Characters in the story are based off real people. Names have been changed to protect those individuals.  Situations and events in the story are fictional, although some real events may be included.  Some content may include violence and sexual depictions.  Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter VIII


It surely didn’t take long for Mercedes and Sapphire to receive news that one of her businesses in Brooklyn, New York was raided by the collaboration of NYPD and the F.B.I. While receiving this shocking news from one of her foot soldiers, she quickly asked for which business was involved.  Needless to say, Mercedes was not happy to hear that one of her most hardworking business partners slipped and fell off his game, and allowed the raid to take place.  Furiously, she sends the word to everyone, and anyone, to bring her the business manager that is responsible for this to take place.  It would be several minutes later that she would receive a call from one of the family members telling her that the business manager was released from police custody, and is now located at a warehouse secured.  Pleased with the news, she orders her driver to head to the specific warehouse and fills in Sapphire on what will take place once they are there.  Another fifteen minutes passes before they pull up to the side entrance of the warehouse, where Mercedes and Sapphire are led to a retail space.

Once they entered the retail space, which had a for sale sign posted on the entrance door, Mercedes first sight was the business owner sitting in a chair bound by his hands and feet. She could see at least three other foot soldiers, who are providing security over the captured business owner, wondering around the huge open space.  The business manager looked up and saw Mercedes slowly walking towards him with the echoing of her high heel boots striking the concrete floor.  Shadowing her on her strong side was Sapphire, who was also wearing knee high-high heel boots, red leggings and a black trench coat that swayed about knee length.  Mercedes kept her slow stride, starring at the eyes of the business owner, until she was about a few feet from his presence.  In front of her, was a chair that was facing backwards, which she used to take a seat with her legs slightly spread apart because of the chair’s backrest.  Crossing her arms on the peak curve of the backrest and leans forward to make sure she can see his eyes staring back at her.

Before words were spoken, Sapphire positioned herself at the five o’clock angle of the owner’s backside. Mercedes releases a huge sighs before opening up dialogue with the frighten man.

MERCEDES: Explain to me…….what happened? Carlos.  How did you allow the NYPD and the F.B.I. gather enough information to conduct a raid on my business, which you was in charge of?

BUSINESS OWNER: I…I….I….am not exactly sure what happened. I was in the back of the store and heard a huge commotion.  The next thing I know I’m being thrown to the ground and detained behind bars.

MERCEDES: BULLSHIT CARLOS!!  How dare you sit here and lie to my face?!  I trusted you with this business and you didn’t do what I asked you, what I told you to do!  Now I have lost a business and possibly one of my best partners in this expansion effort.  I was going to promote you to becoming my right hand man along with Sapphire, but I see you have disturbed that dream, that goal I hand in mind.  You got sloppy and carried away with your operations, and now you have to face the punishment you deserve.  However, you can redeem yourself and be on the road to regaining my trust.

BUSINESS OWNER: How can I regain your trust, my lady?

MERCEDES: Well, I should say you will need to fight for your freedom and then you can become my right hand man.

BUSINESS OWNER: Who am I to fight?

MERCEDES: My right hand woman, Sapphire. If you can beat her in hand to hand combat, then you will at least secure your freedom for a brief moment.  To gain promotion and regain my trust, you have to dispatch her.

BUSINESS OWNER: I have to kill her? He sees Sapphire slowly making her way back into his view still wearing her sunglasses.

MERCEDES: She is very skilled and trained. A trained assassin who has been around the globe in learning from different people and dispatching men, women and sometimes children.  So, what do you say to this challenge?

BUSINESS OWNER: What if I refuse to fight her? I’ve never fought or even hit a woman before.  Now you’re telling me to not only beat her up, but to kill her as well just for my freedom? 

MERCEDES: Yes or no? Which will it be?

BUSINESS OWNER: After a long pause and contemplates about the idea of fighting Sapphire, who he knows is highly skilled and trained, he reluctantly gives his answer. Yes. I’ll do it.

MERCEDES: Great. She motions to one of her security personnel to untie Carlos so the entertainment may begin.

Carlos’s hands and feet are quickly freed with a sharp knife, which is then placed in his hand to use against Sapphire. Sapphire takes off her sunglasses and gently hands them to one of the security personnel to hold on too.  Almost immediately, Carlos lunges at Sapphire with the knife blade pointed straight at her, which becomes a very bad tactic as he thought catching her off guard was the best way.  He was punished quickly when Sapphire stepped quickly to the side delivering a kick to the stomach, side kick to Carlos’s knee, which causes him to drop down on that knee and receives a drop kick to the face.  Carlos falls hard on his back knocking out the air in his lungs.  Sapphire slowly walks around him like a lion measuring its prey for weakness.  After gathering himself from that quick assault he received, Carlos jumps up and begins to swing the knife harshly towards her, but she dodges every attempt to slice her.

He once again lunges at her and misses when she turns her body sideways facing him. As he attempts to strike her with his elbow, Sapphire blocks his strike and delivers a karate chop to his mid-section, hard knee to the side of his thigh, a kick to his face, a knee to his stomach and a knee strike to his face.  The last strike stuns him in confusion and causes him to stagger backwards a few steps.  With the knife still in his hand, Carlos raises the knife in the air and swings downward and striking nothing but air.  Enough toying with him, Sapphire drop kicks him in the face, which makes his head snap backwards, forward kick to the groin and a roundhouse kick to the side of the head.  Once he falls to the ground, on his side, Sapphire kicks him in the stomach and delivers another kick to his face causing him to rollover to his back.  She stomps on his chest with the heel of her boot, and immediately following, drops her ass on his chest facing his legs.  Sapphire glances behind her at the defeated face of Carlos and finishes him off with several strikes to his stomach and abdomen causing internal bleeding to immediately erupt.  The internal bleeding was clearly known when he began to cough up blood.

She turns herself around to face him and reaches behind her grabbing a handful of his family jewels, while using the other hand to choke him out. Increasing the pressure on both ends, Carlos finds himself in a compromise position that he can’t get out of.  With the hand grip so tight and fierce between his legs, Sapphire lifts his lower body up off the ground a few inches as she could feel the bones in his neck slowly breaking under her grip.  She could also, which felt like, blood pooling inside his pants under her grip.  Neither one of her fierce grips were loosened until she knew for sure that every ounce of breath in his body was gone.  About a couple of minutes after the death of Carlos, Sapphire slowly releases her grips and stands over him staring down at his lifeless body.  Sapphire steps over him and walks up to Mercedes staring her in the eyes.

SAPPHIRE: Am I still worthy of your service?

MERCEDES: Hmm..I suppose I can keep you a little longer. In a sarcasting manner.

Both women of stature walk out of the retail space leaving the men to clean up the mess, and to deliver a message to all business managers around the city that serve under her reign. Soon all business managers are served with a warning to not allow any information to be leaked to the police for any reason or suffer the consequences of doing so.  Needless to say a picture of his naked body was sent to ALL, and every single bruise on his body was clearly visible through the photograph, which sickened nearly everyone who saw it.


As the minister is awaiting his extradition hearing, he stands in line behind his cellmate in the cafeteria while checking out his surroundings. In the midst of checking out his surroundings, he glances behind him and sees a muscular black guy staring directly at him.  In the few seconds he had looking back at the muscle guy, he noticed the angry look on his face and just made a mental note to himself about the situation.  Not too long after that brief encounter, he is being served the lunch slop that he even hates eating on the outside of the jail walls.  Going down through the lunch line grabbing other items, he is bothered that his first meal inside the grey concrete walls is ham slice, white rice and chicken gravy.  He remembers getting meals like this when he used to stay with his grandfather for the summer, who was a WWII veteran and probably scarred for life from the packaged meals he was receiving at that point.  Khalid often thought at times that his grandfather was just different from a lot of people, but at times that idea was challenged when his grandfather would dress up in old military gear; and just walk around the house in military precision.

After leaving the lunch line, James tells the minister to follow him over to a particular table where he would like to introduce some people. The minister waited for James to take his seat first and then sat down at an empty spot across from him.  Without too much delay, James introduced the minister to his friends and vice versa with some apprehension in the air since they don’t know each other.  To break the awkward silence between them, James started speaking about how much the minister is willing to help them out with some resources of his own, which got the attention of one of the guys.  This is when the minister filled in the blanks and began to speak about how much he can help them and what he can bring to the table.  Of course, the other guy that wasn’t all that impressed with the minister to begin with, challenged that thought and wanted to know how his ideas would be accomplished with him being extradited to Massachusetts.  From the get go James can see that his friend and the minister are going to have some bumps in the road, but hopefully working together can still be achieved.  While all three of them are engaged in conversation, the muscular black man that appeared to have a problem with the minister, walks by.

The minister feels this hard bump on his back, which causes him to spill some of his food in his lap off his fork. All three of the men sitting there with him just stare in confusion of why that was necessary and what his next move was.  Other prisoners in the lunch hall, who knew or saw what happened, also focused their attention on the minister to watch his reaction.  As the muscle man continues to walk to his table, the minister looks up from his dropped food and stares at the back of the muscular foe.  He waits a few seconds after the man sits down and slowly stands up with his eyes burning a hole in the back of his head.  All the correctional officers in the area saw what happened and didn’t make a move to intercept the minister as they were eager to see what his reaction would be.  As the minister gets closer and closer with each step, other prisoners begin to take notice and move to spots around the lunch room for any unobstructed view.  While the muscle man continues to ignore the situation around him, Khalid stops directly behind him and pauses before saying something to him.  After a few seconds of no response from the muscle man, Khalid looks up and around him and can see a crowd gathering and every correctional officer staring.  Once Khalid made eye contact with one of the correctional officers on the upper deck, he looked back down at the back of the muscle man.

Without warning Khalid shoved the muscle man’s face into his food and forcibly rubbed it all over the tray. Knowing that he would get a response from the muscle man, he backs up and watches him clean off his face and stands up facing him.  Khalid looks into the muscle man’s eyes and can see the fire of anger just burning out of control.  It was at this point the minister took a fighting stance as the muscle man advances towards him slowly, fist balled up and his veins trying to bulge out of his ebony skin.  Knowing that he can’t avoid him forever, Khalid goes for the first strike, but quickly found out that the muscle man was too quick.  Khalid’s punch was caught in the muscle man’s hand and immediately felt the bones in his hand beginning to get crushed.  Yelling out in pain, Khalid attempts to strike with his other hand, but suffered the same situation, which now puts him in a very vulnerable position.  The pain that was being delivered to his hands was too much to concentrate through as he felt the size 13 foot make contact with his chest, sending him back first on top of a lunch table.  Trying to compute in his mind of his hands being temporarily disabled, he was able to look in front of him and see the muscle man advancing.  When the muscle man got close enough, Khalid kicks him in the face, which stuns him for a few seconds and strikes him across the head with one of the steels trays.

The muscle man grabs his head bending over in obvious pain, but then gets kneed in the face by Khalid; breaking his nose. Taking advantage of the upper hand, Khalid continues his assault, but gets repelled very quickly when the muscle man blocks one of his punches, delivers a punch to Khalid’s mid-section and body slams him on top of a table.  With the muscle man’s huge hands wrapped around his neck, Khalid finds himself trying to breath; and striking his forearms with all his might was not loosening up his grip.  In his mind, Khalid knew he only had a few more seconds before it was lights out for good and kept fighting and wouldn’t give up until every ounce of breath was completely gone.  Feeling his body beginning to shutdown, Khalid starts reaching for anything he can find to repel this muscle man from killing him and leaving his body for the pickings.  Just before he was about to go out, Khalid reach for a plastic utensil and jammed it in the eye of the muscle man.  Screams came out of the muscle man that was not expected, but his hands were released from around the minister’s neck.  Getting up coughing and quickly gathering air back into his lungs, and rubbing his throat, Khalid decides it was time to end this fight now.

With all his might and energy he had left, Khalid just unloaded on the muscle man and took advantage of his weakness. Delivering blow after blow to the muscle man’s face, blood is just spewing and flying from his mouth, nose and bloody eye.  Blood flying everywhere and even gets on some of the prisoners in the immediate area.  As the muscle man stands in front of him unable to defend himself and his face covered in blood, Khalid kicks him in both knees dropping him onto his knees on the solid concrete floor.  One last kick to the face of the muscle man sends him immediately to the ground, lying flat on his back not moving and barely breathing.  His victory was short-lived when he felt a hard strike in the back of his knees, which was followed up with repeated baton strikes to the upper back and arms.  All the other prisoners were forced to the ground and to assume the position as the quick response team stood over them.  James and the other two guys watch Khalid get hauled off with his hands and feet bound through a door, which was slammed quickly behind them.  Now, the question that surfaced in James mind was the uncertainty that he would see the minister again, at least anytime soon.


APRIL 13, 2016 – CHAPTER 9

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