was released by the Chinese to their known enemies for termination, our intelligence units were able to trace back to a photo we gained from the military.  As we worked really hard to trace back his whereabouts, we found out that he was at the U.N. headquarters in New York about six months ago.  Why was he was there, we don’t know that yet, but what we do know is that he might not be working alone; but at the same time we don’t know who he might be working for.

(Motions for next slide.) Right now we have been able to tie him to the 9/11 attacks, the Ukrainian-Russian crisis, battle between Hamas and Israel and many other conflicts around the world; including the ISIS takeover of northern Iraq.  We know a lot about Leonard Diamond, but at the same time we know nothing about him, his history and whatever else he might be involved in.  (Looks at the national security advisor) the president needs to know what we are dealing with and that his capture is highly important and essential to our national security.  His net worth appears to be nearly 1.2 billion dollars, and besides our country of having an importance and need to capture him, the Chinese is searching for him as well.  We are not alone in this man hunt, so our urgency on this is very important and highly classified.  Diamond is an expert in espionage, military tactics, intelligence gathering, infiltration and changing his appearance.  He can be standing next to you, be your pool boy or your mechanic and you would never know until it’s too late.  By then he would’ve left with what he needed to know about you and how to expose your weaknesses.  Any questions so far?

Thomas looks around the room and then before he continues is interrupted by a comment from the national security advisor.

NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR: If I may interrupt you Agent Springs. What were his roles in those conflicts you mentioned?

SPECIAL AGENT SPRINGS: From what we have learned, but of course not confirmed yet, is that he has worked highly into several governments and have gained classified and top secret documents from each government he has worked with. Sharing those documents with other nations who could be their enemies in order to start some kind of political and international incident.  With his knowledge he poses a major threat and able to recruit anyone or any group to do his dirty work.  Each one of you have received a copy of this briefing in front of you in the black folder in front of you on the table.  I urge you to take this to your supervisors and advise them of what is going on with Leonard Diamond.  Our last known location of his whereabouts was somewhere in Northern Africa inside Libya.  Other than that we have no clue where he could be; for all we know he could be in the United States and we not even know about it.  As soon as we are done here I will have my team start searching for his whereabouts by interviewing his family, friends and fellow co-workers.  Someone has to know where he could be, have gone and where to next.  This is our biggest manhunt since Osama Bin Laden who, unfortunately, worked through Diamond to be able to pull off the 9/11 attacks.  We’ve alerted INTERPOL and all of our allied nations to be on the lookout for Diamond.  He can’t be taken lightly and must be stopped by any means necessary.





How many times can you count, using your fingers and/or toes, that you were blessed by a higher power?  Can you count or figure out the ways how many times you had an angel, in human form, come directly into your path?  I don’t know how many times this has happened to me personally, but I can count possibly twice that my wife and I dealt with a blessing we didn’t see coming at all.  The two accounts I can recall aren’t long and drawn out experiences, but just something I wanted share with you and see what you think.

The first one I can remember was when my wife and I were shopping in one of the craft stores, Jo Ann’s or Michael’s.  On this particular day we were inside searching for certain items, I believe for my wife, and we headed down one aisle.  While we were looking at different items in the aisle, this lady walks up behind us, out of nowhere, and starts talking to us.  Within the first few seconds of us having this conversation, she hands my wife and I a coupon worth 50% off for anything in the store if we spend over a certain amount.  We were definitely surprised to receive something like this as she possibly passed other customers in the store to hand us this coupon.

We told her thank you and expressed our appreciation for the sudden gift.  As we continued down the aisle, I decided to turn around and see if I can find this lady for whatever reason.  I believe she couldn’t have been gone from us for no more than thirty seconds to a minute.  To my surprise she was nowhere to be found.  Now, it is quite possible that she was truly a human person being very nice and giving up her 50% coupon, but if so she moved very quickly.  My wife and I spoke about this situation for a while and never forgot that moment of how she bypassed others in the store to bless us with this generosity.  In our second time dealing with another mysterious woman, my wife and I were in Sports Authority, I think, and shopping for new shoes.

While we were in one aisle searching of what pair of boots my wife should get, this mysterious woman walks up to us from behind and quickly hands us a savings coupon.  She didn’t say much as to basically tell us that she had no need for it and wanted us to have in case we needed it.  My wife and I looked at each other and thanked her for the generosity.  Once again I walked down the aisle and see if I could find her leaving the store, but never saw her near the counter.  We continued shopping for another several minutes and still never saw the woman.  Now, I know I was much quicker this time in seeing if I could find her, but once again I was unsuccessful.  This struck us with disbelief as we tried to make sense of what just happened, but knew that it must’ve been a blessing from God.

Both incidents came close within each other and something that we never expected to ever happen to us.  It hasn’t happened to us since that I can think of, but this definitely lets us know that blessings can strike anywhere, anytime and by anyone.  I’ve had numerous angels in human form come to my rescue, and when you turn around they are nowhere to be found, but still as I get older I am amazed how this happens.  Pay attention to your surroundings out there and understand that anyone can be a blessing to your life, and how much they can impact your path through said life.  Some are known right away, others are known as time goes on when your eyes aren’t closed or blocked.  You never know!

Henry Scott